Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Review: Insane Poetry - Grim Reality

Insane Poetry
Album: Grim Reality
Year: 1992
Label: Nastymix Records

Late '93 or early '94 my brother and myself caught the train into town and went into what used to be a mad underground hip hop shop "Central Station". We went through the racks of known and not so known cd's when Insane Poetry's Grim Reality caught his eye. My brother is a huge horror fan and the name along with the cover made him want to have a demo listen, we skipped the intro and went straight into the next track "Angel Of Death", a few seconds in the disc was sold without listening to the next track, and now about twelve years later this is still one of the best albums I have ever heard and has probably had the most effect on me because it proved that the most unknown of hip hop groups can be packin' the most skills.

Insane Poetry was formed by Andew Holiman (Drew Rock) who went to Chicago and started a group called "His Majesti" along with Shakespere, Emdee and DJ Streak. They released a few tracks on Egyptian Lover's "Egyptian Empire" label before moving to L.A. and changing their name to I.P. (named by General Jeff) They released a tape only E.P. and then signed to Nastymix Records due to their ties with other Nastymix artists Rodney O, Joe Cooley and General Jeff but without Shakespere in the group. Drew Rock appeared on fellow Nitebreed artists K.M.C.'s "No Title For This" on the '91 Priority gem "Three Men With The Power Of Ten" (reviewed a few weeks ago) Drew Rock also apeared on a few tracks on Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Get Ready To Roll" album including a couple of B' side tracks like "You Don't Wanna Run Up Remix" and "Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla" which is pretty much an advertisement for the up coming album. During this time Drew Rock changed his name to "Psycho".

Grim Reality starts off with "Welcome To The Grim Side" which is just an intro to let you know that the album is split into two halves, the "Grim" side and the "Reality" side. This is followed by "Angel Of Death", it doesn't take you long to realize that this isn't your average everyday hip hop group, the track is a fast paced track with every line about killing, killing and killing but the raps are sick as is the beat. Next is probably Insane Poetry's most know track "How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho" This track was originally done on his '88 tape but with a few different lyrics and an extra verse than the one on here. This ranks up there with the dopest tracks I've ever heard, the beat is crazy with Hitchcocks "Psycho" theme cutting in on the hooks, incredible lines throughout setting the theme to picture in your head of a maniac walking down the streetys of L.A. looking for people to slaughter, "Im a serial killer on the loose yes, and the cops dont know where im gonna strike next" and it doesn't take long for him to find some.

"The House That Dripped Blood" which is named after an old Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing horror movie is next and is on the same style, this track has a nice hook of DJ Streak cutting up the groups name in between fast paced, well written raps. Next is "Choppin' Up A Body" which is just a interlude of Psycho doing the obvious with the score from the "Psycho 3" soundtrack playing in the background. "If Rymes Could Kill" which is used as the b' side to "How Ya......" on the 12" is next and is a nice track but by no way the best on this album although is a good lead up to "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter" and for anybody who is familiar with this album would remember the hook from this one pretty easily and DJ Streak looping a Ice T sample. Up until now you would have made up your mind whether you like this album or not because the lyrical content is all pretty much the same, killing people, but for those who like it would fuckin' love it, and the next track "Stalking With The Nitebreed" is up there with the best posse track ever recorded. The track features "Tee Thee O.G. from K.M.C. "Evil One" and "D.A.L.(Psycho's brother) who are Death B.L.O., "Shakespere The One Man Riot" who was originally a member of His Majesti and Insane Poetry, "Joe Cooley", "The Lyrical Pimp Emdee" and of course "Psycho" himself, the track pretty much finishes off where "Roll Call" from Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Get Ready To Roll" album finishes off.

The reality side starts off with an intro ("The Horror Facts") about having no cures for manic depressives and AIDS and about the four cops found not guilty for beating Rodney King among other things and then busts into to the title track which is all about these issues proving that Psycho is just as capable talking about world issues as he is about kicking horror raps. Next is "Six In The Chamber" that uses the Ice T sample for "Six In The Mornin" and is a def track with alot of meaning to it. "Till Death Do Us Part" is about a relationship breakup that Psycho can't handle and end with him out to kill her on a "if I can't have her nobody can" mentality."One Careless Moment" about AIDS "Raise The Devil" and "Manic Depressive" are also pretty crazy tracks the latter about a fired manic depressive employee returning with a gat to his former work and going on a war path before killing himself. The album ends with "Exit Reality Side" which is Psycho describing how the "Reality Side" is where we are today ('92) and the "Grim Side" is where we are heading. It also has the bonus track "How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho" remix. Over all this is dope, all the beats are crazy with some production by Joe Cooley. Over the past 13 years since this was released Psycho almost released the "Aint Got No Brain Cells" album in '94, released "Blacc Plague" with Pope in '96, signed to "Ill Boogie" and released a 3 track and a 12" battle record with Iriscience from dialated Peoples who Psycho destroyed around 2000 and then he changed the spelling of his name from Psycho to Cyco and released the 2003 up dated version of Grim Reality with the classic "Faith In Chaos". Cyco is still working on his next album "Falling From Grace" . Check the AUGUST ARCHIVES for more info in the interview emvee did with Cyco.

Insane Poetry - How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho
Insane Poetry ft. the Nitebreed - Stalking With The Nitebreed

Rating: 5 Daytons out of 5

Friday, December 23, 2005

R.I.P. Hitman

Rest In Peace:

Hitman (R.B.L. Posse)

Real Name: Ricky Herd
Hailing From: Hunters Point, SanFrancisco
Born: Unknown
Died: February 2 2002
Cause of Death: Shot in the head while driving his red Toyota in the Bay View district at the age of 24

R.B.L. Posse - A Lesson To Be Learned (1992/ In-A-Minute)
R.B.L. Posse - Ruthless By Law (1994/ In-A-Minute)
Hitman - Solo Creep (1995/ Right Way Productions)
R.B.L. Posse - An Eye For An Eye (1997/ Big Beat Records)
Hitman - H20 Vol. 1 (1999/ Right Way Productions)
R.B.L. Posse - Bootlegs & Bay Shit: The Resume (2000/ Right Way Productions)
R.B.L. Posse - Hostile Takeover (2001/ Right Way Productions)

Hitman - The Funk

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone checking out the blog!

Below are three presents for you all to download.


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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random Australian Tour Flix

Here are a selected few flix of some hip hop shows from Adelaide, Australia from the past couple of years.

Click the pics to enlarge them.

Kool Keith
(Shopping in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Dec 5 2003)

(Adelaide, Planet Nightclub, Dec 5 2003)

Kool Keith in his first of two appearences in Australia with his cousin (not legally) Marc Live of Raw Breed and SMG put on a mad show in front of a packed crowd.

Cypress Hill
(Adelaide, Heaven Nightclub, Dec 8 2003)

Cypress first came to Australia in '94 with Cube for the Coca-Cola teenage rampage show and 9 years later returned for this incredible second show infront of a no-room-to-move show. They came back a year later for another mad show.

Public Enemy
(Adelaide, Heaven Nightclub, Dec 9 2003)

This show was the third hip hop show in 5 days (following the Kool Keith & Cypress shows) and went for over 3 hours to end P.E.'s 50th tour and 4th to Australia, and should be coming for their 5th in April.

The Beatnuts
(Psycho Les, Heaven Nightclub, 21 March 2004)

G.M. Roc Raida
(Post-Show Autographs, Heaven Nightclub, 21 March 2004)

The Beatnuts, G.M. Roc Raida and DJ Craze came in 2004 for an alright show although a little too short.

Sugar Hill Gang
(Heaven Nightclub, 2 April 2004)

In front of about 50 people (with about 40 of them using free tickets) the hip hop biters turned up to tell us how much they have done in hip hop and how much we owe them although strangely enough forgot to inform the crowd how this manafactured group bit their material... a slip of the mind i'm sure?

Digital Underground
(Instore Signing - B Sharp Records, Adelaide, 26 February 2005)

Bay rap legends Shock G and Money B toured Oz along with Metaphysical and DJ Nu Stylez and although the show itself had a few technical problems as well as shortened show due to another act being booked afterwards the pre show instore signing at B Sharp records was a great memory with these guys showing that they don't have their heads up their arses like alot of other artists. Shock has since retired from the rap game which makes us even luckier we seen them when we did.

DJ Kool Herc
(Heaven Nightclub, 22 October 2004)

Probably the worst promotion to any hip hop show, the godfather of hip hop creeped into town to perform infront of about 40 people (that is including bar staff and security). There was 2 other hip hop shows the same night but that is still no excuse for the almost non existant crowd. He did a crazy set, I feel sorry for all that missed it.

Tim Dog
(Fowlers Live, 19 May 2005)

At the start of the year I never expected to see Tim Dog perform in my city but i'm glad I did, he put on a mad show even giving a rest in peace to the late Eazy E before performing "Fuck Compton". There was tension in the crowd both in and out of the club (those who were there know what I mean) ...... Incredible show.

Review: Tuff Crew - Danger Zone

Artist: Tuff Crew
Album: Danger Zone
Year: 1988
Label: Warlock Records

I'm guessing back in the '80's Philadephia were pretty happy with there hip hop talent and the future of the Philly scene with the original gangster Schoolly D, 3 X Dope, the Hilltop Hustlers, DMC champ DJ Cash Money & Marvelous, Chart topping DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and of course these guys, the Tuff Crew. The Tuff Crew have got to be one of the most under rated groups ever, other than the "mad individual" cut being scratched in the "I S.P.I.T." track on Kid Sensation's "Rollin' Wit' Number One" and his partner Mix-A-Lot mentioning them in "My Hooptie" I can't really remember too many references to this pioneering group from the north side of Philly.

The group consists of "The Overlord - Ice Dog", "The Teacher - Tone Love", "Monty G - The Mountain", "L.A. Kid (Lyrical Auditor)" and of course "DJ Too Tuff - The Ace Deuce Detonator". They originally came out in '85 with the "Get Smart" 12" and then in '87 with the "Philly Style" 12" and the "Phanjam" album that also appeared "Soo def" label mates Krown Rulers from Camden New Jersey. In 1988 they released Danger Zone and was the best work they had released thus far and came out in the golden era of east coast hip hop. Without going into every track the entire album is dope, some better than others like "My Part Of Town" with Too Tuff scratching up a "so, damn, tuff" sample and "It's Mad" that starts off with rapping from the get go and a constant drum beat throughout the track with Too Tuff transforming a "aahh'' cut for the hook. It also has a Detonator solo set on "Deuce, Ace, Housin''. "North Side" is the dedication to the neighbourhood they hail from and it is sick. The album consists of only 10 tracks and goes for under 40 minutes but it's under 40 minutes of quality.

Overall the only slight flaw with Danger Zone is the shortness of it every thing else is flawless. It has that old school quality of a real DJ using real records to cut up and their wasn't too many you would rather have than "The Detonator" all the vocals are just as crazy with increibly original voices especially "The Overlord's" which helped make the Tuff Crew one of the greatest groups of all time. The only thing I was a bit surprised in was the picture on the back that had the entire proud Philadelphian click pimped out in L.A. Raiders gear?? (maybe there's an explanation I ain't getting?)

After this Tuff Crew released "Back To Wreck Shop" in '89 that starts off with the Rocky music for the intro and "Still Dangerous" in '91. The Overlord went solo after that and that was the last I heard of them. Although "The Goats" came out in the early '90's and Rasheed went down south and recorded a few albums most of the decade was quiet for Philly hip hop and only in the past years have groups like "Jedi Mind Tricks" and "High & Mighty" put Philly on the map again.

Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

^ Click Images To Enlarge ^
(From "The Souce" Magazine May 1991)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

R.I.P. AC Chill

Rest In Peace:
AC Chill

Real Name:
Kim Coleman
Hailing From: South Park, Houston, TX
December 14 2005
Cause of Death:
AC Chill suffered an aneurysm in his brain and after being in a coma for two weeks he had a heart attack which took his life.

AC Chill - It's All Over (2002)

AC Chill was an OG member of one of hip hop's hardest clicks - "The South Park Coalition". AC joined the SPC in 1987 along with Ganksta N.I.P. and he featured on various tracks with other SPC artists and he also recorded the track "Ghetto Tales" with South Park Mexican which features on SPM's "Power Moves" album.

Latest "Damage Control" includes Murder One talking about AC Chill & his death.
SPC Official Site:
Post condolences etc in this thread.

SPM ft. AC Chill, L.T. - Ghetto Tales

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Review: SPM - The 3rd Wish (To Rock The World)

South Park Mexican
Album: The 3rd Wish (To Rock The World)
Year: 1999
Label: Dope House Records

Wrongly accused Carlos Coy better known as the South Park Mexican or SPM released 8 solo albums and this one is up there with his best and with the underground success it had ended up being the reason that he got hooked up with Universal (which may not have been the best thing?).

The opening track is the hit single "High So High" that has a a sick beat produced by Grimm's brother Shadow. Next up is "Latin Throne" that was used for the dvd's of the same name that showcases some of the dopest chicano rappers from accross the country, this is another sick track with some crazy lyrics throughout. "The 3rd Wish" is next up and is probably my favourite track, The third verse starts up where he left off on "Revenge" off of "Hillwood Mastermind" and is one of the best verses SPM has ever rapped (in my opinion anyway, check the mp3) "Loyal Customers" has a fuckin' psycho beat although a very simular beat is used on "Mash Confusion" by A-1 produced by "Bosko" both from '99?, the track has a nice verse from Dope House artist Rasheed and pretty much uses the metaphore that the music is dope and the fans are his loyal dope fiend customers, it's been done before but not quite like this.

"Creep With Me" is next and probably my least favourite track because for some reason the hook gets on my nerves? "Thug Girl" is good and features Honduran Low G and one of the best female rappers Pimpstress, another single from this album is "Wiggy" featuring Latino Velvets Vallejo to Texas rapper Baby Beesh in his pre top 40 days, it's a mad track with a mad beat. To cut a long review short it has another 9 tracks (16 in total) my best ones are "Land Of The Lost" which is a slow track of stories of young Mexicans that end up down the wrong path due to the way the system is set out for browns. "Hillwood Hustlaz" which is my other favourite track is incredible and has a crazy Rasheed verse, there arn't too many rappers that can string as many bars together using one rhyme than Carlos.

There is also a version of LL's "Going Back To Cali'' in "The Valley" only this version is about picking up dope and bringing it back to South Park and the Rasheed solo "Reminisce". Most of the last tracks are a bit slower like "Miss Perfect" which features Ikeman who also features on "Don't Hide It" with Bing and Grimm. This also has a few cuts produced by Happy Perez and as usual his beats are quality.

Overall the album is mad, I can't work out what's my favourite SPM album but either way if you buy any SPM album you won't be dissapointed. FREE SPM!

SPM - The 3rd Wish
SPM - Hillwood Hustlaz

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Sunday, December 11, 2005

R.I.P. Richard Pryor

Rest In Peace
Richard Pryor

Name: Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III
Hailing From: Peoria, Illinois
Born: December 1 1940
Died: December 10 2005
Cause Of Death: Died from a heart attack in Encino, L.A.

Way too many to mention, although here is a link to his site with his entire biography including his filmography.

Although Richard Pryor obviously was not involved in hip hop, I grew up watching Richard Pryor movies and judging by the amount of references to Pryor by so many rappers from Dre Dog to K Rino and the countless tracks over the years to use Pryor samples in their hooks It's obvious that alot of rappers were also huge fans of him, so I decided to give him the respect he deserves.

Here is just one of hundreds of tracks to use a Pryor sample for the hook.

King Tee - Super Nigga

Bank Gankers

Back in '91 after Mac Dre (R.I.P.) released his debut E.P. "Whats Really Goin' On" with the track "Punk Police". On the track Dre disses the Vallejo Police chief by name and also on the E.P. gives a shout out to the Romper Room Gang that were wanted by police on suspicion of robbing several banks around the area. Dre was arrested and charged with bank robbery after he was seen riding in a car with a member of the Romper Room Gang by the F.B.I. He served 5 years in prison and was released in '96.

Philadelphia's Cool C and Steady B are serving life sentences for robbing a bank and killing a female cop back in '96. After success in the early '90's with rappers from the Dangerous Crew and then signing to Paris' Scarface Records and even acting in "Menace II Society" Oakland rapper Pooh Man ended up addicted to heroin and caught robbing a Walgreens drug store in '94 in his hometown of Oakland. After spending 36 months of a 5 year sentence in San Quentin prison he moved to Modesto CA and a few years later still on parole he started robbing jewelry stores and banks along with four other guys. After local paper the "Oakland Tribune" dedicated a story to all the recent robberies in the Modesto area police started a stake out on Pooh Man and after he wa s seen fleeing another bank robbery the F.B.I. started a huge man hunt to capture him. Pooh Man lead the police on a huge chase and even knocked on a mans door and stole his shirt off his back trying to change his appearence to evade the police. Pooh Man was caught and sent to prison.

Ronald Blackwell, better known as Sprigg Nice from the Queens New York group The Lost Boyz, was arrested and on the 16th of January 2004 sentenced to 37 years in a federal prison after he and 3 other men robbed 10 banks in the New Jersey area. They robbed banks in Middlesex, Mercer, Burlington and Monmouth Countries. The courts described the robberies as some of the most violent seen in New Jersey in recent years.

Here are a few tracks with the same theme.........

Eazy E - Nobody Move
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians - Get The Fuck Down
Facemob - Bank Robbery

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Paint & Passion

First up, myself and BULLANT are huge football (soccer) fans, I love AC Milan and he is a Juventus fan. So when I saw some graf flix posted by Krimejski Festari of Croatian football clubs Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb I had to chuck them on here. I also tried to track down some other football club pieces I've seen over the years including a picture of the piece behind one of the goals at the Amsterdam Arena in Holland (Ajax Amsterdam's home ground) but unfortunately I had no luck. Here are the flix...

..:: Hajduk Split ::..

..:: Dinamo Zagreb ::..

If I track down any more football graf flix I'll add them to this post and if anyone reading happens to have any, link them up on our comments section- It'd be appreciated. Judging by these flix the Zagreb fans (Bad Blue Boys) are more handy with the can.

Ahhh, who am I kidding? I only posted this up so I could mention Australia's first World Cup appearance in 32 years... Six months and counting until Germany '06...
Forza Australia & Forza Italia

Friday, December 09, 2005

R.I.P. Big Pun

Rest In Peace

Big Pun

Real Name: Christopher Lee Rios
Hailing From: Bronx, NY
Date of Birth: November 10 1971
Date of Death: February 7 2000
Cause of Death: Died while staying at a hotel due to a heart attack and respitory failure.

Big Pun - Capital Punishment (1998/ Relativity)
Terror Squad - Terror Squad (1999/ Atlantic)
Big Pun - Yeeeah Baby (2000/ Loud Records)*
Big Pun - Endangered Species (2001/ Loud Records)*

*Released after his death.

Big Pun ft Terror Squad - Brave In The Heart

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Review: Toally Insane - Back Street Life

Totally Insane
Album: Back Street Life
Year: 1995
Label: In-A-Minute Records

Hailing from East Palo Alto, Totally Insane consists of Ad Kapone and Mac-10. They hit the scene in '92 with "Direct From The Back Street" on the legendary bay label "In-A-Minute" who had artists such as I.M.P., Dre Dog and RBL Posse signed in the early '90's and in my opinion released some of the best albums ever recorded, not just in the bay but in the planet such as RBL's "A Lesson To Be Learned and I.M.P.'s "Back In The Days". It's groups like these along with the more known bay rappers like Short and Spice and also some of the more unknown artists putting in the hard yards like Chunk and Sean T who have paved the way for the way the bay went in the '90's. Unfortunately I haven't heard as much mad shit out of the bay in the last few years as before, although there are still some mad artists still pumpin' out some gems like those C.I.N. boys from Richmond..... Incredible.

Anyway as for the album at hand, it starts off with "Follow Me" a smooth laid back track about his neighbourhood, it's not the dopest track on the album but a nice way to start the album. Basically the next five tracks are all pretty sick they all have a nice beat with perfectly placed lyrics rapped over them with 4-Ever probably being the stand out one of them, track 7 "Neighbourhood Rockstarz" that features Money Marc, Scoot Dogg and Backstreet Mentality is definately the best track so far with all the rappers complementing each others style.

The next 3 tracks "Murder, Death, Kill", Playaz & Hustlaz" (ft. 11/5) and "The 4-1-1" are all smooth crazy tracks but the next one "Total Insanity" is the sealer, featuring Dre Dog and Hennesy (11-5) it's another case of title track burns. The album ends with "The Bad Hand Too" and "G-Shit" which are both def and "Back Street Life" thats a little bit too laid back for my liking. Overall I think the album is pretty fuckin' incredible, if your into those smooth bay beats with even smoother raps over them you'll love it and it's one of those albums that doesn't need features on every track to sell it. Unfortunately Mac and Ad can do slightly better as their previous two albums prove (although I know people who disagree) but you'll have a tough time finding a group that can bust into a verse as good as these guys. One other thing I love about this album is that it's released on wax with full picture cover (why arn't they all?).

Totally Insane - 4-Ever
Totally Insane ft. Dre Dog & Hennesy (11-5) - Total Insanity

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

Sunday, December 04, 2005

R.I.P. Blade Icewood

Rest In Peace:
Blade Icewood (Street Lordz)

Real Name: Darnell Lyndsey
Hailing From: Detroit, Michigan
Date of Birth: ? - ? - 1977
Date of Death: April 19 2005
Cause of Death: Already paralyzed from a previous shooting a year earlier, he was shot while in a vehicle that was at the traffic lights at the intersection of 7 Mile and Faust on Detroits west-side.

"If a nigga hit me yall better not forget me, just rest me in peace and split the fools who hit me"
- Blade Icewood

Stackmaster (CD & DVD) (2004)
Blood, Sweat, & Tears (2005)

Blade Icewood News Report

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Review: Willie Dee - Controversy

Artist: Willie Dee
Album: Controversy
Year: 1989
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

This is Willie Dee's first album and it's up there with the best shit he's released. It starts off with the original solo version of "Do It Like A G.O." that later in '89 was re-recorded for the Geto Boys "Grip It! On That Other Level". The original version is easily as good as the re-makes, Next up is "Fuck The KKK" the theme of the track is self explanitory and has a mad beat as does the next track "Kick That Shit".

One of my favourite tracks is next up, "Willie Dee", starting off with sirens and cops over the radio and then busting straight in is angry-as-fuck Dee. The tracks about people trying to fuck with him like the H.P.D. "I aint getting played like a sucker, by no do-nut eating ticket writing mother fucker" The hook is the old pimp theme of girls saying "Willie Dee". My other favourite track is straight after, "Put The Fuckin' Gun Away" sick beats,rhymes ("put the fuckin' gun away and take up karate, coz you don't wanna shoot no god damn body") and a crazy hook. "5th Ward" is a sick track about his neighbourhood with some nice samples and mixing from DJ Reddy Redd, "Bald Head Hoes" is a funny track about just that - bald ass hoes.The 12 track album ends with a couple of sex rhymes "I Need Some Pussy" and "Fuck Me Now" both good tracks infact there is not a track on this album that is worse than "good". It has good beats throughout and overall the production by by DJ Reddy Redd and Prince Johnny C is alright but the main thing this album has got going for it is Willie Dee's ferocious don't give a fuck attack on the mic as he has done in every track since this.

If it wasn't for Willie Dee and this album, hip hop in Houston would be a little different because Rap-A-Lot records owner Lil' J went to Dee and asked him to be in the "Ghetto Boys". Willie Dee accepted but the original members thought his lyrics were too hard and gave J the proposition "either us or Dee", J made his decision and the Ghetto Boys had a new line up. Midget dancer Little Billy who changed his name to Bushwick Bill, DJ Akshen changed his name to Scarface and Willie dropped the "ee's" to just "D" formed the next chapter in the Geto Boys. They released "Grip It! On That Other Level" and the rest is history. Alot of the early Rap-A-Lot albums are worth a heap on ebay and amazon and this one is up there with the most pricey ones.

Willie Dee - Put The Fuckin' Gun Away
Willie Dee - Willie Dee

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

Pimp C - FREE

Port Arthur,TX rapper Chad Butler (B.K.A. Pimp C) of the Underground Kingz has been granted parole this week, he should be out of jail by mid-December if all goes to plan! Pimp C was sentenced to 8 years in jail in January 2003 after failing to complete community service that he received as a result of an aggravated gun assault charge.

For more info click the link below.

HoustonSoReal - PIMP C FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!