Monday, May 29, 2006

R.I.P. Fat Pat

Rest In Peace:
Fat Pat (S.U.C.)

Real Name: Patrick Lamont Hawkins
Hailing From: Houston, Texas
Born: 21 February 1971
Died: 3 February 1998
Cause of Death: Shot outside his promoters apartment.

Fat Pat was one of the original members of the legendary Screwed Up Click. With lots of speculation on who killed Pat (that I don't want to write) the S.U.C. have lost a few of their soldiers in recent years with Big Steve, DJ Screw and of course a few weeks ago Pat's brother, H.A.W.K. all passing away, Peace goes out to all their friends, fans and family.

Fat Pat - Throwed In The Game (1998)
Fat Pat - Greatest Hits (2001)
Fat Pat - Since The Gray Tapes (2004)
Fat Pat - Since The Gray Tapes Vol 2 (2005)
Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams (2005)

Fat Pat - 25 Lighters

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Review: Organized Rhyme - Who's To Blame?

Organized Rhyme
"Who's To Blame?"
Year: 1993
Label: B Power Records

Although I have never heard these guys mentioned by any South Park Coalition members and never heard this album being put under the "S.P.C." banner it does start with Ganksta N.I.P. talking and have lots of production be the Terrorists, Dope E and Egypte E for Land Mine Productions which is definately not the norm for a non S.P.C. album. Unfortunately they don't actually feature on it as I'm sure it would have raised the quality of the album a fair bit. AnywayI'm not sure if this is Organized Rhyme's (not to be confused with the other few groups with the same name, like comedian Tom Green's wack group) debut album as they have also dropped a release called "Can't Be Nice", Anyway the group consists of Nass T and Allan The Great with dancers Ace and Du2ce.

The album starts off with "Southern Pimp Funk" and like I mentioned starts with Ganksta N.I.P. talking before busting into a fast paced def track. This is followed by a slightly better "Southern Slag" which has some mad scratching through it and a sick verse by Allan The Great. "Boom Boom Blaster" is next which is a pretty smooth track that starts off with a reggae intro and has a good use of samples for the hook, it's also filled with some pretty good raps in between. Next up is "Pure Knowledge" by the title it's obvious that this track is about kicking knowledge, it's not the most advanced track lyrically that I've ever heard but it comes off pretty good. It's Pretty slow and definately not my favourite on the album but does it's job.

Track five's "They Be Scheming" ("They" meaning women) starts off with a verse that almost sounds like Melle Mel's on the mic by the style of flow. The "Must be crazy, have you pushing up daisy's" hook gets annoying pretty quickly and isn't really the dopest track. My personal favourite track on this album is "Dark Side", this track has a mad flow and also has a dope beat and hook with good use of the "it's not about a salary it's all about reality" sample and like I said, is dope. The title track "Who's To Blame" starts off with a bit of convo with Dope E before the beat kicks in with Allan The Great kickin' some medium paced rhymes although he rolls his 'R's a little too much for my liking (for some reason gets on my nerves). "I Must Be The Greatest (Wicked Version)" isn't really that good and is followed by "We Need Peace" which is about peace between blacks and is a def track. Once again on the album they have a good use of samples and they stay away from singy hooks that have ruined hundreds of mad hip hop tracks over the last 15 years or so.

"Time To Get Paid" doesn't do much for me to be honest, just an average track with nothing to complement and nothing to diss. Track eleven's "I Must Be A The Greatest (Swingin' Version)" is alot better than the "wicked" version a few tracks back and is a pretty nice cut. The album ends with "We Can't Make It" and to honest would have liked it to end with a faster paced aggressive track to end on, and I'm a little dissapointed with the pace of the album since "Dark Side". That's probably the most dissapointing thing to this album, not enough fast paced, hard style tracks.

Over all this is a pretty good album, although when you consider some of the other albums coming out of the south at this time you can't help but expect a little more from it, especially considering that Dope E has got something to do with these guys. Anyway I don't want to sound like I'm dissing this album too much as I actully like it a fair bit.

Organized Rhyme - Southern Slag
Organized Rhyme - Dark Side

Rating: 3 Daytons out of 5

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Even going back to the early years of hip hop the culture has placed a heavy focus on representing. Be it your state, city, area, block or street - countless rappers have taken the opportunity to use their skills to promote where they come from. Here are five tracks where artists from various locations rep their hood.

Esham ft TNT - In Detroit
Acid Rap originators Esham and TNT (two thirds of Natas) are never shy to rep the murder city, Detroit, MI. "In Detroit" was released as a single for Esham's 2003 release 'Repentance' that came out during his stay at ICP's Psychopathic Records. The track speaks for itself with almost every line starting with "In Detroit..." before Esham and TNT drop rhymes about the D. Esham also goes on to diss Eminem in this track with lines such as "I be the Rabbit killer the killer who killed rabbit, In Detroit they bust automatics at trailer park addicts"

Untold Chapters (C.I.N.) - Rep The Rich
Untold Chapters, the rebirth of the Richmond, CA group C.I.N. who dropped '94 Mobstas' and 'Richmond Roullette' in the 90's returned in the new millenium with a couple of albums under the new title. Richmond is most known in the hip hop game for producing Master P although I can assure you that these guys burn P, even in his heyday. B Double E, Money Bagz and Cooley T give the listeners a visual picture of their city by mentioning various streets on shops. From the first line, "Out here we jack for fun, out here was cap yo son, Niggas strapped - fully automatics, better pack your gun" to the last, this intense track is quality.

Killa Cole - Mississippi
Hailing from Natchez, Blackboy Records artist Killa Cole dropped 'Dat Hillbillie Fonk' in 2001, the album featured the tribute to his home, the southern city of Mississippi. Other than the fact he has performed on the bill with such artists as Big Pokey, Lil Flip, Mystikal and Fabolous I don't really know anything about him. With his catchy spelt out hook and fast paced delivery this is definitely a worthwhile listen although it's obvious that Cole isn't on the same level as fellow Mississippi rapper David Banner and Crooked Lettaz. As a side note, the album cover has a mad little picture of a tractor sitting on gold Daytons, classic.

OFTB - Watts Life
Watts, CA is most known for the notorious 'Watts Riots' that took place in 1965 and for the world famous 'Watts Towers', you may remember them from many films including the final scenes from 'Ricochet' starring Ice T, Denzel and Lithgow. When it comes to hip hop, artists such as the Watts Gangstas, Kam, Juvenile Committee and OFTB hold it down for the city. This track, 'Watts Life' is off of their 1992 debut 'Straight Up Watts' on Big Beat Records. The track is sick from start to finish and it's just unfortunate that these guys (Flipside, Bustop, Low MB) never got their break even after signing with Death Row Records.

Overlord X - Rough In Hackney
As I love the old raw Brticore sound of artists like Gunshot, Derek B, Silver Bullett and of course Rhyme Syndicates Hijack, I couldn't resist throwing up this dedication to the North London borough of Hackney. The track is off Overlord X's 1989 Mango Street release 'Weapon Is My Lyric' album and features mad scratching and samples (including the "suckers to the side" Chuck D sample) and rough rugged lyrics. Overlord X is probably more known through his political '14 Days In May' but has many sick tracks.

Esham ft TNT - In Detroit
Untold Chapters (C.I.N.) - Rep The Rich
Killa Cole - Mississippi
OFTB - Watts Life
Overlord X - Rough In Hackney

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Juvenile Style

One of the safest ways in the movie industry to make sure you won't have a long term career is to become a chid actor. With actors like Gary Coleman and Macaulay Culkin proving that when you let your nuts hang the lights go out. Maybe not with female actors though with Drew Barrymore and those Olsen hoes going on to bigger careers. Hip hop is a little different because it was formed from youth and even to this day shit loads of artists are barely 20 when they drop their first album. However with kiddie rappers about 90% who come out will have 15 minutes of fame and never be heard of again.

Native Tongue Posse's Chi Ali is a perfect example with his career going down hill even before he was publicized on Americas Most Wanted and then getting locked up for murder. Kriss Kross were a huge fad at the time but their second album was a flop, Wu-Tangs shyheim hasn't exactly been blowing up the scene in recent years, The Young Black Teenagers (YBT) and Da Youngstas is the same deal. Even Funky Gripsta from the Rhyme Syndicate who had a solo track on Ice T's "Home Invasion" and then went on to feature on South Central Cartel's "N Gatz We Truss" under the name Gripsta has been a flop and she had help from the O.G. himself. Down South's First Born didn't last too long either even with an early feature from Young Buck and the Geto Boys Willie D couldn't save this group from fading out.

Although, on the other hand rappers like Esham who started rapping at 13 has had a huge underground career both as a solo artist and in the group Natas. One of, if not the dopest juvenile groups would be Juvenile Committee from Watts, CA who released their debut on "Grand Jury Records" the same label that released the "We're All In The Same Gang" anti-gang compilation. The album was called "Free Us Colored Kids" (F.U.C.K.) and features an appearence by DJ Quik and fellow Watts artists O.F.T.B. They since changed their name to Known Fellons and appeared on O.F.T.B.'s "Return Of The West" compilation which dropped in '98.

Other artists who actually had talent are Rap-A-Lot's 2 Low who dropped "Funky Lil' Brother" in '93 and I think appeared on Lil' Troy's "Sittin' Phat Down South" (if I remember correctly?) and fellow Rap-A-Lot artists, the 5th Ward Juvenilez who dropped "Deadly Groundz" in '95. Baby D who got his fame from rapping with Too Short has had a decent little rap career since.

With hip hop now well into it's 4th decade i'm sure alot more rappers will have father/son collabs like Lil' Troy with his son T2. Unfortunately Eazy E never lived to do the same with the prince of Compton Lil' E. I'm sure i've missed out on dozens more child rappers (I'm not even gonna go near Master P's son Lil' Romeo and Snoops Cousin Lil' Bow Wow) but these are the one that I thought of on a Sunday morning. Who knows maybe some of these artists have since came out and reinvented themselves under a new name and are getting some success and are keeping their previous careers a skeleton in their closet?

5th Ward Juvenilez - No Conscious
Juvenile Committee - Juvenile Hall
First Born ft. Willie D - Keep It Gangsta
Funky Gripsta - Funky Gripsta
Baby D - Can I Get Loose
2 Low ft 2 Clean, Deshira, Gage, Endo, 5th Ward Juvenilez, Kilo & Red Dog - Comin' Up

Grand Master Roc Raida @ Viva Function Centre

Grand Master Roc Raida @ Viva Function Centre

Friday 19 May 2006

Last night Grand Master Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners was playing a set in Adelaide, so the Streets On Beats team went and checked it out. Roc Raida played for about an hour and a half to a small crowd of around 150-200 people. Starting with a lot of Eastcoast stuff like Wu-Tang, Busta, Big L, Black Sheep and ONYX just getting scratched & cut up. He also played a couple of Snoop tracks to represent the west. He then played some old school beats which he mixed into some old 70's-80's rock, proving that he can scratch over anything and it will still sound good.
Finally near the end of the night he started doing what we had all come to see, some crazy breaks with body tricks at incredable speeds.

Here are a couple of flicks of the show, more were taken although the lighting was shit, even worse than these.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Battlehoggs Presents: DJ Juice - Diggin Deep

..::Battlehoggs Presents::..

...:::DJ Juice:::...
...:::Diggin' Deep:::...


1. DJ Juice - Intro
2. O.C. - Dangerous
3. Mass MC - Jazzy Freestyle
4. Gangstarr - The ? Remains
5. Kanye West, Rhymefest - Brand New
6. Rick Pyramid - Freestyle (Exclusive)
7. The Fearless Four - Rockin' It
8. Big L, Rakim - Outta Control (Juice Remix)
9. Ice Cube - What Can I Do? (Remix)
10. Pumpkinhead - Dynamic (Juice Remix)
11. Charisma - My World Premiere (Juice Remix)
12. Slick Rick - Teacher, Teacher
13. Redman - Rush The Security
14. The Coalition - No Guarentees (Exclusive)
15. Delta, Mojo The Cinematic - The Greater Good
16. Eric B & Rakim - As The Rhyme Goes On
17. Schoolly D - Where'd You Get That Funk From
18. Busta Rhymes, Spliffstar - Fuckin' With Bust
19. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's A Demo
20. Pass The Peas - Interlude
21. Pegz - Cro Magnon
22. The Beatnuts - Get Funky
23. GLC - Chi State Of Mind
24. DJ Juice - Tell You Why
25. The Showboys - Drag Rap (Triggaman)
26. Phrase - Here Now (Juice Remix)
27. Talib Kweli, MF Doom - Fly That Not
28. Tha Alkaholiks - Flute Song
29. Saigon, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique - Impeach The President
30. Joell Ortiz - 125 Grams


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sounds From The A Town

Loose Screws - Hell On Dry Land

This Atlanta trio consists of Slim Goody, KT and P Fonk. "Hell On Dry Land" is a solid album throughout. It was released in 1996 on Power/ Triad Records and features artists such as Skitzo, Big Frizz and The Hard Boyz. The album has several producers including one track by Blackjack, surprisingly this album goes dirt cheap on ebay and is definately worth picking up. The chosen track on here is "Owner Of A Hot Slug" which is pretty much just a gangsta track talking about slangin' and cappin'.

C.O.D. - Straight From The Underground
C.O.D. which stands for Comin' Out Dangerous and not to be confused with the C.O.D. that consists of K Rino, Dope E and K.O. from Houston's South Park Coalition, these guys hail from Bankhead, ATL. The duo is made up of Itch Bound and B-Hard and are produced by Theodore 'EasyLee' Moye from Treacherous Three fame. I've never heard Ice T mention these guys, but in the title track, which I have uploaded, they mention "EasyLee put us down, Ice T labeled us Syndicate", the fast paced verses are segregated by some sick scratching. This album dropped in 1993 on Select Street Records and unfortunately has been lost amongst thousands of other albums ever since.

Parental Advisory - Ghetto Street Funk
This 1993 album is the debut from the successful Atlanta group who featured on the CB4 soundtrack. I'm not sure what the deal with the members are, K-Axe, K.S.L. and 66 Mello are the members of the group on this album although on later albums the members are K.P. who I think might be K-Axe, Mello who is obviously 66 with Big Reese, either way they're all dope albums. The track uploaded is "Ghetto Head Hunta" which was produced by Organized Noize as is the whole album with a bit of help from Toomp and Parental Advisory themselves.

Sniper Unit - Burnt Up City
My brother picked this up for me a few weeks ago and I don't know shit about them. The members are Big L (obviously not the) and Swift and the album features artists such as MC Breed,Cool Breeze Hurricane, Back Bone, Sir Charles and T-Double. It's an above average album from 1996 on the Atlanta label Conquest. My favourite track is "EP Party" which is the track I put on. It has a fair few good tracks but also has it's share of average tracks too.

Royal C - Roll Out The Red Carpet
Royal C is from Atlanta figure heads The Hard Boy's, who have released classics like "A-Town Hard Heads" and "Trapped In The Game". "Roll Out The Red Carpet" came out in 1996 on Epic Street and although it is far from classic it is a solid album with a range of different tracks scattered through the 15 deep playlist. "They Don't Want None" is the track I've chosen to upload from this album, Royal C's style on this track is reminiscent of classic MC Ren sound.

Loose Screws - Owner Of A Hot Slug
C.O.D. - Straight From The Underground
Parental Advisory - Ghetto Head Hunta
Sniper Unit - EP Party
Royal C - They Don't Want None

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Review: New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Streets Got Me Gone

New Breed Of Hu$tlas
Album: Streets Got Me Gone
Year: 1994
Label: Mobstyle Records

I found this little gem in a secondhand record store about six years ago after some sucker took it in for for a couple of dollars, when I found it I never heard of their name before and knew nothing about them. Six years later I still haven't heard anyone mention their name and still know nothing about them other than they had an album called "Ratha B-A Hustla" that came out a year earlier in '93. What I do know however is that this is a pretty dope album and that me never hearing anything about them means nothing because some of the best albums I have ever heard are those nasty 2 cent on amazon, no name label, basic equiptment produced straight up gangsta as fuck albums that alot of so called "hip hop experts" would snub their noses at. That being said, this album doesn't quite live up to albums like LOWC's "Big Ballin" but it is still a gem.

The group consists of G-Bubs, Baby Fresh, Silk and Cas-Loc and are from Riverside, California. It is produced by Big Ro, Goldfingers, Les Howard and Skin Head, I've never heard of any of them. The album starts off with "Mobstyle" which is really the intro and is a laid back smooth beat with helium sounding lyrics to it that reminds me of a screwed up version of Mix-A-Lot's "Butter Milk" track, it's a skipper but like I said it's the intro so you can't get too fussy. It's obviously named after their little independent label and if your wondering has got nothing to do with the Alpo, Azie, Rich of Mob$tyle. Next up is "City Of Thugstas" that has them showcasing their slick rhyme style while letting everyone about life on the streets and with lines like "but i'm a real motherfucker from the P.J.'s, so where you talking shit is where you lay, when I spray, can't slip and let you slide, one chance is all you get, you fuck it up then you gotta die" you might think that these guys are gangstas trying to rap with the gat, you couldn't be more wrong..... these boys got mad flow.

"No Luv" isn't as good as the previous track but is still pretty dope and the message is clear, if you aint down with 'em you get no love. "Whoo Ryde?" and "G A Day" are next, the latter is probably the better of the two. It starts off with the first verse dedicated to the police and the rest pretty much on gangsta related topics. "800 vs Ides" has a nice beat, pretty def raps but has a slightly anoying hook, the track being about going to the store to buy a drank.... pretty original shit.

As "G G Thang" starts, my hopes aren't too high with one of those singy hooks starting off the track, but as it goes on it turns out to be alright. That is until that fuckin' shit hook comes on again and the bitch singing must have known she was pissing me off coz I swear it was the longest hook I've ever fuckin' heard. Title track's next, "Streets Got Me Gone" which is a quality track from start to finish. "Suspect Unidentified" starts off where the last track left off, unfortunately that counts for the lyrics too, as the album goes on you realze that their content doesn't change from one track to the next.

"All Da Bitches" is about what you expect which is followed by "Locs Die 2" and for the first time in the album they pick it up a pace with faster aggressive rapping, which is somthing I would have liked to hear a little more through it. "Boone Docks" kicks off with a mad beat and some more fast raps and definately my favourite track on the album. "Long Live The Hustlers" is back to their more laid back style but is still a good track. The album ends with the obvious "Outro" which is pretty much them talking a bit of shit before a surpising verse busts in half way through it and ends with a bit more talking.

Overall, this album is pretty deff if your into some smoother type gangsta rap like Havoc & Prodeje. The album would have been better if they had some more topics to rap about and stuck in another fast paced track near the beginning somewhere, still though it's pretty sick.

New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Locs Dye 2
New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Boone Docks

Rating: 3 Daytons out of 5

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

With Mothers Day coming up this Sunday we thought we'd chuck some related tracks on here. Some tracks are on the 2Pac "Dear Mama" tip, while others are more dedicated to someone elses......... like the Willie D one for instance. Anyway, Hope you enjoy the tracks.

Bootleg (of The Dayton Family) - MaMa
B.O.X. - Mama Alwayz Told Me
Dangerous Dame - My Patna's Mama
Eazy E - Fuck My Baby'z Mama
Esham - Momma Was A Junkie
Haystak - Mama
Thirstin Howl III - I Still Live With My Moms
Willie D - I Wanna Fuck Your Mama

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Flashbacks From The East

Brokin English Klik - Brokin English Klik
Hailing from New York this classic is from Phase and Mack 10 who go under the Brokin English Klik banner. The album was released in 93' on Wild Pitch who were a pretty universal label signing artists from all around the states like The Coup from Oakland and Street Millitary from Texas. This has a typical east coast sound to it but is alot harder than most early 90's east stuff. The track I've put up is "Who's Da Gangsta" which is pretty much a cop diss track claiming that a blue uniform with a gun is just like any other set of gangsta's around, just with a badge.

Class A Felony - Class A Felony

Another 93' New York release was this under rated gem from DJ Stitches and the late Edward Dumar Israel who was murdered just after finishing this album. Half this album is produced by the 45 King and even has the last track "I Can't Take No More" produced by Diamond D. DJ Stitches has since started off the crew Waxwerkz 11701 which is a crew of DJ's and producers. The track from this is a 45 King cut called "Warriors Come Out To Play" and you may have guessed contains samples from The Warriors, fuckin' dope.

Son Of Bazerk - Son Of Bazerk Ft. No Self Control And The Band

Alright this is one fuckin' weird album, Oh Word reviewed this a while back and mentioned the James Brown homage on the cover and the style of the rapping but man I can honestly say that this 91' release is one of the most original sounding albums I have ever heard. It's another Bomb Squad production and at some points Bazerk almost sounds a little Chuck D'ish. The track I'm chucking on is one of the singles that they dropped for the album "Change The Style" where the track changes style several times throughout the track.

Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Playin' Foolz

Smokin Suckaz emcees, Ajoe and G both have incredible voices,one of them kind of reminds me of the Tuff Crew's Overlord, mad scratchin' by Spank Dog and all live funky percussion by Mr Watts, D-Smooth and Money Mike and not that important but always a plus, this is a well packaged product with all the lyrics printed in the paperwork and has dope cover art. All tracks are sick and has no faults. If your into the Goats style in "No Goats No Glory" you'd love this 93' epic release which is simular in style but better.

Dana Dane - 4 Ever

Probably best known for his hits "Cinderfella" and "Nightmares" the Brooklyn lyricist always comes with funky smooth raps over any beat. I think this is his second album which is from 90' on Profile and has some production by Hurby Luv Bug and Fresh Gordon. Dana has recently dropped a new album called "Back In Your Life" that I'd be keen to hear to see if he can keep up with the times. My chosen track from this one is "Tales From The Dane Side" and if you've never heard Dana before and you hear this I promise I didn't fuck up and put a Slick Rick track instead.


Brokin English Klik - Who's Da Gangsta
Class A Felony - Warriors Come Out To Play
Son Of Bazerk - Change The Style
Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Thingz Change
Dana Dane - Tales From The Dane Side

Friday, May 05, 2006

Review: Potluck - Harvest Time

Artist: Potluck
Album: Harvest Time
Year: 2004
Label: Lost Koast Productions

From the Californian dank capital, Humboltdt County, comes this hip hop duo made up of UnderRated and 1Ton, in case you were wondering UnderRated is the white guy. As you can tell by the album title, the cover and groups name these guys are keen to represent their city's finest product. "Harvest Time" came out in 2004 on Lost Koast Productions and it is 22 tracks long.

First track is titled 'Intro', it's just a really short track, and although it doesn't go for long it says alot about the duo's mentality. They let the listener know that they're not lacking originality, they represent what they live and that they listen to all forms of hip hop - three things you have to respect. Once you hear the intro you can pretty much get a feel of what you are in for, my first impression was that they sound like a cross between Indiana's MaddWest and southern hip hop group the Cunninlynguists.

First proper track on the album is 'Fight Night', pretty much just some battle raps showing off their skills, it has a mad uptempo beat and a decent hook as well. I love their concept where UnderRated and 1Ton alternate verses as if they were having a boxing fight, with each verse representing each round. I love UnderRated's diss to people who think they are a rapper because of watching '8 Mile'. Next up is a weed track called 'Inhale/Exhale', the pace of the album goes down a notch with this track, as is often the case with smoking tracks, it's not a bad track but not up there with my favourites.

'Budget' is a track that can be summed up by the opening line, "I'm sick of living on a budget", the track is about aiming to gain recognition in the music industry. This is followed by 'Say What You Wanna' which features the Kansas City king, Tech N9ne. The track starts off with a lingering beat that increases the listeners anticipation, the hook starts and then all of a sudden UnderRated busts into the track with a fast barrage of rhymes, 1Ton raps his verse and then Tecca Nina spits a supersonic verse as only he and a few other rappers are able to do, then UnderRated drops another verse before the track ends. All three emcees hold their own making this track an album highlight.

'Let Loose' is another uptempo track with both Potluck emcees coming through with some mad raps. The hook on this track reminds me of something you'd hear on a Ca$hroll Criminalz track. 'Freedom' is a slower track with alot of meaning, UnderRated's verse addresses the issue or racism. To quote him directly, "It's not white or black or black or white, it's what I speak it's what I write // It's who I am do you understand?, color makes no difference man". This is a more thoughtful track than those before it, the only thing that lets it down is the hook, which isn't shit but could of been better.

Eighth track on the album is 'Stand Up', it is a rock/rap sort of track similar to how Sir Mix A Lot's proteje Outtasite sounds. Not liking the hook at all but other than that it is a cool track. UnderRated disses Americas current and former president in the track, saying that "Bush is a crack head and Clinton smoked weed, but don't do drugs is what they stressin' on the TV". Next on the album is 'Real Phone Calls', it is a needless skit that ruins the flow of the album.

E-40 and Bosko feature on 'You Aint That Fine', a track about ugly bitches, this track is a whole lot like Maddwest's 'Your Friend Is Ugly'. 'Do It Now' is a quality track, it's followed by 'Sports Junkies' featuring Equipto from Bored Stiff. The whole track is about their love of all forms of sports, with the breaks during the track filled with commentary from different sporting events. Next is "Hip Hop" featuring Living Legends and is about their love of the music and what it means to them. Another weed track, 'Smokin On A Blunt' comes next, as mentioned in the intro, this duo rap about what they live...

'U Don't Even Know Me' and 'The Way It Goes' are both solid tracks however the later has a hook that pisses me off. The skit called 'Live in Colorado' is followed by 'Rap Life' featuring Cool Nutz. It is about the trials and tribulations of being involved in the rap game, Potluck make it clear that they are in the game for the love of the art and not for the money. 'Lovin U' and 'Just Like U' are a couple more good tracks, however I have to say the hook for the 'Just Like U' leaves alot of room for improvement.

'What Am I' is a slower track that allows 1Ton and UnderRated to remenisce about where they came from and what they are trying to accomplish. Both rappers make excellent points and their reasoning to back up their thoughts make for an interesting track. The message driven home in this track is that color should be no boundary, a Jew and an African American have come together to make sick hip hop, thats all that really matters. Staying true to the duo's image and the city they represent, the final track on this album is 'First Kiss', you can guess what it's about...

To close out this review I'll just say that if you're into the new West Coast sound and love up tempo production and fast paced rhymes then I reckon you'll enjoy this album. Both UnderRated and 1Ton compliment each other well and aside from a few suspect hooks this album is hard to fault.

Potluck ft Tech N9ne - Say What Ya Wanna
Potluck - What Am I

Rating: 3 and a Half Daytons out of 5

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

R.I.P. H.A.W.K.

Rest In Peace

H.A.W.K. (SUC)

Real Name: John Hawkins
Hailing From: Houston, Texas
Born: 15 November 1969
Died: 1 May 2006
Cause of Death: Shot several times outside a friends house while on the way to play a game of dominoes.

HAWK - Toy Soldiers