Thursday, August 03, 2006

DJ Kansel: KB Da Kidnappa - Official Australian Tour Mixtape

..:: Resident Records & Oz-Tex Connect Present ::..

...::: DJ Kansel and KB Da Kidnappa :::...
...::: The Official 2006 Australian Tour Mixtape :::...

Australian Scribble Jam champion DJ Kansel of the BattleHogg's has put together a FREE mixtape for the KB Da Kidnappa tour of Australia. The mix features an assortment of new and old tracks accompanied by radio shout outs and a track from Adelaide emcee Batel. For those not able to get your hands on a copy of this quality mix you can download it below.

...::: Track Listing :::...
1. KB Da Kidnappa - Intro
2. DJ Kansel - Intro
3. KB Da Kidnappa ft Z Ro, Trae - Wood Grain Grippin'
4. KB Da Kidnappa ft Ice Water Slaughter - Same aggiN
5, KB Da Kidnappa ft Flea - Rock This Bitch
6. K Rino ft KB Da Kidnappa - Aggression
7. KB Da Kidnappa - Off The Brain
8. Batel Tha Swine Reducer - Resident Exclusive
9. KB Da Kidnappa ft Lil Josh - Can't Fuck Wid Us
10. KB Da Kidnappa - On A Money Mission
11. KB Da Kidnappa - Tell It Like It Is
12. KB Da Kidnappa ft Ice Water Slaughter - I See
13. KB Da Kidnappa ft Flea, Z Ro - On Lock
14. Street Military - Steel Gangstaz
15. KB Da Kidnappa - Oz Tour Radio Drop
16. KB Da Kidnappa - Classic KB Verses*

* Another Hit...............1992.
Aggravated Rasta.........1991.
R.I.P. Nutt....................2001.
Slip Into A Coma pt 1...1994.
Slip Into A Coma pt 2...2000.


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