Friday, February 27, 2009

New tracks from Q Strange!

To me, Rhode Island's Q Strange is one of the most under-rated dudes in the hip hop world. Although he made a name for himself as a horrorcore emcee, to pass him off as just another horror rapper is a massive oversight. Q has released 2 studio albums ('Creation 2 ExeQtion' and 'Strangeland') as well as a host of underground releases and 'Rare Cuts' 1 and 2.I just recently copped the aforementioned 2 releases and there are some really dope tracks on both, some off of his underground drops and a few that I aint ever come across before.

Q has just recently uploaded 3 new tracks to his myspace page - a couple of tracks with thoughtful 'grown man shit' sorta rhymes, and a horror track that should keep his loyal horrorcore fans on side. To go with this post I thought I'd upload a couple of tracks off of 'Rare Cuts II' - if you like them then go and support one of the underground's under-appreciated kings and buy his albums!!

Q Strange - Bettadenu
Q Strange - Final Note