Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hijack Vinyl Rips

Hijack, The old Rhyme $yndicate crew from Brixton consisting of Kamanchi Sly who was the rapper, DJ Undercover and DJ Supreme who killed the turntables on each and every track. They were without a doubt one of the hardest sounding groups I have ever heard and legends of the U.K. hip hop scene. Ice T signed them to Rhyme $yndicate in around '90 or early '91 after hearing a track of theirs while on tour in England. They released the classic 'Horns Of Jericho' in '91 but didn't get distribution in the U.S. due to being caught up in Ice T's 'Cop Killer' shit. It's a shame because these guys had alot to offer the U.S. with their take no prisoners approach to all their tracks. Kamanchi Sly has returned in recent years dropping a couple of solo 3 track vinyls, and although they sound sick they are definately missing the 1200 kings throughout the tracks.

For those of you that do have 'Horns Of Jericho', these four tracks that I've chucked up here are not on the album, 'Doomsday Of Rap' and 'Hold No Hostage' are from the B' side to their 'Bad Man Is Robbin' 12" and "Kamanchi Sly = MC2' and 'Murder In The 1st Degree' are from 'The Original Horns Of Jericho' album that came out in the late 90's on 'Reservoir Records' with a slightly different track listing to the $yndicate version and has an extra instrumentals vinyl.

If you've never heard any Hijack I suggest you cop these to experience the Hijack sound and if you're familiar with them I suggest you cop these because they're dope tracks.

Hijack MP3's:
Doomsday Of Rap
Hold No Hostage
Kamanchi Sly = MC2
Murder In The 1st Degree

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alphabetical Onslaught

This post ain't really about shit other than a few weeks back I got two similar styled tracks sent to me within the same week. One was Saigon ft Kool G Rap ('The Letter P') sent to me by Prime, and the other was a Blackalicious track ('Alphabet Aerobics') sent to me by Suggest. These tracks made me think of Papoose's 'Alphabetical Slaughter', K Rino's 'Ghetto ABC's' and to a lesser extent the verbal dissfest by Kool Moe Dee to LL Cool J on 'Death Blow'. These tracks show rappers dismembering the alphabet from A to Z or going all out on a certain letter. I didn't put the K Rino track up but the rest of them are yours.

Kool Moe Dee - Death Blow
Saigon ft Kool G Rap - The Letter P (REMIX)
Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics
Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter

Friday, August 18, 2006

Battle On Wax: Random Disses 4

Lil' Troy - Ms Scarface (Scarface diss)
For those who have heard the Geto Boys last album, 'The Foundation' and more to the point Scarface's 'G Code' track from it would definately know about the beef between Scarface and his ex-homie the legendary Lil' Troy. Pretty much on 'G Code' Scarface disses Troy for being a snitch, and apparently snitching on his friend to the cops for selling coke. Lil' Troy has since come out with a dvd and cd called 'Paper Work' that not only denies what Face is saying but shows paper work showing that Brad 'Scarface' Jordan was the real snitch and pretty much humilliates the fuck out of Face with the stories of how Face came up. Keep in mind that this dvd is from the point of view of Lil' Troy, alot of people have taken sides to decide who they believe and who they think is the real snitch. Maybe Face did snitch, he has definately come out with a fair few tracks recently dissing snitches, maybe he's got a complex? Maybe Lil' Troy is the snitch and has made the 'paperwork' on photo shop? Or maybe the two ex-homies are both using the oldest trick in the hip hop publicity book and are dissing each other to make more dollars? Personally I'm leaning towards Lil' Troys side of the story. Anyway, here's a track from Lil' Troy's 'Paper Work' CD called 'Ms Scarface', keep in mind this track is very short for some unknown reason.

Ice Cube - No Vaseline (NWA diss)
This next track is one of the most popular diss tracks ever and as much as I'd hate to admit it, Cube burned the fuck out of his former crew in 'No Vaseline' from the 'Death Certificate' album. I don't need to go into any details for this track because everybody's heard it and knows what it's about. Cube has since had a heap of diss tracks directed to him from artists like Cypress Hill, Kam, Gonzoe, Shorty, Common and King Sun. With the exception of Common all those artists were former friends of O'Shea who were mad that he jacked them for money, hooks or other inhouse dramas. Cube came back at a few of these disses with average comebacks but he did serve Common pretty hard on 'West Side Slaughterhouse' which was a come back to 'H.E.R.' but Common came back just as hard with 'Bitch In Yoo'. Anyway, at the end of the day this 'No Vaseline' is up there with the best diss tracks I've ever heard.

Bang Em Smurf ft Domination - Whats Beef (50 Cent diss)
When it comes to making money out of dissing someone, few get more mentions than 50 Cent, is it because the guy is a fucking toy that acts hard because he got shot up outside granny's house and people can't stand this Top 40 pop star? Or is it because he's a rich, famous pop star that people are trying to get some attention out of? It's probably both, That's why 'DJ Black' brought out a compilation diss 50 cd called 'Fuck 50' that features artists like Scareface, Fat Joe, Yukmouth, C-Bo, Messy Marv, Guce, Jadakiss, J Hood, Nas and a guy named Bang 'Em Smurf. I have only known Smurf from the 'Beef III' documentary that pretty much gives the story that after 50 got shot up his homies went after the shooter. After 50 made it big time this guy got locked up over some shit and they asked 50 for a little bit of money to bail him out, 50 refused and didn't wanna talk to his old friends from his neighbourhood who had his back. I've only seen the dvd once and a wile ago so thats about all I remember about it, but Emvee recently bought this 'Fuck 50' cd with a track called 'Whats Beef' by Domination and Bang 'Em Smurf, the tracks pretty dope so I had to chuck it up here.

PKO - San Antonio Aint Shit Like Compton (DJ Quik diss)
I completly forgot about this next diss track until a guy on the screw shop forum mentioned it recently, PKO dissing Comptons DJ Quik. It's the last track on P.K.O.'s 1994 'Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia' album, and I always knew it was a Quik to Quik about some shit that happened at a show in San Antonio but until I read the thread in the forum I didn't know all the details.
Quote by mrterible (San Antonio) off of the Screw Shop Forum
"It started when dj quik came down to San Antone for a concert at the main event in san antone in the early or mid 90's.... to make a long story short some shit popped off and there was a shooting in the parking lot and somebody got shot in the face and killed... on dj quiks song "jus like compton" he made refrence to that incident but lied by saying "we was tearin them down and spairing the rest I even had to wear abullet proof vest" basically dj quik and his crew ran out of the club wit security and wasnt tearin down shit so pko took eception to them dudes sayin they was in S.A bein gansta cause they wasnt."

Lexx Luger - Knock Ya Grill Sideways (Paul Wall Diss)
This last track is from C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys) member Lexx Luger (other members being Dutch The Great & Haystak) as a diss to Paul Wall on Wall's own beat. The track's called 'Knock Ya Grill Sideways' and was released on the 'Hustle & Flow Mixtape'. Lexx disses Wall calling him a marketing gimmick amongst other things. I personally don't mind Paul Wall's music but I'm always down to hear a good old fashioned diss track, although this track could have definately been better and more targeted directly at Paul Wall himself rather than lines that could fit the profile of almost any white rapper out there.

Lil' Troy - Ms Scarface
Ice Cube - No Vaseline
Bang 'Em Smurf & Domination - Whats Beef
P.K.O. - San Antonio Aint Shit Like Compton
Lexx Luger - Knock Ya Grill Sideways

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Year On

Twelve months ago to the day Emvee, Afects and myself started this blog shit. We got the name from the SPM track "Streets On Beats" which was a dedication to hip hop artists and groups old and new from all around the U.S. which is why we used the name as we try to do the same shit here.

We've almost stopped doing this a couple of times when our interest wore thin but somehow we have kept it going. Things could be better, we could get some more hits, downloads, comments and Afects could add to his 5 posts he's done? A few of our posts looking back now are laughable, like my huge Gangsta Pat review or Afects' Kool G Rap & DJ Polo one. I don't know what I was thinking when I did a "Battle On Wax" between Kool Moe Dee and LL, but put a Moe Dee diss track to LL and the battle between him and Busy Bee with no LL tracks at all??

Seriously though we'd like to thank each and every one of you that have ever gone to Streets On Beats, and especially all of you that have bookmarked our shit, wished us luck at the start, linked our site on any forums or your own blogs, everyone who has ever left a comment, all the blogs listed in our 'links' for at one time or another and a couple on numerous occasions giving us props, and thanks to DJ Kansel and the Battlehoggs for giving us their dope mixtapes to go up for free download. While I'm giving out some 'thank you's' I'll drop a 'fuck you' to that wack commercial site/forum/blog that has recently changed their old name to bite ours, EAT A DICK you fake, bitin' bitches.

Here's a few tracks from the first few months that we put up for download for anyone who wants them.

Eazy E - 24 Hours To Live
Gangsta Pat - Homicide
Seagram - The Vill
Cypress Hill - Ice Cube Killa (Released as a 12" only)
I.M.P. - Public Execution

Saturday, August 12, 2006

DJ Juice - Shut 'Em Down Mixtape

...::: Battlehoggs Presents :::...

...::: DJ Juice :::...
...::: Shut 'Em Down Mixtape :::...

...::: Track Listing :::...
1. DJ Juice - Intro
2. Trae ft Pimp C & Hawk - Swang
3. Smoke - Gangstas & Mobstas
4. Project Pat ft Juicy J & DJ Paul - Good Googly Moogly
5. Baby ft Lil Wayne - Stunting Like My Daddy
6. Smoke ft Ying Yang Twins - You Can Talk
7. DJ Khaled ft Lil Wayne & Paul Wall - Holla At Me Baby
8. Yo Gotti ft 8Ball & Bun B - Gangsta Party
9. Lil Keke ft UGK - Chunk Up The Deuce
10. ESG - Gorilla Music
11. Beezo - From The South
12. Colby Savage - Rep Yo Block
13. X Mann - Club Pro'z
14. Tow Down, Triple & Danno - Yeah
15. Ray Cash ft Scarface - Bumpin My Music
16. Keke & Young Red - How The Hustlers Do It
17. Rob The Ryno, Charlie Boy & Mango - Flow
18. Stunna - Freestyle
19. KB Da Kidnappa, Trae & Z Ro - Wood Grain Grippin
20. Smoke - Swang
21. Tow Down, Baby Beesh & Lucky - Space City


Friday, August 11, 2006

Cage & Mr Lif @ The Producers Bar

Cage & Mr Lif
The Def Jux Tour
Ft Yak Ballz + DJ Crazy Glue
August 9th @ The Producers Bar

^Cage possessed^

Cage Kennylz and Mr Lif were in Adelaide this week and done a show at the Producers Bar accompanied by DJ Crazy Glue and Yak Ballz. The show started with Yak of The Weathermen doing a few tracks before the emo looking Cage hit the stage and did a lively set. Being a huge fan of Cage's older stuff ('Night Hawks', 'Smut Peddlers' and 'Movies For The Blind') I was fairly disappointed with his sad, depressing show. Everything was negative from the start to the finish; fuck the people at the back, fuck you if it's your birthday, fuck the USA, fuck George Bush, fuck my ex girlfriend and fuck life etc. The show was still worth going to, and he did a few tracks off his older shit but not with the same old style. After going to the show, I'm not completely convinced that Cage isn't the devil, most of my pics of him turned out real fucking weird, I've put a couple of them up.

As for Mr Lif, I'm not going lie, I've never really sat down and listened to his music but his live show looked pretty decent. With each track linking to the next with a dramatic stage play I'm sure that if I had heard some of his music I probably would of enjoyed his show alot more. Not only was I real tired, the venue was shit and the show wasn't quite what I was hoping but on top of all that the ink from my enterance stamp fucked up my Rap A Lot shirt. Check the mp3's for a couple of older Cage tracks.

^Yak Ballz^

^Yak, Cage, Crazy Glue^


^Mr Lif^

Night Hawks - Night Hawks
Cage - Ballad Of The Worms

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Review: Chunk - Break 'Em Off A Chunk

Artist: Chunk
Album: Break 'Em Off A Chunk
Year: 1994
Label: Murder One Records

Chunk hails from East Menlo Park, East Palo Alto in the bay. He came out in '91 when he dropped the underground classic 'Menace To The Game' on Tandem Records produced by Sean T. Chunk is apart of the Murder One Gangstas with artists such as Kaos, Papoose and of coarse Sean T and released a M.O.G. album back in around '92ish. Chunk followed up his debut album with 'Chunk II Still The Menace' and 'Marked for Death' also on Tandem. In '94 he dropped this one on 'Murder One Records' and has since released more including a mixtape, 'Still Breakin Em Off' and is also a part of the 2002 M.O.G. album (Murder One Gangstas) 'Still Exposed'.

The album starts off with 'Straight Murderin', the title doesn't leave alot to the imagination of what this track is about. It starts off off with a funky beat kicking in and has medium paced rhymes through the track that are seperated by a raggae hook. 'Hoo Ride' is next and has a slight upgrade on pace and a nice sampled hook which is always welcomed by me in any hip hop track, it also features Caus. 'Aint No Love' is Chunks bitch dissing track, these sorts of tracks are rarely the dopest cuts on artists albums and this one is no different, that being said though, this track is still pretty good with a laid back funky beat. Next up is 'It's On Like That' which is pretty much a day in the life of Chunk, it's another slowish sorta track with crazy flows and a old "you know, it's on" sample being cut up for the breaks.

Track five, 'The Game Don't Last' starts off with raps from the get go, the beat is pretty def although lacks a bit of bass through the guts of it but up to this point is probably my favourite track. The title track 'Break 'Em Off A Chunk' and starts with an incredible funky little beat, the rapping starts not long after but unfortunately we're half way through the album and his pace and flow have almost been identicle in every track. It's a dope style but it would have been good to have some variety. There's a slight change to the vocals on '187 Skills' which also has dope Sean T beat that makes the track stand apart from the rest of the album. Sean T also drops a verse on this track and has a "187" sample by snoop and a "The 187 Don't Stop" sample cut up through it. Fellow Murder One Gangstas, Papoose and Mob Boss feature with Chunk on 'Servin Mutha Fuckas'. The track aint too bad but could have been much better and have a more creative hook than Chunk saying "Servin Mutha Fuckas" once through it.

Track nine 'Devil Try To Do Me' catches you straight away with it's eerie beat and faster flows by Chunk. This tracks about Chunk being stalked by the cops and has another sick sampled hook, which I give Chunk and Sean T alot of respect for, staying away from those wack R&B hooks that should be left for R Kelly most of the time.
'You Gets Done' is another pretty good track that doesn't offer you too much more than you've already heard but you gotta love this guys flawless flow. The second to last track is 'Watch Out For The Set Up' which is the sort of track I skip each and every time. You know those slow tracks about girls or what not, anyway, the album ends with 'Get Off On Them' that features Gangsta G, Scrib, Double-O and D Villain as well as Chunk of coarse. The beat is dope, the raps are dope and the perfect way to end the album.

^^ Producer Sean T ^^
Overall the album is pretty def and although was probably better produced than his previous albums I personally liked the older ones a better. That being said this was still real good with all the beats sounding dope and considering that they were all done by Sean T except 'Get Off On Them' that was produced by G-Man Stan I guess it's no surprise. I think he could have been a bit more adventurous with his speed and style of raps but his flow is up there with Ad Capone's from Totally Insane.

Chunk ft. Sean T - 187 Skills
Chunk ft. Gangsta G, Scrib, Double-O, D Villain - Get Off On Them

Rating:3 and a half Daytons out of 5

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Remix Vinyl Rips

With all thats been going on in the last couple of weeks with Yuk, Boo-Yaa and KB all in town as well as some other shit , the blogs been lacking lately. So I've grabbed 3 random tracks of dope remixes from my wax for you guys to chew on.

The first is by the legendary Run DMC, with a remix of the track 'Back From Hell', unlike the original version that appears on the album with the same name this one features Public Enemy's Chuck D and Ice Cube (from back when he was sick). It's one of the hardest if not the hardest Run DMC tracks they made, even the now 'Reverand' Run dropped a naughty word., seriously though the track is def and has some nice cutting from Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.).

Next is from a vinyl that took me a few years of dedicated hunting for, Nashville's almost unheard of, LOWC with 'Layin In Tha Cut Remix'. The 12" includes 3 diffent tracks and remixes of 2 different tracks including this one. The album they released in '95 still remains about the best album I've ever heard. The 'Layin In Tha Cut' remix is almost completely different to the album version with some guy rapping a verse that is uncredited on the sticker and doesn't have any appearences on the album.

Lastly, the notorious Kelly Park Compton Crip of the Under World Connection, Tweedy Bird Loc brought out his debut in 1992 called '187 Ride By' that has probably been over mentioned on this blog over the past year, but fuck it, you can hear about the man who was once on the wrong side of a spray of bullets while writing rhymes for his album in Kelly Park, although he wasn't hit im sure it gave him some nice amminition for some tracks. Probably the dopest track from his album was 'Comin Out The Cage'. The track was also released as a Remix 12" which is what has been chucked up for you. For those who aren't familiar with the album version it's a gangsta posse track, for those who know it, Enjoy.

Run DMC ft Chuck D & Ice Cube - Back From Hell REMIX
LOWC - Layin In Tha Cut REMIX
Tweedy Bird Loc ft U.W.C. - Coming Out The Cage REMIX

Saturday, August 05, 2006

KB Da Kidnappa @ Earth

Last night I witnessed one of the dopest shows I've ever witnessed, The show started of with local dj, DJ Juice of the Battlehoggs. Definately not the usual track I hear when I go to shows, playing gems by artists like Rodney O & Joe Cooley and KMC. Next up was local group Southern Skeptiks who only did a hanfull of tracks but ended with the crazy 'ADL' (a dedication track to Adelaide), getting the crowd reved up for more. DJ Dyems of Terra Firma kept the crowd going with tracks until his crew (Terra Firma) hit the stage for some tracks..... dope as always. After a short taste of some New Zealand hip hop by Mr Sicc, Gangsta Ridd of the legendary Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.with Monsta Ganja of the Regime came on to kick some gangsta hip hop that every body in the club was fiending for.

Australian Scribble Jam champion, DJ Kansel (Battlehoggs) hit the stage followed soon by Batel (Tha Swine Reducer) to kick a weed slangin', train stomping, hard hitting verse followed by a 'Street Military' chant. DJ Kansel showed the crowd exactly why he's on his way to the U.S. next week to rep Aus with a dope set. Next up was Blueberry Killa backing onto the stage packing his handycam followed by KB Da Kidnappa of the Street Military. Crowd went nuts and with good reason, KB amped up the crowd instantly and the intensity didn't stop any time soon. Anyway here are a few of our flicks from the show, more of our flicks can be found on the South Park Coalition site. Thanks to Nugsta of Resident Records / Oz-Tex-Connect for bringing KB out here.

^ Southern Skeptiks ^

^ Terra Firma ^

^ Gangsta Ridd (Boo-Yaa) ^
^ Monsta Ganja (Regime) ^

^ Batel Tha Swine Reducer ^

^ DJ Kansel (Battlehoggs) ^

KB Da Kidnappa (Street Military)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

DJ Kansel: KB Da Kidnappa - Official Australian Tour Mixtape

..:: Resident Records & Oz-Tex Connect Present ::..

...::: DJ Kansel and KB Da Kidnappa :::...
...::: The Official 2006 Australian Tour Mixtape :::...

Australian Scribble Jam champion DJ Kansel of the BattleHogg's has put together a FREE mixtape for the KB Da Kidnappa tour of Australia. The mix features an assortment of new and old tracks accompanied by radio shout outs and a track from Adelaide emcee Batel. For those not able to get your hands on a copy of this quality mix you can download it below.

...::: Track Listing :::...
1. KB Da Kidnappa - Intro
2. DJ Kansel - Intro
3. KB Da Kidnappa ft Z Ro, Trae - Wood Grain Grippin'
4. KB Da Kidnappa ft Ice Water Slaughter - Same aggiN
5, KB Da Kidnappa ft Flea - Rock This Bitch
6. K Rino ft KB Da Kidnappa - Aggression
7. KB Da Kidnappa - Off The Brain
8. Batel Tha Swine Reducer - Resident Exclusive
9. KB Da Kidnappa ft Lil Josh - Can't Fuck Wid Us
10. KB Da Kidnappa - On A Money Mission
11. KB Da Kidnappa - Tell It Like It Is
12. KB Da Kidnappa ft Ice Water Slaughter - I See
13. KB Da Kidnappa ft Flea, Z Ro - On Lock
14. Street Military - Steel Gangstaz
15. KB Da Kidnappa - Oz Tour Radio Drop
16. KB Da Kidnappa - Classic KB Verses*

* Another Hit...............1992.
Aggravated Rasta.........1991.
R.I.P. Nutt....................2001.
Slip Into A Coma pt 1...1994.
Slip Into A Coma pt 2...2000.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Resident Records BBQ

KB Da Kidnappa of Street Military and Blueberry Killa along with Ganxsta Ridd of the Boo Yaa Tribe and Monsta Ganja of The Regime were at Resident Records in Adelaide for a BBQ and to do a pre-show record signing. DJ Kansel was on the decks and KB was in a freestyling mood giving a taste of whats to come this friday. KB also brought along with him some shirts, dvd's and his latest album 'Underground Legacy' to sell.Here are some flix of the BBQ/signing.

KB Da Kidnappa of Street Military

KB Da Kidnappa

KB Da Kidnappa dropping a freestyle

Ganxsta Ridd (Boo Yaa TRIBE)

KB Da Kidnappa & Blueberry Killa

KB Da Kidnappa

KB & DJ Kansel of the Battlehoggs
(Australian Scribble Jam Champion)

Monsta Ganja | KB Da Kidnappa

KB Da Kidnappa