Saturday, September 17, 2005

Battle On Wax: Kool Moe Dee vs LL Cool J

Remember when LL was still a sick rapper? Well, even back when he was a mad MC he still wasn't shit on Moe Dee, in my opinion anyway. Once again "Ego Trips Book Of Rap Lists" disagrees with me.

Although a few pages later there is an article on how Moe Dee was in the middle of a show when LL walked on stage blowing kisses at the crowd, then walked off stage. He was spotted by Moe Dee later in the night where he challenged him to get on stage and battle him. After LL declined Moe Dee started dissin'.

I personally think that Cool J's diss tracks to Moe Dee were pretty good, just not good enough against the old school MC who at the start of the decade took up Busy B's challenge for a battle and drilled him hard. I have included the MP3's to the battle that took place in 1982 at the legendary "Harlem World" New York night club famous for a heap of battles like the Fantastic Romantic 5 vs The Cold Crush Brothers. I have also included a track by Kool Moe Dee.

(Notice the Kangol under the front wheel)

Busy Bee @ Harlem World
Kool Moe Dee @ Harlem World
Kool Moe Dee - Death Blow

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