Monday, March 26, 2007

12 Years Later....

Regardless on what the mainstream media will lead you to believe, 12 years today hip hop lost one of the most important figureheads in the history of the culture. I'm talking about the hip hop thugsta, Eazy E. Fuck all those who try and hate on this legend, not only did he feed hundreds of people with his vision back when he had breath in his lungs but a dozen years later there are thousands of artists living off what he helped start. In a time where top 40 pop stars like 50 Cent roll around with body guards acting like gangstas and getting paid millions for their oscar performances, you rarely here them accknowledge that it's got alot to do with what Eazy did back then. No diss to Pac or B.I.G. but their are alot of other rappers that have passed that deserve at least equal respect for what they gave the scene. At least The Game and Eazy's son Lil' E continue to rep the Compton king.... R.I.P. EAZY.

September 7 1964 - March 26 1995

Yella ft Kokane - 4 Tha E
Mack 10 Ft Eazy E & MC Eiht - Get Yo Ride On
Eazy E - Intro
Eazy E - 24 Hours To Live

Friday, March 23, 2007

Old School Mix-A-Lot Vinyl Rips

This post is just sort of slapped together because we haven't put anything up for over a week now. Emvee's back at uni and has almost no time to write shit on here and I have been way to busy to find time to get on here myself. Anyway, If you are into Mix-A-Lot (and I know alotta people diss because the 'Baby Got Back' thing that blew up, which wasn't a sellout track just a track that went big) you might want to check out an old post that still has tracks to download of Mix-A-Lot B'sides.

As for this post, I have put up 'Lets G', 'Mix-A-Lots Theme' and 'I Just Love My Beat' they're from the first thing Nastymix (Nasty Nes and Sir Mix-A-Lot) ever dropped, their logo was a symbol of Nasty Nes' face (yes, NES... not Nas who bit the old school Seattle pioneers name with the 'Nasty' added to it) from 1985. I also ripped 'I'm A Trip (Total Trip Mix', 'Square Dance Rap (Power Mix)', 'Iwant A Freak' and 'My Studio' all from Mix-A-Lot's second release, the 1986 E.P. titled 'Im A Trip', I didnt rip the radio version of the title track and the 'Trippin In The Studio' skit, but all the propper tracks from it are up. I Also added an old as fuck Sir Mix track called 'Electro Scratch' that was found on my old computer, don't know where it's from?

Sir Mix-A-Lot Old School Rips:
Lets G (Watch Out)
Mix-A-Lots Theme
I Just Love My Beat
I'm A Trip (Total Trip Mix)
Square Dance Rap (Power Mix)
I Want A Freak
My Studio
Electro Scratch

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remix Vinyl Rips Pt. 4

I'm not too sure if people are loving all the vinyl rip posts or hating them? So i'll just keep going with them for the time being. Anyway, if you want other remixed vinyl rips you can still download part 1, part 2 and part 3. All these ones this time are east coast tracks, first up is the 'Next Plateau' classic, MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D's 'Knock'em Out Sugar Ray. This is the 45 King remix off the twelve.

As with thousands of other people across the world I got into hip hop through Public Enemy's 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'. I got it for my tenth birthday on cassette tape in 1990 from Mr Music, mainly through older brother influence but that just started off a crazy ride thats lasted almost 17 years and counting. As much as I love P.E. for some strange reason I don't think I've put any of their tracks up before, probably because everyones already got their albums. Anyway, I finally got round to ripping a couple of their remix tracks the other week when Afects The Wax Ripper came around all lappied up. Got the 'Brothas Gonna Work It Out' remix done and the 'Cant Truss It'. Both are straight quality especially the 'Brothas Gonna.....' one.

Next up is the Philly king Schoolly D, responsible for countless classics like 'Saturday Night', 'Parkside 5-2', 'Run', Just Another Killer' and this one, 'Where'd You Get That Funk From'. I picked this up for fuck all recently and it has about 4 different remixes of the same track on it. I only ripped one at the moment but hope to get around to getting the others ripped soonish.

While I'm on the Philly tip, I've also put up 'Do The Digs Dug' by The Goats, a very under rated crew that dropped 'Tricks Of The Trade' back in '92 which is the album that the original version of this track is from. They then released 'No Goats, No Glory' in 94 which some people diss but has still got some dope tracks on it. Since these two early 90's albums they changed their name to 'Incognegro' and released 'Keeping It Lovely' in 2001. The 12 this is from has a few different versions of 'Do The Digs Dug' like a Bob Muslims remix and the Todd Terry Remix (The one that's up). Plenty more vinyl rips to come, so if you're hating 'em.... you're gonna be hatin' it.


MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D - Knock'em Out Sugar Ray (45 King REMIX)
Public Enemy - Brothas Gonna Work It Out (REMIX)
Public Enemy - Can't Truss It (REMIX)
Schoolly D - Where'd You Get That Funk From (REMIX)
The Goats - Do The Digs Dug (Todd Terry REMIX)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Battle On Wax - MC Eiht Vs DJ Quik

Man, this was about the longest beef on wax you'll probably find. It goes back to before either of them released a proper album. Quik apparently started the beef on an underground tape release when he called out MC Eiht's name along with Eazy E's, although later claimed it wasn't a diss, just a warning to other rappers from the CPT that Quik was coming. With Quik being a Blood and Eazy and Eiht being Crips, Eiht saw it as a diss and was only too happy to respond on the 1990 Orpheus CMW debut, 'It's A Compton Thang' with 'Duck Sick'. DJ Quik came back with another diss on a underground release. That's when Eiht started his 'Def Wish' series of disses with the first on the '91 Orpheus release, 'Straight Checkin Em'.

For some reason Quik didn't mention Eiht on his 1991 Profile release, 'Quik Is The Name' but came through on his '92, 'Way 2 Fonky' album. He dissed him on the title track before moving on to Tim Dog at the end of the track. Quik also disses Eiht again on the outro track 'Tha Last Word'. Not surprisingly Eiht came back on his next album, 'Music To Drive By' in '92. He dissed Quik on 'Duck Sick II', 'Dead Men Tell No Lies' and 'Def Wish II'. He probably gave Quik too much credit with 3 tracks and would have been better off keeping to one?

As Quik was busy with production with his crew and with Suge Knight's 'Death Row', he didn't didn't bring out an album for three years. In this time MC Eiht released 'We Come Strapped' in 1994 on 'Epic Street'. He didn't dissapoint with yet another Quik diss with the 'Def Wish III Intro' folowed by 'Def Wish III'. I'm a fan of both Quik and Eiht, but when Quik dropped his reply on the 'Murder Was The Case' soundtrack and 'Safe & Sound' in '95 it was all over, 'Dollars & Sense' was by far the dopest track out of all their diss tracks to each other. No doubt there will be die hard Eiht fans who'll diss me now but when I got this album in '95 that track was on repeat for weeks. With lines like "E-I-H-T, now should I continue? Yeah, you left out the G coz the G aint in you" that was it in my opinion. Quik also dissed Eiht on the very next track, 'Let You Havit'.

MC Eihts next album was 'Death Threatz' in '96, and the first track on it was 'Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)'. This is my favourite Def Wish track as he goes through the past in a bit of detail in parts of the track rather than random disses.

Quik's outlook on the disses changed since his last record when he was drinking and performing at Club El Rey. One of Eihts boys showed up at the club throwing up Crip signs at him. After Quiks show he went over to the guy to see what his problem was, the guy pushed his girl out the way, put down his glass and went at Quik fists up. They went pretty hard before both being thrown out the club although one thing led to another and other fights started and someone got killed. In the media Quik got blamed for the murder even though he wasn't directly involved. On Quiks 'Rhythm-al-ism' in '98, Quik recorded the track 'You'ze A Ganxta' where Quik touched on the Club El Rey night and ended the track by saying......"And to MC Eiht, when you get your head together, maybe we can do a record?". Which can almost be taken as a diss. Somehow the two put years of dissing behind them and shook hands. The two even went in the studio together. By the way the two may have given each other a slight diss here and there on other tracks but as far as I'm aware these are all the main diss tracks. Please feel free to diss me in comments if I missed any out.

Here's a part of an interview Eiht did for Murder Dog Magazine.....

Will you and DJ Quik ever make any songs together?
I have been in the studio with Quik. We did a song about two years ago. Quik was working on a sound track for this independent movie called"100 Kilos". It was the Freeway Rick story. We did a song together for that. He did the production and I was on the song rapping. Mausberg was on the song too, so was I think Hi-C. Deals were still going on. They probably fucked Quik over and didn’t pay him his money, so he kept all the tracks.

So the beef is over with you and Quik?
Yeah, we cool. I seen Quik and we have shook hands. We have done interviews together and everything. It hasn’t got to the place to where the consumers or the fans would like to see it as far as us making a record or being on tour together. We handled the beef how it is done on the streets. It’s not on records or none of that shit anymore. It’s cool now.

I remember when you two were beefing, how did it all start?
We used to go at it back then. I don’t know how it started for him but on my end it started when I had my second album out. I had a song called "Def Wish". On the song I had the phrase that say "Biting me quick, will only mean you get my dick sucked quick". I never knew nothing about no DJ Quik, but there was an actual DJ Quik. He was a Blood affiliate and I was a Crip affiliate and we were both from Compton. People hyped it to say that he was dissing you. Quik had already been dissing me. I was already an established artist. I had two albums and videos. I considered myself in the game. He was trying to get in the game. He had been putting out underground tapes. Since his Blood affiliation it was natural to go after the Crip niggaz. He made a street tape dissing Eazy because Eazy was affiliated with the Crips. He also made songs dissing Compton’s Most Wanted. That was a way for him to symbolize with his Blood homies. It was a way for him to say fuck them Crip niggaz. That’s how the beef started on his end.

If you hadn’t heard of Quik, how did you know about the underground diss records?
I have never heard of this. My DJ Mike-T who was a Blood got a copy of the tape. He played it for me. This was after the Def Wish song was already out. Naturally people were going to take that tape and my song and combine the two. People were like" Oh he dissed you on a street tape and you turned around and dissed him on the record". It all got blown way out. Then he made a comment on his next record and I made a comment on my next record. It went crazy for awhile. I did a video about him.

How did you come up with the idea for the card board cut out of Quik in your video?
Profile was marketing his next album "Way 2 Fonky" and they had those posters out. They had the card board cut outs. I got ready to do the Def Wish 2 video and I said" we got to get one of those". We had Sony order one. My love for gangsta rap was just in me. You got to have a passion. If have to realize that you might not get paid for some of this shit. You got to have love for it. Sometimes this shit might be charity. Sometimes I might have to give this shit away. I might not make a dollar off of it. Now everybody that touches it is going to make money off of it. I have never heard a record company say that they have not made a profit off of me.

And a part of a Quik interview from Worldwide West Side Magazine....

You’ve been beefing with MC Eiht from 1991-1997. How did the tension start and is the beef squashed yet?
Yeah, that’s over, that’s really actually old, as a matter of fact, I just saw MC Eiht with a new record on the charts and I’ve been looking for it and I’m like “he put out another record” so I’m out looking for it and evidently it’s either hard to find or selling somewhere else because I tried to buy it to support him. That’s how I feel about it. We had our beef but technically we’re still brothers from Compton. We walked the same turf.

Would you ever work with DJ Slip from Comptons Most Wanted even though you had problems in the past with MC Eiht who was also a member of the group?
I don’t know, because I don’t know how Slip feels about me. I don’t want to force anything. I can easily slip and say yeah sure I’d work with him, but what if he (DJ Slip) put out a interview and said man fuck DJ Quik, we ain’t never fucking with him. Then I would look stupid, so, I’m willing to work with anybody who shares the common goal of making a hit record that inspires people, that keeps Hip-Hop fresh, not just to put out a record because it’s trendy. I’m not trying to go to Lil Jon, please give me a hit so I can sell some records and so I can pop my collar and drink Champaign and you know wear some platinum. I’m not trying to do that.

Comptons Most Wanted - Duck Sick
Comptons Most Wanted - Def Wish
DJ Quik - Way 2 Fonky
Comptons Most Wanted - Duck Sick II
Comptons Most Wanted - Dead Men Tell No Lies
Comptons Most Wanted - Def Wish II
MC Eiht - Def Wish III Intro
MC Eiht - Def Wish III
DJ Quik - Dollars & Sense
DJ Quik - Let U Havit
MC Eiht - Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)
DJ Quik - You'z A Ganxta



*I had to put these in 2 seperate files because Zshare kept fuckin' up when I tried it as 1 file. I have numbered every track in occurence of the track.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Gangs, Gangstas & Gangsta Shit

Ever since Schoolly dropped 'P.S.K. What Does It Mean?' back in about '86 and Ice T heard it and called him up to come over to the west coast to show him, Eazy and Dre how he made that gangsta sound, "Gangsta Rap" or "Reality Rap" was born. Ice T recorded '6 'N The Morning' and Eazy made 'Eazy-Duz-It' which although wasn't the first gangsta track recorded, it was the first gangsta album made and was followed by the incredibly successful 'Straight Outta Compton'. N.W.A.'s album gave every gangsta in L.A. and a heap of fake gangstas the hope and idea to make their own record. Some like MC Eiht and Quik actually could rap and produce quality beats while plenty were just N.W.A. clones. Over on the East coast Schoolly was still keeping it hard along with the legendary Mob$tyle from Harlem and some Kool G Rap & DJ Polo tracks, some Just Ice tracks and also P.H.D. (Poet & Hot Day).

Back on the west though things went crazy when the movie 'Colors' came out and showed the rest of America and the world what Crips and Bloods were all about. Even though gangs were always somehow involved in hip hop from the very beginning with all the hard New York gangs like the Black Spades etc and oldschool artist Afrika Bambaataa coming out of the 70's gang era, it wasn't until 'Straight Outta Compton' and 'Colors' that Gangsta Rap was a huge part of the scene. With all the gang violence going around the Boogie Down Productions released the track 'Stop The Violence', shortly after this a Self Destruction' 12" featuring a bunch of east coast kings at the time like Moe Dee, Stetsasonic and D Nice etc which was on the stop the violence theme. The west coast came out with their very own version called 'We're All In The Same Gang' that featured Ice T, MC Hammer, CPO and Cubeless NWA amongst others. A dope video came out for it as well as an entire compilation on 'Grand Jury' records that featured artists like the Latin Kings.

O.F.T.B. - Slangin' Dope (Video)

Every parent group and politician in America blamed the music for every murder and driveby in the late 80's and early 90's which caused incredible publicity for any rapper with a gun on the cover. Many artists themselves pointed the finger at gangsta rappers claiming they're ruining the culture. In about '92 / '93 things got real heated after the four cops got let off after beating down Rodney King which caused the LA riots that saw LA gangs terrorize streets like Crenshaw BLVD. Other movies came out like 'Boyz N Tha Hood', 'Menace II Society', 'CB4' and 'Fear Of A Black Hat'.

Somehow in '92/'93 some sets of both Crips & Bloods had a truce which led to tracks like 'Peace Treaty' by Kam and 'Gotta Lotta Love' by Ice T. Around this time Kelly Park Crip, Tweedy Bird Loc and Ronnie Ron brought out the Bloods & Crips 'Bangin On Wax' compilations, the 'RIP Ridas' albums and the 'Damu Ridas' albums. These got dissed by alot of Bloods & Crips claiming they were sellouts for appearing on record with oppisite sets and colors. As well as having some first time rappers show they got skills on the mic some slightly experienced rappers like Nini X (Under World Connection) who was known as Bloody Mary (R.I.P.) and Domino who was known as Genuine Draft also featured on the project, as well as rappers like B Brazy, Green Eyes, Lil' Stretch, Red Rag, Blu Rag and Fo' Clips amongst plenty of others. Since the Bloods & Crips project came out, alot of them have been killed. Of course while everyone was going on about the Crips ans Bloods people forgot all about Surenos and Nortenos and Latins who run alot of the west coast.

KAM - Peace treaty (Video)

Hip hop is filled with gangstas that rap, former gangstas that now rap or rappers that pretend they were or are gangstas to sell records (like the fairy tale gangsta O'Shea), Although the whole crips & Bloods part of hip hop has pretty much faded out of the scene they are still aroung both on and off the mic. It's just unfortunate that alot of hip hop fans and artists try and knock down this part of the culture, just because they don't like it and wish it didn't exist doesn't mean it's not hip hop. Hip hop started in the ghettos and has emerged into a world wide culture of millions of people rapping about THEIR background, upbringing and life experiences. So, if artists like South Central Cartel rapped about anything other than gangs and gangstas they'll be just as fake as someone from a nice neighbourhood trying to act like a gangsta. Fuck anyone that tries to disregard 'Gangsta Rap' or 'Reality Rap' as not being hip hop, if you don't like it don't listen. For those that do, here is a few gangsta tracks I hope you enjoy.

I didn't put any of the Bloods & Crips stuff up because I'm going to do a 'Dangerous Records' post soon. Nailing this post down to just a handful of tracks was near impossible, missing out Schoolly's 'PSK' Ice T's '6 N The Morning' and 'Colors' and Eazy's 'Boyz N Tha Hood' which are all pioneering gangsta rap tracks was hard but I thought everyone would already have them. Even so, there are so many incredible gangsta tracks that I think I might just put up 5 at a time every now and then for the fuck of it.

*Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction
*West Coast Rap Allstars - We're All In The Same Gang
KMC - Gangsters
Ice T - Gotta Lotta Love
Gregory D - Gangsta Life

*Featuring - KRS One, MC Delight, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Daddy-O, Wise, D-Nice, Ms Melodie, Doug E Fresh, Just Ice, Heavy D, Fruitkwan, Chuck D & Flavor Flav.

*Featuring - King Tee, Body & Soul, Def Jef, Michel'le, Tone Loc, Above The Law, Ice T, DR Dre & MC Ren, JJ Fad, Young MC Digital Underground, Oaktown 357, MC Hammer & Eazy E

(Rap Pages April '93 - Click To Enlarge)

* If anyone's after Bloody Mary's 'Day Of Resurection' album or other dope gangsta abums check out Pimpin' On Wax. This guy's got some dope shit and has given us nothing but respect for a fuckin' long time now. Check his blog out, bookmark it or link it...... and get some nice beats.

Masta Ace Remix Vinyl Rips

To me Master Ace's 'Slaughter House' is one of the best albums to come out of the east coast ever. I have heard alot of people say that 'Sittin On Chrome' is their favourite Ace album, but to me there is no competition, 'Slaughter House' burns it. The 'So Now U A MC' track is from the 12" pictured below and the other 3 are from the 'Slaughter House' 12 pictured above, which by the way has one of the dopest record covers I have ever seen. Although I'm definately not Ace's biggest fan (Travis and the boys at Wake Your Daughter Up have already taken that spot) however I fuckin' love his original style and unique voice on the mic.

Masta Ace MP3's:
So Now U A MC (Creators REMIX)
Slaughter House (Death REMIX)
Slaughter House (Murder REMIX)
Style Wars (REMIX)