Friday, March 02, 2007

Masta Ace Remix Vinyl Rips

To me Master Ace's 'Slaughter House' is one of the best albums to come out of the east coast ever. I have heard alot of people say that 'Sittin On Chrome' is their favourite Ace album, but to me there is no competition, 'Slaughter House' burns it. The 'So Now U A MC' track is from the 12" pictured below and the other 3 are from the 'Slaughter House' 12 pictured above, which by the way has one of the dopest record covers I have ever seen. Although I'm definately not Ace's biggest fan (Travis and the boys at Wake Your Daughter Up have already taken that spot) however I fuckin' love his original style and unique voice on the mic.

Masta Ace MP3's:
So Now U A MC (Creators REMIX)
Slaughter House (Death REMIX)
Slaughter House (Murder REMIX)
Style Wars (REMIX)


pimp said...

Yet more dope Vinyl Rips. Good work guys.

travis said...

I actually need that Creators remix. I'm sure I had it at one time, but god knows where it's at.

The other stuff I had on maxi tape way back when.

I'm with you about "Slaughtahouse" being the best. "Sittin On Chrome" is probably my least favorite

DJ Critical Hype said...

Can I get that The masta ace download please? the link is down , would be much appreciated .... thanks