Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paris - Unleashed (Italian Pressing)

This post comes about thanks to Thomas Rock who hit me up asking for mp3s from the Italian pressing of Paris' 'Unleashed' album. The original US pressing came out in '98 on Guerrilla Funk, however another version from Italy also dropped that year on Family Affair Productions. The American version has 12 tracks, while the Italian one has 14 - there are also variations in the tracklisting. As the US version is far more common, I thought I'd upload the tracks from the Italian version that aren't on the Guerrilla Funk copy.

The tracks (and their # on the CD) are:
3. Ride With Me

4. Act Right

6. It Don't Stop
9. Widow

10. Sucks Free

13. 4 Da Ridaz