Thursday, March 23, 2006

Staen1, Kansel, Bets - Mixtape Series Volume 1

Intro (Staen1)
NWA - Real Niggaz
Tim Dog - Penicillin Intro
NERD - Lapdance
King Tee - Bass (Staen1 Remix)
The Defenders - Hisstory
Mass MC - OP Rum
Run DMC - Hit It Run
Notorious BIG - Gimmie The Loot
7L and Esoteric - Brain In Gear
Cool C - Pump It Up Now
Big L - Flamboyant (Staen1 Remix)
EPMD - Crossover
3rd Bass - Wordz Of Wizdom
Kamanchi Sly - The Catalyst
Sir Mix A Lot - My Hooptie (Remix)
Lil Flip and Jim Jones - Ya'll Don't Want It
Eyedea And Abilities - Now
Bun B and Eightball - Rep Yo City
Hilltop Hoods - Dumb Enough
Lil Flip - Game Over
Slim Thug - Like A Boss (Kansel Remix)
Scarface - My Block



Anonymous said...

Love thrashing this, had to get it from a mate cos the link was broken. Deved that i cant get the other battlehogg mixtapes would be good to support local hip-hop. Hard to find a hard copy and harder to find a digital copy.

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