Friday, July 27, 2007

Kamanchi Sly (Vinyl Rips)

U.K.s Hijack is one of the hardest hip hop crews to ever brace the hip hop scene, not because the lyrics were neccessarily the hardest going around but just because of the 100 bpm type beats, the two dope DJ's (DJ Under Cover & DJ Supreme) with ahead of their time scratching and the crazy vocals being spat by the emcee, Kamanchi Sly. Those factors saw Hijack burn the U.K. hip Hop scene and to this day is still looked back at as being the best by alot of heads, myself included.

After the Rhyme Syndicate deal fell apart, so did Hijack. The two DJ's went their own ways and I'm pretty confident that Kanchi Sly started putting out some wack techno, trance, D&B or someshit like that. After years in the wilderness, Kamanchi returned to the Hip Hop scene with two mini E.P.'s that are back to his old Hijack style, infact if anything he's more B Boy orientated than he was before.

I froze in shock a couple of years ago when I laid eye's on these records on the shelf, all these tracks are dope as fuck and I hope some old Hijack fan that slept on these releases stumbles across our blog and gets what I got out of these gems.PEACE.

Kamanchi Sly MP3's:
Games Bitches Play
Letcha Self Go!
Let's Stay Together
The Catalyst
Crushing Toys
Hung Drawn And Quartered

Friday, July 20, 2007

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 3

Mixtape Messiah 3

...::: Tracklisting :::..
1. Get Ya Burners Out
2 Money Already Made
3. Get on my level
4. Livin good
5. Its just pain
6. The call
7. Nothin but Lies
8. Ima playa fasho
9 Roy Woods Jr. Skit
10. Failures Not an Option
11. Got a lot of options
12. See it in my eyes
13 Don't hurt em hammer
14. Roy wood Jr. Skit
15. Its on
16.You a dummy
17. Chamillionaire Speaks
18. Mo Scrilla
19. The Crowd goes wild
20. Makes me Stronger
21. Chamillionaire speaks
22. Famous ft. Chamillionaire Rain

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

This is a direct link from Chamillionaire's website, but I figured some of you that check this blog out might not of come across it if I didn't post the link here, and to be honest this is well worth downloading. Alot of people seem to hate on Cham since he blew up off that 'Ridin' track, but I've always felt like the guy is one of the most original artists doing his thing, and he's shown lately that the fame and success hasn't got to his head in the slightest. This free online mixtape has been released in the build up to his up-coming full length album 'Ultimate Victory' that is dropping this September and that features the legendary Slick Rick on the single 'Hip Hop Police'. Let the haters hate, I'll be enjoying Cham's slinky skills while others are wasting their energy dissing him.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th

As I've already done a horror rap write up previously on this blog there's no need for another one, but seeing as today happens to be Friday The 13th (cheers for the reminder Skitzo), I thought I'd upload just a handful of horror related mp3s for those of you that get into it. Horror rap has alot of naysayers, but to me, it's just another example of how people have utilised the hip hop culture combined with their own interests in order to create unique, and quite often quality music. The five tracks I have gone with for this post are from different regional locations and all the respective artists bring their own styles to the table, but obviously all are on the violent tip so if that aint your thing I wouldn't bother checking these tracks out.

Brotha Lynch Hung - Return Of Da Baby
Dribbles, Plan B & Mandle - When The Sword Swings
Esham - The Wicketshit Will Never Die
Insane Poetry - The House That Dripped Blood
Q Strange - Q Strange Caper

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Hypest From Cypress

The other day I was sussing out the myspace bulletin board, and while usually all I see are wack quizzes, surveys and people shamelessly claiming they're the hottest thing to ever hit the hip hop scene, on this occasion one post caught my attention at an instant. DJ Ace of Rhyme Poetic Mafia had put out a bulletin wishing his homie Sen Dog of Cypress Hill a speedy recovery after suffering two minor heart attacks. Sen is thankfully on the road to recovery, so although I will obviously wish him the best to start off this post, hopefully he wont be needing it. It's rare for me to do a post on one solitary emcee, not for any particular reason but predominantly due to a lack of initiative. I've decided to do a quick write up on one the hypest from Cypress because to me, he's massively under-rated, even despite the world wide fame of Cypress Hill themselves.

Sen Dog and B Real are complete contrasts of one and other, and I'm aware that one of the main reasons that Cypress are as big as they are is because of the unique sound they bring to the table due to the style variations. However, something I've noticed is that for whatever reason alot of people I've come in conversation with don't credit the staunch Cuban rhymer as much as I believe they should. To me, if I was asked to drop some names of rappers with the dopest voices in the industry, Sen Dog would be up there with the first names that come out of my mouth. Along with having such a unique and effective delivery, alot of the guys lyrics, both in English and Spanglish, hit hard!

Sen Dog's heart attacks took place while he was on the road with his older brother Mellow Man Ace while touring to promote their recent album together titled 'Ghetto Therapy' under the group name Reyes Brothers. The explosive microphone assassin is also apparently working on putting out a solo in the near future as well as re-teaming up with his rock group SX10 to drop another album. Anyway, as much as everyone obviously knows who this East LA hip hop heavyweight is, his talents are still greatly under-appreciated in comparison to his partner in crime B-Real who more often that not gets the line share of the recognition. With that out the way, I'll end this post by once again wishing Sen a speedy recovery, and I've also uploaded a few tracks by Sen Dog (either as a member of Cypress, his rockgroup SX10 or a feature he's made on someone elses album) that demonstate why I think he is so dope.

^Cypress Hill Ft Velvet Revolver - Rock Superstar ^

Sen Dog MP3's:

Cypress Hill - Cock The Hammer
Delinquent Habits Ft Sen Dog - It's The Delinquentes
Mellow Man Ace Ft Krazy D, Sen Dog & Chief T - Hypest From Cypress
SX10 ft Everlast & Mellow Man Ace - Rhyme In The Chamber
V And Legacy Ft Sen Dog & Bobo - Originality

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby Mamma Drama

"Former Suave House Records artist Tela is wanted for $128,000 in unpaid child support. According to reports, Memphis resident Tela AKA Winston Rogers has neglected to pay child support for the past 5 years."

Now I know that his news is a few weeks old, and I'm not entirely sure how the case stands right now, but being a fan of Tela's work on Suave House and Rap-A-Lot it caught my attention, and none the less it offers a good segway into a post I had in mind. While Tela's got his own baby mamma dramas going on right now, he is just another rapper in the long line of hip hop artists who've been burnt over child support related shit, a handful of which I'll mention below.

In mid-2006 Flint Town legend MC Breed got locked up for not paying $200,000 in child support payments, he said in court that "I'm in so much debt right now that it makes my head spin every time I think about it". The judge didn't give a shit about Breed's financial problems and sentenced the then 34 year old rapper to a year in the Jackson State Prison. I honestly feel bad for the dude, from living it up in Andre Rison's mansion with 2pac while filming the 'Gotta Get Mine' video and dropping an album called 'Big Baller' to pleading with the judge over child support payments, you've really gotta ask yourself how the fuck the midwest rap pioneer got himself into such a fucked up financial situation? Going by Breed's fairly recent collabo's on with the likes of The Dayton Family, Project Deadman and Esham, it's clear he still has what it takes so hopefully he can get back on his feet in the near future and drop some more dope music.

^Three Six Mafia - Baby Mama^

Juvenile of Cash Money Records is another culprit when it comes to failed child support payments. At the start of 2006 the New Orleans native was prosecuted (not for the first time) in Florida for failing to meet his responsibilities as the father of a dependent child. Staying down south, the self proclaimed snowman Young Jeezy was ordered to pay $1,400 a month in child support to his ex-girlfriend in order to support their 9-year old son. Other notable child support cases have revolved around rappers (or in some cases pop-stars) such as DMX, Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Eminem, 50 Cent, Beanie Sigel and Kid Rock. The interesting case is with Detroit native Kid Rock who actually asked for child support payments in 2001 from his ex partner Kelley Russell after she originally tried suing him in a defamation case for what he said about her on his track 'Black Chick, White Guy'.

Obviously the more money an artist makes the more prone they are to be embroiled in child support bullshit, whether they are black or white or from New York or New Orleans. On one side of the arguement it's obvious that there are alot of gold diggers out there with dollar signs for pupils who are out to milk successful artists for all they can. But on the other hand I can see the other side of the story, like Tweedy Bird Loc says in his diss to Eazy E - "It aint my fault the hoes is gettin' you for your riches, but you shouldn't have babies by 20 different bitches". Anyway, it's just another part of life that ultimately is always going to be reflected in hip hop music, I'll leave you all with a few tracks on the topic.

Daz Dillinger - Baby Mama Drama
Eazy E - My Baby'z Mama
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Don't Call Me Da Da
Thirstin Howl III - How Many Babee Movas
Three Six Mafia - Baby Mama