Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th

As I've already done a horror rap write up previously on this blog there's no need for another one, but seeing as today happens to be Friday The 13th (cheers for the reminder Skitzo), I thought I'd upload just a handful of horror related mp3s for those of you that get into it. Horror rap has alot of naysayers, but to me, it's just another example of how people have utilised the hip hop culture combined with their own interests in order to create unique, and quite often quality music. The five tracks I have gone with for this post are from different regional locations and all the respective artists bring their own styles to the table, but obviously all are on the violent tip so if that aint your thing I wouldn't bother checking these tracks out.

Brotha Lynch Hung - Return Of Da Baby
Dribbles, Plan B & Mandle - When The Sword Swings
Esham - The Wicketshit Will Never Die
Insane Poetry - The House That Dripped Blood
Q Strange - Q Strange Caper


SKITZO said...

Unlucky for some...worse for others..
Wonder how superstitions came about? - broken mirrors for 7 years bad luck...or gettin shat on by a bird is good fortune...but the last time a bird laid a turd on my Holden, we got pulled over by the boys in blue..but then again...cops are like flies...always around when shits hot

Dribbles, Plan B & Mandle bring killer lyrics on that song...those blokes got mad talent

cheers for the rip Emvee

Max said...

Nice post. This is the true 'horrorcore' (if that even still counts as a genre anymore), not like what most people recall when they think of horrorcore, Gravediggaz, which clearly is NOT the same as the artists in the post. Great as always.

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