Friday, July 20, 2007

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 3

Mixtape Messiah 3

...::: Tracklisting :::..
1. Get Ya Burners Out
2 Money Already Made
3. Get on my level
4. Livin good
5. Its just pain
6. The call
7. Nothin but Lies
8. Ima playa fasho
9 Roy Woods Jr. Skit
10. Failures Not an Option
11. Got a lot of options
12. See it in my eyes
13 Don't hurt em hammer
14. Roy wood Jr. Skit
15. Its on
16.You a dummy
17. Chamillionaire Speaks
18. Mo Scrilla
19. The Crowd goes wild
20. Makes me Stronger
21. Chamillionaire speaks
22. Famous ft. Chamillionaire Rain

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

This is a direct link from Chamillionaire's website, but I figured some of you that check this blog out might not of come across it if I didn't post the link here, and to be honest this is well worth downloading. Alot of people seem to hate on Cham since he blew up off that 'Ridin' track, but I've always felt like the guy is one of the most original artists doing his thing, and he's shown lately that the fame and success hasn't got to his head in the slightest. This free online mixtape has been released in the build up to his up-coming full length album 'Ultimate Victory' that is dropping this September and that features the legendary Slick Rick on the single 'Hip Hop Police'. Let the haters hate, I'll be enjoying Cham's slinky skills while others are wasting their energy dissing him.


SKITZO said...

Gotta admit I wasted a few words dissin on the dude...but understand, the only track I ever heard from him was that 'ridin' track..and the only place I heard that shit was from ring tone commercials and the top was easy to put him up there with the other new trendy plastic popsta's out there plaguing our air waves, without givin the bloke a chance...reason why I hesitated coppin this mixtape

I'll give it a few spins and see where it's at

travis said...

I actually don't mind him all that much, surprisingly enough. Thanks, I'll have to check this out.

Hope all is well guys!