Thursday, June 03, 2010

In Good Company


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So what is ‘In Good Company’?

Bluntly, each an accomplished recording artist in their own right, four Melbourne musicians have joined forces to create a free downloadable album for a clambering fast paced audience that is slowly becoming apathetic to the notion of the local music industry. Each with years of industry experience behind them, ‘In Good Company’ sets the benchmark for wide reaching collaboration projects for the next generation of budding young musicians. And so welcome Whisper, who alongside Obese Records signee Mantra reigned supreme in the Melbourne live circuit as the hip hop duo Equills and recently smashed his way onto the local scene with ‘Stand Up’, the highly charged M-Phazes produced single from his forthcoming debut album; a single that clocked up an impressive two thousand YouTube spins in its first weeks of release.


Also welcome A-Diction, who after collaborating with some
of the most prolific producers in the Australian hip hop industry are about to drop their long awaited album ‘Walkin' Alone’, an album that is testament to the tried and true notion that the best things in life take a little extra time. Individually they are Boltz and Breach; Boltz, the charismatic crooner who is well known for his Soulmate Records release ‘The Wishlist’, and Breach, the punchline fuelled fury that brightens up any room like a blast of audible fresh air.

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Lastly welcome Syntax, one third of the celebrated QLD hip hop group Trace Elements, the group that spawned one of this country’s most notable producers; M-Phazes. With ten years of industry experience, over 30,000 downloads, and a fierce live reputation, Syntax simply adds fuel to the already stocked burning furnace that is ‘In Good Company’. His debut album 'The Musical' is available from Soulmate Records this July/August.

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Together the four musicians have created a bond that is reminisce
nt of some of the most note worthy groups in hip hop history, and featuring a stellar production line up consisting of M-Phazes, Mules (Choose Mics, Hyjak & Torcha), Ciecmate, Jsquared, Lewis One, ATP (Beatkamp Muzik) and Whisper, ‘In Good Company’ will do more than wet the whistles of the eager hip hop loving market, it will forge itself as the standard for all collaborative projects for years to come.


1. In Good Company
(Produced By Whisper :: Cuts by Surecut Kids)

2. Call 000 - A-Diction, Syntax, Whisper
(Produced by Whisper :: Cuts by Surecut Kids)

3. Walkin' Alone - A-Diction
(Produced by Lewis One :: Cuts by DJ Juice :: Mixed by Jase)

4. Easy - Syntax
(Produced by A.T.P for Beatkamp Muzik)

5. We them dudes - Whisper, Tommy Carson, Cherry P
(Produced by Whisper)

6. My best - Breach [A-Diction]
(Produced by Whisper)

7. Wish - Whisper, Noah MC
(Produced by M-Phazes)

8. Chicken or the egg - Syntax, A-Diction
(Produced by Ciecmate)

9. Crunch Time - A-Diction, Haunts [of Choose mics]
(Produced by and cuts by Mules)

10. Facecard - Syntax
(Produced by Mules)

11. Stand Up - Whisper, Lee Sissing
(Produced by M-Phazes :: Mixed by Jase)

12. Aint your average - A-Diction, Syntax, Whisper
(Produced by Whisper)

13. Wrong Direction - Whisper, A-Diction
(Produced by JSquared)

14. Take it easy - Syntax, Tactic One
(Produced by M-Phazes)

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