Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twisted Black Free?

Now I'm aware this could well be old news, but today I was looking through myspace pages of rappers that I'm 'friends' with and came across
Twisted Black's official page, at which point I looked at the screen in disbelief. His name says 2 things - most importantly that he is coming home, and secondly that he's got a new album dropping. This news is amazing considering he was faced with the prospect of spending the rest of his time locked up in the pen at Beumont, Texas. With Twisted Black being up their in my top 10 emcees, this news has automatically put me in a good mood. While I can't find any official sources that back this up, I doubt his official page would be talking shit? Also, while on my quest for answers I came across this track he recorded while locked up, so the quality isn't amazing but his rhymes as usual are on point.