Friday, September 30, 2005

Review: Lil' Raskull - Certified Southern Hits

Lil' Raskull
Album: Certified Southern Hits
Year: 1998
Label: Grape Tree Records

Delbert Harris, better known as Lil' Raskull, is a Christian rapper hailing from the famous Trinity Garden district of Houston , Texas (it's fame was elevated by Rap-A-Lot records group Trinity Garden Cartel). Lil' Raskull started rapping in 1993, when he decided to start rapping about Christianity he signed to the self proclaimed "#1 Christian rap label" in the world, Grape Tree Records. This album, "Certified Southern Hits" was released in 1998 and he majority of the production on the album was handled by Blaq Gold. There are 12 tracks on the album and features are at a minimal, although fellow Christian rapper Nuwine makes an appearance on the album.

Unlike alot of other religious rap I've heard, the rappers on Grape Tree Records seem to deal with religious topics without seeming like Bible bashers, all of the Grape Tree artists I've heard rap about a range of topics, not just God. Lil' Raskull is the best Grape Tree rapper I have heard so far, his voice is pretty sick (strangely enough he reminds me of Menacide) , his rhymes have good flow and his lyrical content is pretty good as well. Lil' Raskull raps on a variety of topics on this album, he always refers back to people and stories from the Bible in his rhymes. He uses messages from the Bible and adapts them to make them relevant to modern day problems in the hood such as drug dealing and murder.

Overall I think the album is pretty good, as a rapper I rate Lil' Raskull failrly highly and I respect the positive messages he delivers through his rhymes. I think what really lets the album down are the shit choruses. There are far too many tracks where someone is singing an RnB hook, most of them go for ages as well. A few of the tracks have good choruses with scratching but unfortunately these tracks are few and far between. There are no shit tracks on the album, just a bunch of tracks with shit choruses that take a dayton away from the overall rating. There are a couple of tracks I thought stood out near the start of the album, I reckon track #2 "Lost Souls" is one of the best tracks on the album, others included by "One Fo Tha Sick" and the slower paced tracks "Necessary Murder" and "There's a Guide". If you don't like hearing about religion then stay away from this album (or any albums on Grape Tree Records) but if you are open minded the albums worth checking out if you come accross it for the right price.

Lil' Raskull - Lost Souls

Rating: 2 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Ice Cube: Jackin' For Beats

Here are a few tracks by various artists dissing Ice Cube for various reasons....... The overall opinion of him through these tracks is, he's a studio gangsta that bites stories and hooks from anyone.

MP3:Cypress Hill - Ice Cube Killa

This is their second Cube diss track following "No Rest For The Wicked" off of the "III Temples Of Boom" album. Ice Cube replied with "King Of The Hill" on Westside Connections "Bow Down" and then Cypress released this one however only came out as a 12" because they all made up on the set of a Shaq video.

MP3: Kam - Whoop Whoop

After Kam left Cube's "Street Knowledge" label he cut sick on Cube on DJ Pooh's "Bad News Travels Fast". After this was released Ice Cube tried to sucker punch one of Kam's homies but ended up getting his W.S.C. chain snatched. I think that B-Real ended up with it after putting in the highest bid.

MP3: Gonzoe - Fairytale Gangsta

Another of "Street Knowledge's" ex-members Gonzoe from the group "Kausion" released this crazy track thats a play on Cubes famous "Gangsta Fairytales" tracks.

MP3: King Sun - Suck No Dick

Former friend of Cube, New York's King Sun let him listen to some of his new material before Cube dropped the "Predator" album and the last thing King Sun expected was that Cube would gank the "Wicked" hook from him and release it as the new single from his next album. King Sun went looking for O'shea Jack-son and found him on stage.

(Article from Ego Trips Book of Rap Lists)
MP3: Common - Bitch In Yoo

After Common released a track with a slight west coast diss in it Westside Connection released "Westside Slaughter House" track with video dissing Common and followed it up with interviews dissing him some more. Common came back with "Bitch In Yoo" and even performed it in Cubes hometown. They made up (and hugged) in a East Coast - West Coast stop the violence type meeting held by Minister Farrakhan.

There is also a track by "Shorty" of "Da Lench Mob" that I do not have, However hear is an interview fom issue #49 of "Bomb" magazine by Craig Smith giving his opinion of Ice Cube.

(Click image to enlarge)

Although these are all good Ice Cube diss tracks I can't end this without mentioning that Ice Cube has made some pretty crazy diss tracks himself. ie. "No Vaseline" and "King Of The Hill".

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Review: Rhyme Syndicate - Comin' Through

: Rhyme Syndicate (Various Artists)
Album: Comin' Through
Year: 1988
Label: Warner

This is a compilation of one of hip hop's best ever crews "The Rhyme Syndicate". The first track is the title track by Ice T, he's done better but it's still pretty crazy. Next up is (W.C. and DJ Aladin) "Low Profile" the track being "Think You Can Hang?" and "Spin Masters - Bustin Loose" both these tracks are mad and even the next track by "Everlast", who I'm not a fan of any of his post Syndicate shit like "House Of Pain" and all that solo shit (except maybe "Whitey's Revenge") is good although probably the worst on the compilation.
The following tracks are "Domination - You Haven't Heard Nothing" , "T.D.F. - T.D.F. Connection" , "Bango/Mix Master Quick - Ghettoish" and my personal favourite track "Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex" this track is fuckin' dope!

It ends with two more sick tracks "Nat The Cat - While You've Been Waiting" and "Donald Dee Ft. Bronx Style Bob - Name Of The Game". Over all there is no wack tracks and is a must have for any Syndicate fan who wants to here more of these artists than just 16 bars here and there on a "Ice T" posse track. I've heard a couple of "Toddy Tee's" albums and although there alright "I Need A Rolex" burns every track on 'em. The Donald Dee and Bronx Style Bob track is sick, as are both of Donald D's solo albums, although ......... If you ever lay eyes on Bronx Style Bobs solo album, leave it in the shop, it's the biggest let down you will ever hear and will regret spending a cent on it, my mate "Bad News" was hating it when he picked it up in a pawn shop and he ganked it.

The cheap and nice production of "Comin' Through" is mainly by Ice T and Afrika Islam you can grab it on ebay pretty cheap and it is a must have.

Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex
Donald Dee Ft Bronx Style Bob - Name Of The Game

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Sunday, September 25, 2005

R.I.P. Cowboy

Rest In Peace:

Real Name: Keith Wiggins
Hailing From: Bronx New York
Date Of Birth: September 20 1960
Date Of Death: September 8 1989
Cause Of Death: Cocaine overdose, after two years addicted to crack.

Cowboy was the first rapper Grand Master Flash chose to be a member of the Furious 5 back in 78'. His cause of death is a sad way to end the life of one of hip hop's legends, especially one involved in the track "White Lines (Don't Do It)"

Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - The Message (1982)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - Greatest Messages (1983)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - They Said It Couldn't Be Done (1985)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - Stepping Off (1985)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - The Source (1986)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - Ba-dop-boom-bang (1987)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - On The Strength (1988)

Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five - Back In The Old Days Of Hip Hop

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Review: Haystak - The Natural

Artist: Haystak
Album: The Natural
Year: 2002
Label: Koch/ In The Paint/ Street Flava

Jason Winfree, better known as Haystak, hails from the southern state of Tennessee, USA. Unlike a lot of hip hop coming out of Tennessee, Haystak doesn't rap about the glamorous lifestyle but instead he raps about his struggles - both in the rap game and in life in general. Haystak's parents died when he was a little kid so growing up he had to struggle to survive. From a young age Haystak was in trouble with the law. At 15 he got busted for bringing cocaine to school and hip hop became his only outlet to vent his frustration, as a result Haystak's music comes straight from the heart.

Haystak's appearance is totally different to 99.9% of rappers out there, you can see that just by looking at the cover . He is a fat white dude that looks more like Bam Bam Bigalow than a rapper, but with two successful releases under his belt before signing a major distribution deal with Koch/In The Paint and releasing this album, he had already established a huge underground following.

"The Natural" has 18 tracks and from the get go Haystak lets the listeners know what he's all about and what he stands for. After the intro comes the track "White Boys" where Haystak comes out proudly proclaiming that he is poor white trash, he talks about how hard it was as a poor white southern rapper coming up in the hip hop game. The track is sick, the beat backed by some smooth piano playing suits the track and the rapping can't be faulted either.

Haystak mixes up track styles on this album quite a bit, one minute you'll be listening to up tempo tracks like "In Here", "Fucked Up" and "We Get Them" and then slower paced tracks like "Cool People" and "Different Kinda Lady". The majority of the album is mad so it's hard to pick out the stand out tracks but "Run Hide Duck", "Bangin" featuring Quanie Cash and "You Got Money" all deserve a special mention. There are a couple of tracks on the album that don't really impress me "Ain't Talkin' Bout' Nothin'" being the worst.

Overall the album impressed me, I've already heard "Car Fulla White Boys" by Haystak but I forgot how good he was, his style is original and that makes him stand out from a lot of other rappers. You can tell his rhymes are sincere, he isn't just talking shit to sell records so he deserves respect for that. I get the feeling that people will either love or hate Haystak's style so I wont bother making recommendations, I'll just let the MP3 speak for it's self.

Haystak - You Got Money

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

The Chi-Ali Case

Born in the Bronx on the 27th of May 1976, young rapper Chi-Ali (Chi Griffith) is part of the posse "Native Tongues Coalition". He appeared on the track "Pass The 40" off of Black Sheeps debut album "A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing" and released his own solo album at the age of 14 titled "The Fabulous Chi-Ali" on Combat Records in 1992. The album had the hits "Roadrunner", "Funky Lemonade" and "Age Ain't Nuthin' But A #".

Although a few years later with a Gary Coleman type career behind him (nobody gave two shits about him after his balls dropped) he got in a dispute with his girlfriends brother Sean Raymond over $300 that Ali was owed, when he didn't get his cash he decided to go jackin' for beats and stole over 60 of Sean's rare cd's. On the14th of January 2000 the two argued about it on the phone and later that night Chi-Ali and a friend jumped Sean Raymond on Quincy Avenue in their Throgs Neck neighbourhood in the Bronx and Chi shot him 5 times. He was on the run from the cops for over a year and appeared on Americas Most Wanted twice. He was 10 minutes away from being caught in Atlanta before he returned to his home town, only a week after A.M.W. aired his story for second time on the 24th of Febuary 2001 the cops were tipped off to where he was hiding in the Throgs Neck Houses on 1575 Odell St. in the Bronx and the next day he got raided and was found armed before being arrested for murder and becoming the 657th person shown on A.M.W.captured.

He is currently doing 12 to 14 years in jail, in an interview he did recently he mentions how "jail is real" and that "half of these rappers will get tested if they went to jail". Chi Ali was stabbed by a Blood gang member in jail 16 months into his sentence.


Black Sheep Ft Chi Ali - Pass The 40

Friday, September 23, 2005

Review: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Live And Let Die

Artist: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Album: Live And Let Die
Year: 1992
Label: Cold Chillin'

This is one of the best albums to come out of New York in 1992 and I think it is the best album they dropped. It's full of good tracks from start 'till finish with sick raps from Kool G Rap and dope cuts from DJ Polo. It has mad production by Sir Jinx, Trakmasterz and Kool G Rap himself. My favourite tracks are "Train Robbery", "Operation CB", "Go For Your Guns" and "Edge Of Sanity".

They hook up with Big Daddy Kane on "#1 With A Bullet" and with Bushwick Bill, Scarface and Ice Cube on what is probably my favourite track "Two To The Head".

Kool G Rap And DJ Polo - Two To The Head
Kool G Rap And DJ Polo - Train Robbery

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

R.I.P. - Scott La Rock

Rest In Peace:
Scott La Rock

Real Name: Scott Sterling
Hailing From: South Bronx, New York
Date Of Birth: March 2 1962
Date Of Death: August 27 1987
Cause Of Death: Shot while trying to break up a dispute between D-Nice and the man who ended up killing him.

Scott La Rock met Kris Parker A.K.A. KRS One at a homeless shelter where Scott was working and KRS was staying the night. He then started the crew B.D.P. (Boogie Down Productions) with KRS One and D- Nice and released the classic "Criminal Minded" he was also heavily involved with the "Stop The Violence" program. Althogh he died before they made the compilation.

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (1987)

Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Review: Havoc + Prodeje - Kickin' Game

Artist : Havoc + Prodeje
Album : Kickin' Game
Year : 1994
Label : Pump, G.W.K., Warlock

This album is a hard one to review, depending on the mood I'm in my opinion changes. I am a huge South Central Cartel fan and their first two albums "South Central Madness" (1991) and "N Gatz We Truss" (1994) burn this, although if your in one of those lazy layed back sort of moods or your all stanked out and just want to hear some slow smoothe beats this album is perfect. S.C.C's L.V. who is more famous for hooking up with Coolio and releasing "Gangstas Paradise" does most of the sing songy hooks that he's known for, I personally would rather hear some gangsta samples being cut up and keep the slow shit for the dedication tracks.

Having said all of that, when I was listening to for this review I was enjoying it, the rapping is smooooth and the flows are tight. "Charge it 2 a bitch", "M-Squads Nation Wide" and " G'z Only" are my favourite tracks and are def but "That'z The Way It'z Goin' Down", "Endo Glide", "C U When U Get Out" and "Only Lonely Homie" are the slower tracks that are all good but nothing more.

I can't fault the album as they obviously wanted this to be a slower more personal project and is probably why they recorded it under the "Havoc + Prodeje" title because the "N Gatz We Truss" that was released earlier in the year and the "Murder Squad" album that was released in '95 are alot harder and faster paced. Any slow, Domino style of smooth raps over even smoother beats hip hop fan should grab this one.

Havoc + Prodeje - G'z Only

Rating: 2 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

R.I.P. - DJ Screw

Rest In Peace
DJ Screw

Real Name
: Robert Earl Davies Jr.
Hailing From: Bastrop, Louisiana
Date Of Birth: June 27 1971
Date Of Death: November 16 2000 (Houston Texas)
Cause Of Death: Overdose - Combination Of "Syrup" The Prescription-Only, Codeine-Containing Cough Medicine Promethazine

DJ Screw is a legend in the underground scene down south, he literally changed hip hop in not only Texas, but the whole world. He started the screwed and chopped phenomenon that is now a multi million dollar business and is copied by a shit load of DJ's across the world. Almost every album that gets released these days down south also has a screwed version released. Rap A Lot records even brought out a heap of it's old catalogue screwed up, including the Scareface dvd.
I can't finish this without mentioning that DJ Screw started the crew the Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) that has some of the most successfull underground rappers in the U.S. such as H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Pokey and the now mainstream Lil' Flip, All of which owe their success to the king of the south.
I can't list albums released by Screw as the list is never ending although he is mainly known for his Mixed Screw Tapes that made him famous, not only by screw fiends but by Texas police thinking he was slangin' dope and got a warrant to search his house after a line of customers would line up from his door to the street and down the road every week to grab the new tape.(Grab the DJ Screw dvd's to see some old footage of it)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Battle On Wax: Kool Moe Dee vs LL Cool J

Remember when LL was still a sick rapper? Well, even back when he was a mad MC he still wasn't shit on Moe Dee, in my opinion anyway. Once again "Ego Trips Book Of Rap Lists" disagrees with me.

Although a few pages later there is an article on how Moe Dee was in the middle of a show when LL walked on stage blowing kisses at the crowd, then walked off stage. He was spotted by Moe Dee later in the night where he challenged him to get on stage and battle him. After LL declined Moe Dee started dissin'.

I personally think that Cool J's diss tracks to Moe Dee were pretty good, just not good enough against the old school MC who at the start of the decade took up Busy B's challenge for a battle and drilled him hard. I have included the MP3's to the battle that took place in 1982 at the legendary "Harlem World" New York night club famous for a heap of battles like the Fantastic Romantic 5 vs The Cold Crush Brothers. I have also included a track by Kool Moe Dee.

(Notice the Kangol under the front wheel)

Busy Bee @ Harlem World
Kool Moe Dee @ Harlem World
Kool Moe Dee - Death Blow

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ice T (Concert Flix)

Ice T, Marc Live, DJ Afrika Islam, Sean E Sean - 8/7/05 - Room 680, Melbourne, Australia:

West Coast rapper Ice T was down under in Australia a few months ago and he managed to fit in a couple of shows for his fans.

The night kicked off with DJ Afrika Islam spinning up some block party beats and he mixed it into some of his newer style music, that lasted over a good half hour.

Then Marc Live hit the stage and showed everybody that he can hold his own with a few tracks from his "Validation" album that really got the crowd jumping.

At last, the O.G. himself came on stage and the crowd went crazy. He performed great hits such as "Colors", "The Tower", "6 In The Morning", "Loot Loop" and four new tracks from his yet to be released new album "GANGSTA RAP" (although the title keeps changing) that were incredible. Here are some photos of the bumpin' show- Enjoy.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Review: Stacy G - One Man Riot

Artist :
Stacy G
Album :
One Man Riot
Year :
Label :

This is an album I knew nothing about from 1991 when it was released to about 8 months ago. I saw it on Ebay, looked at the track listing, saw it was on Pump records (the label responsible for all the "Bloods And Crips" stuff "Tweedy Bird Loc" etc) and made sure I put a bid on it. It was in my hands two weeks later. Stacy G is from Las Vegas and is a member of the "New World Mafa" (whoever they are? ) It consists of 12 tracks (2 being skits) all gangsta as fuck. His voice sounds good and it has a great use of samples and gives his view on the cities underground scene through his eyes to show there's more to his city than the Vegas Strip. As far as tracks go it has two or three slower tracks that aren't bad although could have been better if he picked the pace up a bit but it has a few sick tracks like "One Man Riot", "I'm that Nigga" and the last track on the album "City To City", a posse track featuring N.W.M. members Fila Al, DJ Scratch and Sadia. If I didn't own it myself and heard it, I'd be searching the net for it.

Stacy G - One Man Riot

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

R.I.P. - Mix Master Spade

Rest In Peace
Mix Master Spade

Real Name
: Frank Antonia Williams
Hailing From: Compton, California
Date Of Birth: November 1 1961
Date Of Death: March 15 2005
Cause Of Death: Motor Cycle Accident

Mostly known for tracks with King Tee and Toddy Tee

King Tee And Mix Master Spade - Ya Better Bring A Gun

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Review: Schoolly D - How A Black Man Feels

Artist: Schoolly D
Album: How A Black Man Feels
Year: 1991
Label: Capitol

If you've been sleeping for the last twenty years, you might not know that Schoolly hails from Philadelphia. He's made a heap of albums all sounding dark, strange and dope as fuck. This is my favourite along with the '87 classic "Saturday Night".
The first track on this album is "Run" and one of my best, it uses Run Dmc's sample for the hook and scratches it relentlessly through the track (A part of hip hop that is almost impossible to find these days) infact the whole album is pretty much just a heap of crazy beats, crazy rhymes with crazy samples and scratching. My least favorite track is "Original Gangsta" produced by Schoolly and KRS 1, The tracks alright but the hook gets a bit annoying. The track "King Of New York" with Larry Fishburne doing the hook himself (track dedicated to the Abel Ferrara classic film "King Of New York" that contains two Schoolly tracks) is alright but the tracks I'm usually playing other than "Run" are "Your Worst Nightmare", "Die Nigger Die" and "Just Another Killer" that has over a minute of scratching to end the track.

All in all this album has only ten tracks and is pretty much what you expect from a Schoolly D album. All the 4 wheels are covered in gold 100 spoke Dayton's for the original gangsta with a half a spare packed in the trunk.

Schoolly D - Run
Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Battle On Wax: Dr Dre vs Eazy E

One of my all time favourite battles on wax would have to be Dre, Snoop, Kurrupt, Daz and Nate Dogg vs Eazy, Kokane, B.G. Knocc Out and Dre'sta. The funniest thing about it was that Dre lost it before it even started, like Eazy said "Dre day only makes Eazy's payday" meaning that when Dre was still getting pimped at Ruthless, Eazy made him sign a contract stating that he will be an exclusive Ruthless Records producer. So when he produced all that shit on Death Row Records (including the tracks dissing Eazy) Eazy was getting paid and it even promoted Eazy and got people hanging for his next release. The only person at Death Row who was winning anything was Suge Knight who used this battle to promote the label. Below is a article out of my beloved "Ego Trips Book Of Rap Lists" book doing the play by play on the way it went down, however they missed out on "Don't Bite The Funk" off of Kokane's second Ruthless Records release "Once Upon A Rhyme" and "Wut Would You Do?" reply track on Eazy's "Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton" album. Both tracks are def. Also there's the inside cover of Eazy's "It's On" E.P. of Dr Dre from the World Class Wrecking Crew days dressed like a bitch. There is also some footage on the movie "Beef" of B.G. Knocc Out and his brother Dre'sta bumrushing a Nate Dogg video shoot, Nate swung at Dre'sta and missed and then started running for his life as Dre'sta and B.G. gave chase with Nates security guards aiming guns at the Compton brothers, In a post interview Nate's acting all hard like he won the battle but just the look on his face when he was runnin' was enough victory for B.G. and Dre'sta.

(^ Click To Enlarge^)

Pictures of BG Knoccout chasing Nate Dogg with a golf club at a golf course

Eazy E Ft BG Knoccout & Dre'sta - Real Motherphuckkin G's
BG Knoccout & Dre'sta - D.P.G./ K

Friday, September 09, 2005

Review: Lucky Luciano - Johnny Paycheck

Lucky Luciano
Album: Johnny Paycheck
Year: 2005
Label: Latin One Stop Records

Lucky Luciano hails from the Northside of Houston,Texas and he is signed to South Park Mexican's Dope House Records. Although Lucky is signed to DHR and is set to release "The 4th Wish" on the label, this album was released on Latin One Stop Records. The album has 15 tracks and the CD comes with 2 discs, the regular version and the screwed and chopped version. This album features a host of other rappers including Grimm of the South Park Coalition, Quota of Twin Beredaz, Juan Gotti, Ricsta and South Park Mexican.

I'm personally not usually a big fan of hip hop about ballin' etc but in small doses and if the artists go about it the right way I can enjoy it. Lucky Luciano is one of the minority that makes it work without sounding too repetitive . Lucky Luciano mixes the content up between baller rhymes, pimp raps and even a few gangsta rhymes. Although Lucky doesn't have the most diverse style, he never comes off sounding boring and he raps over quality beats. His voice and flow suit the pimp rhymes and his delivery is quality, he is definitely an asset to the Dope House Roster. Although his lyrics aren't amazing they are still respectable and in the lyrics department he is a lot better than the majority of baller rappers I've heard.

In my opinion the best track on the album is without question the last track "Walk On Toes", a remix of the Ryda Thugz track "Game Untold". The track features Grimm, Ricsta and SPM alongside Lucky Luciano and all of the rappers compliment each other well (SPM's verse owns the track though!!). The other stand out track is "They Don't Want To See" which features Juan Gotti and Grimm. Both of these tracks together are worth a Dayton alone although the majority of the tracks on the album have good replay value. If you're looking for an album with a lot of substance then this CD isn't for you but if you're just looking for an enjoyable down south album then it's worth checking this out.

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

R.I.P. - Eazy E

Rest In Peace
Eazy E

Real Name: Eric Wright
Hailing From: Compton, California
Date Of Birth: September 7 1964
Date Of Death: March 26 1995 (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, LA, California)
Cause Of Death: Complications from AIDS

NWA - And The Posse (Macola/Ruthless Records) 1987 (Re-released on Priority in 1989)
Eazy E - Eazy Duz It (Ruthless Records) 1988
NWA - Straight Out Of Compton (Ruthless Records) 1988
NWA - 100 Miles And Runnin' EP (Ruthless Records) 1990
NWA - Efil4Zaggin (Ruthless Records) 1991
Eazy E - 5150: Home For Tha Sick (Ruthless Records) 1992
Eazy E - It's On (Ruthless Records) 1993
Eazy E - Straight Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphuckin Compton (Ruthless Records) 1996 *
Eazy E - Eternal E (Ruthless Records) 1996 *
Eazy E - Impact Of A Legend (Ruthless Records) 2002 *

* Released after his death

Eazy E - 24 Hours To Live

Monday, September 05, 2005

Battlehoggs Present: B Sharp Mixtape Volume One

Adelaide's DJ Kansel has a new mixtape out titled "Battlehoggs Present: B.Sharp Mixtape Volume One". The mixtape features both local South Australian artists and overseas artists with a few exclusives (Mark1, Adroit Effusive, Jimblah and Batel etc). Below are a selected few mp3's off of the mixtape, see below for more details.

Battehoggs Present: B Sharp Mixtape Volume One

Kansel - 01 - Intro
Motion, Conseps, Patti (Adroit Effusive), Robbi Balboa - 02 - Flow
Necro, Ill Bill - 03 - Street Villains Flow
Chino XL - 04 - Watch Closer
Jim Jones, Killa Cam - 05 - Crunk Muzik
Common - 06 - The Corner
Kim - 07 - Flow
Party Starters (Mnemonic Ascent, Koolism) - 08 - Hum On These
Lil Flip, Chamillionaire, Bun B of UGK - 09 - Platinum Stars
Kyza - 10 - Devil In A Dress
Twista - 11 - Overnight Celebrity
Muskrat - 12 - Flow
Apathy, Louis Lopez - 13 - Takes A Seven Nation Army
Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Sir Daily - 14 - Boss Hogg Outlaws
Jimblah - 15 - Flow
Immortal Technique - 16 - Internally Bleeding
Mark 1 (Mindfield-Crackhouse) - 17 - Flow
Slim Thug - 18 - You Ain't Herda That
Kilo (Counterparts) - 19 - Flow
Scarface - 20 - The Fix
7L & Esoteric - 21 - Word Association
Sacarachk - 22 - Flow
Beats - 23 - Shouts Out To Tha Crew!!!
Defenders, Terra Firma - 24 - Our Brand
Batle - 25 - Flow
Sum1, Bets, Juice, Kansel, Ad-Fu, Snair - 26 - Bonus Skratch Flows

This mixtape will be available at B Sharp Records real soon and is FREE. While you're in there you should check out their extensive range of hard to find hip hop CD's all imported from the U.S. You'll find some of that rare shit that no other shop in Adelaide has on their shelves. They also have plenty of wax, dvd's, shirts and other styles of music for sale.