Monday, September 12, 2005

Review: Stacy G - One Man Riot

Artist :
Stacy G
Album :
One Man Riot
Year :
Label :

This is an album I knew nothing about from 1991 when it was released to about 8 months ago. I saw it on Ebay, looked at the track listing, saw it was on Pump records (the label responsible for all the "Bloods And Crips" stuff "Tweedy Bird Loc" etc) and made sure I put a bid on it. It was in my hands two weeks later. Stacy G is from Las Vegas and is a member of the "New World Mafa" (whoever they are? ) It consists of 12 tracks (2 being skits) all gangsta as fuck. His voice sounds good and it has a great use of samples and gives his view on the cities underground scene through his eyes to show there's more to his city than the Vegas Strip. As far as tracks go it has two or three slower tracks that aren't bad although could have been better if he picked the pace up a bit but it has a few sick tracks like "One Man Riot", "I'm that Nigga" and the last track on the album "City To City", a posse track featuring N.W.M. members Fila Al, DJ Scratch and Sadia. If I didn't own it myself and heard it, I'd be searching the net for it.

Stacy G - One Man Riot

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

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afects said...

Yo BULLANT nice review man.
Personally I would have givin it 5 dayton's myself, because i like the slow tracks, such as "Ho House Blue's".
Great Blog! keep up the good work guys.