Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stalkin' With The Nitebreed

Anyone familiar with the Nitebreed would know that underground hip hop doesn't really get any better. The Nitebreed pretty much consisted of Psycho, Emdee (Mad Dog), Shakespere 'The One Man Riot' and DJ Streek 'The Crossfade Beast' of Insane Poetry, General Jeff, Rodney O, Joe Cooley, D.A.L. (Dangerous Ass Lunatic) Evil 1 and K.M.C. (Kaotic Minds Curruptin') that consists off DJ Poison Ivey, Tee Thee O.G. and Rocc The Jock.

The Nitebreed pretty much finished before it really started due to K.M.C. giving up rapping just after starting to record a second album, D.A.L. who is Psycho's brother never really being a proper rapper, General Jeff left Rodney O & Joe Cooley just after 'Get Ready To Roll' that made them pick up Pookie Duke and start 'Tha Hitmen'. Emdee who didnt really rap much anyway I think left to work on cars or something? I wouldn't have a clue abot Evil 1 (Death Blo) but Psycho and Rodney O & Joe Cooley had beef over shit that led to the demise of the Nitebreed, although Insane Poetry still repped it throughout their career.

Psycho hooked up with his friend , Pope to release the almost unheard of 'Blacc Plague' (complete with a Rodney O diss), Rodney O went on to do solo work. It's just in recent times that Psycho (who now spells it Cyco) has hooked back up with Rodney O & Joe Cooley and recently performed on stage with them. KMC have got back together and rocked a show with Insane Poetry (mow consists of Cyco, Streek and J.P.). Hopefully between all these guys they can get the Nitebreed back and start releasing 'Stalkin With The Nitebreed' type posse tracks again?

KMC with Cyco 2007 after a show together

The tracks I've put up for download are, KMC's almost impossible to find unedited version of 'Psycho' (one of the dopest tracks I've ever heard), Rodney O & Joe Cooley's 'Funk In Yo Face' that came out in 1995 as side A of A React records 12" (and cd single) I have also put up the B' side track which is Insane Poetry's original version of 'You Better Ask Somebody' (they re-recorded it as 'You Better Ask Somebody 96' for 'Blacc Plague' as a completely different track with Rodney O disses). This original track was meant to be on an album titled 'Aint Got No Brain Cells' that never got released. Last but not least I chucked up the posse track 'Stalkin With The Nitebreed' from 'Grim Reality'. I know I've put it up before but you can't do a 'Nitebreed' post a not put up either this or 'Roll Call' and I've put that one up before too.... so it's this one.

Be on the lookut for Insane Poetry's new album 'Fallen From Grace' that is completely finished and in the hands of Long Range Distribution as I write this awaiting release, probably early July. If you're into the old Insane Poetry 'Grim Reality' shit you'd definately love 'Fallen From Grace' as Cyco's still got that take no prisoners style but more perfected now, and J.P. has got skills on the mic too.

Here's a link to an old Insane Poetry Vinyl Rips post I did. The tracks are still up for download and I can't believe I still haven't posted part 2 to this. I may have to get that shit started real soon.

Nitebreed MP3's:
KMC - Psycho (Un-Cut Version)
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Funk In Yo Face
Insane Poetry - You Better Ask Somebody (Original '95 Version)
Insane Poetry ft. The Nitebreed - Stalking With The NiteBreed

Saturday, May 26, 2007

$yndicate Vinyl Rips

Over a year ago I put up a Rhyme $yndicate post with a few mp3's, this post is a bit different, this contains tracks ripped off my vinyl of remixes or almost impossible tracks to find on mp3 format. As much as I still love Ice T, there's no doubt that T's best days are way behind him. My favourite hip hop memories is from when Ice T was releasing shit like Iceberg with all the Rhyme $yndicate in full force. Although that shit is all over Ice T's latest album 'Gangsta Rap' is still dope and puts most current rappers to shame.

The first couple of tracks are by the man himself. A 'Power' remix off the B' Side of the 'High Rollers' 12". This is an incredible remix that is chopped up like a DJ Screw record (not slowed though). Hard to really explain in words, but dope. The other is a 'Drama' remix' with a completely different beat.

Off of an old 'Posse Records' compilation from about '87 is a track called 'Im Hot' by the group, 'The Rangers'. This is where Kid Jazz came from, his old shit before he almost had a solo career. From this same compilation is an old track from '86 called 'The Beach' that features Ice T, Melle Mel, Bronx Style Bob and Afrika Islam (the exact same line up from 'Cars' that's also on the compilation). The next track I don't actually own, It's from Afeks' vinyl of a King Tee 12" for 'Bass'. The album version of 'Act A Fool' has the 'Bass Remix' on it and the 12" B' side has the original version for some reason, but when you hear the normal version it sounds more like a remix so maybe Capital just fucked up on the text? Either way it's a sick track.

The final track is by a group called Rhyme Poetic Mafia, these guys came out in the mid 90's and were meant to drop an album, two twelves were released buy no album. DJ Ace from RPM did alot of production for Ice T on 'Return Of The Real' and later work including his latest 'Gangsta Rap' album. Rhyme Poetic Mafia did release an album a few months back but the name escapes me at the minute.

$yndicate Vinyl Rip MP3's:
Ice T - Power REMIX
Ice T - Drama REMIX
Ryhme Poetic Mafia - Comin Thru Your Neighbourhood
Ice T, Melle Mel, Bronx Style Bob, Afrika Islam - The Beach
King Tee - Bass
The Rangers - I'm Hot

Ice T on Australia's 'A Current Affair' (August '92)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

K-Rino In Sydney

This post really should have been put up a few days back but between lack of sleep and jumping straight back into work it's been hard. Anyway a week after Rino rocked the fuck out of Earth in Adelaide he did the same at Bondi in Sydney. Long story short we flew in on the Friday morning, went beat hunting and found a few gems like The Coup 'Steal This Album' on wax (been looking for that shit for a while now). Went to the show that night to a smallish but pumped up crowd, loced out Rino was ruthless on the mic like it was a sellout crowd. Went hunting for records again on Saturday and found some more, came home on Sunday. Over all both the show and the Bondi experience was pure dopness.

Monsta Ganjah (who smokes waay too much weed for one person)

S.P.C. Brain Dead


Thanks to Bondi Leo for putting on this dope show. Been a crazy couple of weeks, hopefully now I can get back to normality.... What ever the fuck that is.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cold Chillin' Madness

No need to say shit about this label. You all know Marley Marl and the roster of artists on the label, the Red Alert beef and the dope 'Symphony' posse tracks. Hope you enjoy this indepth post I put up.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's A Demo
Marley Marl ft Craig G - Duck Alert
Diamond Shell - The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
Masta Ace - Brooklyn Battles
The Genius - Words From The Genius (RZA REMIX)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

K-Rino In Adelaide

For those not familar with the founder of the legendary South Park Coalition, K-Rino, go to either the S.P.C. site or the man's myspace and find out about real Houston history that got left out of the 'Dirty States Of America' documentary. For those that do know him would know how incredible one of his shows would be, we were fiending for this for years and on Friday the 11th of May thanks to Nugsta of Resident Records, we finally saw the best show of our lives.

I'll let the pictures tell the story. Also here's some flicks from his guest programming spot on Premium Blend's radio show (Click here to go to the Premium Blend post to download their stream), the openers for Rino's show, Rino himself and also pics from both of the Resident Records BBQ's.

K-Rino and Brain Dead at Resident Records

K-Rino on Premium Blend's hip hop show hosted by Kirk1 and Headlock on Tuesday May 8th.

3 days later was the long awaited show filled with 5 hours of locals, interstaters and internationals.

Kolaps & Integer1 of After Hours (Certified Wise)




Prime & Answer
(Mad respect to Prime who's been bumping Rino for years and got to open for the wizard)

Conseps & Patti (Adroit Effusive)
Check out their mixtape on here.

Tornts of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)

Big Foot of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)

The one and only DJ Heata of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)
(gotta love that GB shirt)

F.Stokes (Chicago Il.)

Monsta Ganjah of the Regime (Long Beach CA)

DJ Kansel of the Battle Hoggs

The legendary K-Rino of the South Park Coalition (Houston TX.)

This show was dedicated to Johnny Murdoch aka Krunks who passed away on Saturday the 5th of May. Johnny was a huge fan of K-Rino, the S.P.C. and hip hop in general and worked hard for this show to happen, it was good to see so much love for him at the show by Rino, Ganjah, the supports and the crowd.... Rest In Peace Krunks.

Johnny and K.B. Tha Kidnappa at Resident Records, August 2006.

Some flix taken @ the 2nd K Rino BBQ at Resident Records (Sunday May 13th 2007)

We're off to see the wizard in Sydney later in the week so no doubt we'll have more pics from that show etc so keep checkin the page.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Hip Hop........

April's been real low on posts, so I'm gonna put up a cheap post for those that keep checking us out and seeing the same latest post on the screen and thinking "fuck man, these guys are getting hella slack lately". Although that's true there are reasons behind that shit but anyway, even though the topic and post hasn't got fuck all substance to it the tracks themselves are pure dope!
The first is from Sen Dogs brother Mellow Man Ace, Remember Ace got his foot in the door first and made it reasonably big time with his 'Mentirosa' track (that featured B Real dancing like a smudge in the vid). Infact if it wasn't for Ace his brothers crew Cypress Hill may not even be around, it was Ace that featured Sen in the posse track 'Hypest From Cypress". That's another story altogether though, as for the track itself, it has one of my all time favourite beats to it with hard rhymes and is by far Mellow Man Ace's best track he has ever released. I actually have the remix to it on wax that I'll rip and put up in the near future. Also, be on the lookout for Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog's collab album, The Reyes Bros 'Ghetto Therapy'.

Next is by the brother you love to hate, Sir Mix-A-Lot. This is from his "Swass" album on Nastymix. If you check out Streets On Beats semi-reguarly you may have noticed that we put up a fair quantity of Mix-A-Lot tracks? That's because our blog runs on topics more than anything else and Mix's albums are made the same so almost every topic we think of, Mix has a track to fit... that and the fact he's a dope fuckin' emcee. Not really too much more I can actually say about this other than it's classic Mix shit, if you haven't heard this before download it and then try and diss.

People know Rap-A-Lot records these days for Juvenile, Bun B, Devin and reissueing all the classic shit.... but only in Screwed & Chopped format. People that know the real Rap-A-Lot know Rap-A-Lot for all that early 90's crazy shit that you need to sell your car to afford if you didn't grab 'em when they dropped like O.G. Style, Convicts, 5th Ward Juveniles, Trinity Garden Cartel, Odd Squad, 5th Ward etc etc, but even before the Geto Boys (Bushwick, Face and D) was the old Ghetto Boys back when Raheem was sort of a member (although never actually made an album as a member). When Rap-A-Lot first started Raheen released 'The Vigilante', Def IV released 'Nice & Hard' and Royal Flush released 'Uh Oh-Suckers Come To War, Why? To Die!', on the latter was a track called 'Hip Hop Warriors' Seems it fits the topic, that's the track that's up. These guys also dropped '976 Dope' a little after on 'Yo Records'.

One of the most criminal events to ever happen in hip hop history is legends of the game not getting their respect, Comptons' Mix Master Spade who passed away in a motor Cycle accident a couple of years back never got commercial respect and he's the legend of the CPT even before Eazy. DJ's Bobcat and Battle Cat are the same and Toddy Tee who used to release shit with Spade never really found his window. He is one of the West Coasts pioneers with tracks like 'Gangster Boogie' and 'The Batter ram' then joined Ice T's 'Rhyme Syndicate' but then pretty much disapeared even though he still released a couple of albums. I ripped an old Toddy Tee classic for you, 'The Hip Hop Gangster'

That's about it from the top of my head, I'm sure there's other tracks along the same line as these but fuck knows what they are. PEACE.

Mellow Man Ace - Hip Hop Creature
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Hip Hop Soldier
Royal Flush - Hip Hop Warriors (Uh Oh)
Toddy Tee - Hip Hop Gangster