Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Hip Hop........

April's been real low on posts, so I'm gonna put up a cheap post for those that keep checking us out and seeing the same latest post on the screen and thinking "fuck man, these guys are getting hella slack lately". Although that's true there are reasons behind that shit but anyway, even though the topic and post hasn't got fuck all substance to it the tracks themselves are pure dope!
The first is from Sen Dogs brother Mellow Man Ace, Remember Ace got his foot in the door first and made it reasonably big time with his 'Mentirosa' track (that featured B Real dancing like a smudge in the vid). Infact if it wasn't for Ace his brothers crew Cypress Hill may not even be around, it was Ace that featured Sen in the posse track 'Hypest From Cypress". That's another story altogether though, as for the track itself, it has one of my all time favourite beats to it with hard rhymes and is by far Mellow Man Ace's best track he has ever released. I actually have the remix to it on wax that I'll rip and put up in the near future. Also, be on the lookout for Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog's collab album, The Reyes Bros 'Ghetto Therapy'.

Next is by the brother you love to hate, Sir Mix-A-Lot. This is from his "Swass" album on Nastymix. If you check out Streets On Beats semi-reguarly you may have noticed that we put up a fair quantity of Mix-A-Lot tracks? That's because our blog runs on topics more than anything else and Mix's albums are made the same so almost every topic we think of, Mix has a track to fit... that and the fact he's a dope fuckin' emcee. Not really too much more I can actually say about this other than it's classic Mix shit, if you haven't heard this before download it and then try and diss.

People know Rap-A-Lot records these days for Juvenile, Bun B, Devin and reissueing all the classic shit.... but only in Screwed & Chopped format. People that know the real Rap-A-Lot know Rap-A-Lot for all that early 90's crazy shit that you need to sell your car to afford if you didn't grab 'em when they dropped like O.G. Style, Convicts, 5th Ward Juveniles, Trinity Garden Cartel, Odd Squad, 5th Ward etc etc, but even before the Geto Boys (Bushwick, Face and D) was the old Ghetto Boys back when Raheem was sort of a member (although never actually made an album as a member). When Rap-A-Lot first started Raheen released 'The Vigilante', Def IV released 'Nice & Hard' and Royal Flush released 'Uh Oh-Suckers Come To War, Why? To Die!', on the latter was a track called 'Hip Hop Warriors' Seems it fits the topic, that's the track that's up. These guys also dropped '976 Dope' a little after on 'Yo Records'.

One of the most criminal events to ever happen in hip hop history is legends of the game not getting their respect, Comptons' Mix Master Spade who passed away in a motor Cycle accident a couple of years back never got commercial respect and he's the legend of the CPT even before Eazy. DJ's Bobcat and Battle Cat are the same and Toddy Tee who used to release shit with Spade never really found his window. He is one of the West Coasts pioneers with tracks like 'Gangster Boogie' and 'The Batter ram' then joined Ice T's 'Rhyme Syndicate' but then pretty much disapeared even though he still released a couple of albums. I ripped an old Toddy Tee classic for you, 'The Hip Hop Gangster'

That's about it from the top of my head, I'm sure there's other tracks along the same line as these but fuck knows what they are. PEACE.

Mellow Man Ace - Hip Hop Creature
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Hip Hop Soldier
Royal Flush - Hip Hop Warriors (Uh Oh)
Toddy Tee - Hip Hop Gangster

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Anonymous said...

more mad shit comin from the kings of the underground...I been gettin stuck into a lil more old school lately...
my late 80's Kool G Rap, P.E and ERIC.B/RAKIM cd's have been gettin some extra air time...clearing the dust off

I'll put these new cuts on plastic and give em a spin later on..

appreciate the rip...