Friday, April 27, 2007

Kid Sensation Remix Vinyl Rips

If your familiar with old school Seattle hip hop like the Nastymix label and all the old Mix-A-Lot stuff, no doubt you'd be down with this dude, Kid Sensation who after releasing 2 albums on Nastymix, 'Rollin With Number One' in '90 and 'The Power Of Rhyme' in '92. He went on to release 'Seatown Funk' and 'Mr K-Sen'. There is another rare album he sort of released but good luck finding it. He changed his name to Xola recently but don't think he mixes with the Mix-A-Lot camp anymore?

Here are 3 remixes from some twelves I got, Hope you enjoy them.

Kid Sensation MP3's:
Back To Boom (92 REMIX)
Ride The Rhythm (REMIX)
The Weekend (REMIX)


pimp said...

It don't get any more funkyer then that Oldschool Kid Sensation. That Back To Boom remix is DOPE!!!

SKITZO said...

I got em playin right now...type of tracks ya heard at house party's back in the day...

RIDE THE RHYTHM has gotta be my fav..
the last minute on the song is jus pure beat 2 ride 2...

good shit man...thanks for the rip

keep em comin

O.S.R.F.C. said...

Thanks for the classic Nastymix shit. Brings back memories of the good ol days. Would you happen to have Kid Sensations track "Homie Don't Plat That"? It was on the B-side to the Skin to Skin single.

Thanks again!