Sunday, October 30, 2005

Return Of The Wicketshit

After a short hiatus, infamous Detroit, Michigan hip hop group NATAS (Esham / Mastamind / TNT) are back!! Their new album "N OF THA WORLD" is set to be released in February 2006 on Reel Life/Gothom/Warlock/Darker Sound. The title track has been unleashed to give people a taste of what they are in for come February.
For more info on Esham and Natas check out AcidRap.Com

Natas - N Of Tha World

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Squeeze The Trigger

Lock, Load 'N' Download!


Tha Hitmen - Everybody's Talkin' About They Nine

Raheem - Kiss The Bride

Spice 1 - 380 On That Ass

Smoothe Da Hustler - Glocks On Cock

Boogie Down Productions - 9mm

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Mob$tyle Case

A few years ago a movie called "Paid In Full" was released and is pretty fuckin' crazy......
But not as crazy as the real story that the movie was based on.

I didn't know a great deal about these guys until I bought a dvd called "Mob$tyle - Now & Then / Game Over" a while ago. Back in the early '80's in Harlem, Hip Hop was all about rocking parties and battleing skills on the mic, concrete, decks and trains but there were 3 guys that went through one of the most hardcore stories I've ever heard in Hip Hop. The 3 guys were Rich Porter, Azie (Also spelt A.Z.) and Alpo.


Rich grew up packing bags at the super market and selling newspapers before he realized that selling weed was where the cash was. He then moved up to selling coke where he used to slang with a guy named LA. They knew Azie from around the neighbohood who was also a bag packer before getting a job as a tailors assistant. Sick of being broke Azie decided to get in the drug game himself and started buying coke off of Rich and LA. Azie would then break it down into a cheap 10 pack deal and sell them off in his territory. After Azie kept coming back to Rich for more, Rich started wondering how he was slanging so much coke. After Azie told him about his scam Rich and LA started doing the same in their territory although LA was murdered shortly after and Rich and Azie joined forces and pretty much took over Harlem along with Alpo.

Back in 1981 Rich was packin' beepers and cell phones and bought his first car before he was 16 years old, a brand new BMW and at 16 years old Rich, Azie and Alpo would be driving around in brand new cars every few weeks like BM's, Merc's, Saab's and Porsche's. There is even footage on the DVD of the owner of the Porsche dealership in New York talking about how he remembers Azie coming in all the time with a bag of money ordering in brand new cars that weren't even in the country yet and letting him keep the change.

On August 20th 1987,Two men named Henry Bold and Ronald Timmons ran up the stair case of an appartment block in the Bronx where Azie was living on what they thought was a get rich quick scam. They kicked in the door and shot three people in the back of the head execution style killing them instantly, they shot three others including Azie who was shot in the head twice, the neck, shoulder, hand and three times in the leg breaking three seperate bones. Azie lost his sense of smell but not his life and he found God. He changed his name to AZX and stopped slangin'. The two men were caught and charged and sentenced to 112 years to life in prison. The incident and the court case were all over the news with footage of the news reports on the DVD.

On the morning of December 5th 1989 Rich's 12 year old brother Donnell Porter left for school as he did every other morning although later that night when he didn't return his mother and sister Patricia started worrying. They then received a phone call from someone claiming they had Donnell and would kill him if they did not get $500,000. They received several phone calls that night from the kidnappers trying to work out how they would get the money and threatening them not to go to the police. Rich claimed he could not get his hands on the cash as all his money was tied up. Frustrated on not getting the cash, the kidnappers called Rich and told him to go to the bathroom of the McDonald's on the corner of 125th and Broadway and look under the sink. Rich went there and found an envelope containing one of his younger brother Donnell's fingers and a video tape containing footage of Donnell begging Rich to give them the cash and crying over the loss of his finger.

Scared that her brother would be killed Rich's little sister Patricia dressed as a boy (worried the house was being watched) and went to the cops where things went from bad to worse. The cops told the Porters not to answer any more calls until they could get a tracer on the phone. Obviously when the Porters stopped answering the calls the kidnappers knew what was going on and stopped calling. On the 10th of December the Porters got a letter stating that Donnell needed medical attention and the last chance they would have to get him back would be to go to a pay phone and wait for a call, the call never came.

On the night of January 3rd 1990 a couple of Bronx police officers knocked on the Porters door and told Mrs Porter that her son had been found dead, as she started crying and screaming out Donnell's name the cops questioned why she was screaming "Donnell" and asked her if she had a son named Richard? Rich was found murdered from a close range shot.

On January 28th the cops returned to the house and told the Porters that they had found the body of a 12 year old boy they thought was Donnell. After viewing the body he was indentified as being Donnell Porter.

The fucked part about this whole story is that Rich was actually killed by his boy Alpo for no other reason than greed. Alpo descrived killing Rich as the one thing he would change if he could via an interview from prison where he still is today. Locked up for unrelated murders, he confessed to the murder of Rich to a reporter for F.E.D.S. Hip Hop magazine while serving his time. The man responsible for kidnapping Donnell was his own uncle Johnny for the same reason, greed.

Although this article was only mentioning Rich, Azie and Alpo there are plenty of other members of Mob$tyle like Whip Wop, Pretty Tone, Mr Nice, Fossil, D Mac, The Silent Hitman, "O" Double and Gangster Lou who have a heap of their own stories to tell, the DVD only scratches the surface of them.

The only releases I know of are:

Mob$tyle - The Good The Bad And The Ugly (1990)
AZ - Street Wise (1991)
Mob$tyle - Game Of Death (1992)
Silence 126 - Silence (1993)
Azie & Mob$tyle - Blood On My Money (2003)

The only albums I've heard are "Game of Death" which is Gangster Lou, Azie and Whip Wop and it is fuckin' incredible but unfortunately I can't rip tracks from wax to put an mp3 with this article and the other is "Blood On My Money" by Azie that I don't have.

R.I.P. - Soulja Slim

Rest In Peace:
Soulja Slim (AKA Magnolia Slim)

Real Name:
James Tapp
Hailing From: Magnolia Projects, New Orleans
Date of Birth: September 9 1977
Date of Death: November 26 2003 (New Orleans)
Cause of Death: Gunned down. Reportedly shot twice in the face and five times in the chest while leaving his car on his way to visit his mum. Murderer Garelle Smith arrested in 2003.

Give It 2 'Em Raw (1998/ No Limit Records)
The Streets Made Me (2001/ No Limit Records)
Years Later (2002/Cut Throat Committy)
Years Later...A Few Months After (2003/ Cut Throat Committy)

C Murder Ft Soulja Slim & The Cutt Throat Committee - Water Whipped

Monday, October 24, 2005

Review: Maddwest - Maddwest

Artist: Maddwest
Album: Maddwest
Year: 2002
Label: 2KSounds

I don't know much about Maddwest except that they hail from Indiana and the duo consists of rapper Sammy Brazil and AceHa on the beats. Along the line I found out that that they had some affiliation with Playboy, so I'm guessing that explains the front cover but I'd be confident in saying that the deceiving cover wouldn't of helped record sales.

The album has 14 tracks and although the longest track is only 4 minutes long the album is pretty sick, definitely a case of quality over quantity. The first track is just a short rhyme to get the listeners in the mood for the rest of the album, nothing amazing but not bad either. The second track is called "Gangsta Kind", it starts with some brass music followed by a girl singing the hook, Sammy Brazil's rhymes in this track are pretty sick, the track goes all over the place, just a whole bunch of rhymes about how much he loves weed. The following track "Run Fo Ya Life" is quality as well, some pleasant rhymes about murdering, nothing out of the ordinary...

The next track "PHD" is craaazy, lyrically Sammy Brazil is pretty much flawless, the hook could be better but I'll forgive that. The tracks about a bunch of things he doesn't like, some lyrical player hating, BuckNasty would be proud. There's alot of shit he doesn't like, things like Juvenile, Richard Gere movies, Kate Moss, people who don't respect Big L, divas, shady record companies and a lot more. For me, the best line in the track is "I hate all these rappers in movies that shouldn't be acting, except for Will Smith and that cat shouldn't be rapping,".

The rest of the album is madd as well, some of the other topics he raps about include ugly girls, cheating, stalking girls, milk and more- pretty diverse. Although I like all the tracks on the album, "PHD" is my favourite, along with a track about a high school shooting. The track is called "Johnny Rage" and it is rapped from the gunmans perspective, the track is executed to perfection.

Over all this album is alot better than the cover suggests, Sammy Brazil holds his own on the mic and AceHa comes through with some quality production. A couple of the hooks could of been improved and it would of been good if the tracks went for longer but thats all I can fault this album for. I don't know what they are up to these days but about six months back I downloaded a couple of new MaddWest tracks off of soundclick and they weren't bad. If you see this album and you are looking for an entertaining listen then I suggest you pick it up, it's actually easy to come by online and isn't too expensive either... "Maddwest - Double D Muthafucka!"

MaddWest - PHD
MaddWest - Johnny Rage

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Dayton's out of 5

Try These On For Size

Here are a few sneaker tracks for ya.


K Solo - Sneak Tip

Lil Bruce - Footlocka Crew

Run DMC - My Adidas

Lexicon - Nikehead

Sir Mix A Lot - Gortex

Sunday, October 23, 2005

R.I.P. Dondi White

Rest In Peace:
Dondi White

Real Name: Donald J. White
Hailing From: East New York section of Brooklyn (Born In Manhattan)
Date Of Birth: April 7 1961
Date Of Death: October 2 1998
Cause Of Death: Died from a long suffered illness

Anyone who has ever picked up a can should know that Dondi is one of the legends of the graf game famous for destroying New York trains with wholecar productions, his work in the '83 film "Wild Style" and the legendary flick of him standing inbetween two cars pieceing.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Review: The Goats - No Goats No Glory

Artist: The Goats
Album: No Goats, No Glory
Year: 1994
Label: Ruff House

The Goats hail from Philadelphia and the group consists of eight members, Madd, D Rek and Swayzack are the frontmen on vocals and the rest are the live percussion. "No Goats, No Glory" is their second album, the first being the classic "Tricks Of The Shade". This one probably is not as good as the previous album although has some pretty mad tracks.

The album starts off with "Wake 'n' Bake" and "Philly Blunts" two nice tracks about weed followed by my favourite track "The Boom" although for some weird reason the hook is different on wax than it is on cassette and disc?
The Goats are a 90% hip hop group but do have the percussion of guitars and drums on a few tracks like "Rumblefish", "Blind With Anger" and "Idiot Business" which are all good tracks.

The album is produced by Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo who is responsible for some of fellow Philly rapper Schoolly D's production. Overall this album is pretty sick from start to finish if your into their style of hip hop like "Smokin' Suckas Wit Logic". Since this album in '94 they have released an album under the group name "Incognegro" called "Keepin' It Lovely", other than that I wouldn't have a clue what they've been doing.

The Goats - The Boom

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Snort This Shit Up

Here are a few tracks we've lined up for the taking..........

Top quality, A grade, Good shit ...... Enjoy.


MC Twist - Cocaine Bizniss

Sir Mix A Lot - I'm Your New God

Andre Nickatina & San Quinn - Ayo

Young D Boyz - Sellin' Cocaine As Usual

Esham - Yoca Cola

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tribute Tracks - Eazy E

Here are a few tracks by various artists giving respect to the late Compton rapper Eric "EAZY E" Wright.

The first is by L.A. Chicano group Brownside who were signed to Eazy's Ruthless records back in about '94,
Brownside - Vatos In Tha Varrio (Boyz N The Hood)

The next is by fellow Compton rapper DJ Quik who sent a demo tape to Eazy before he signed to Profile but Eazy wasn't interested and later described the decision the worst business decision he made. Eazy went on to sign Quik's boys the Penthouse Players Clique.
DJ Quik - Quikker Said Than Dunn (Eazy-er Said Than Dunn)

The last track is by Strong Arm Steady member Mitchy Slick from his 2005 west coast tribute album "Mitchy Duz-It".
Mitchy Slick - My Name Is Mitchy (Eazy-er Said Than Dunn)

Friday, October 14, 2005

R.I.P. Big L

Rest In Peace
Big L

Real Name: Lamont Coleman
Hailing From: Harlem NY
Date Of Birth: May 30 1974
Date Of Death: February 15 1999
Cause Of Death: Shot on the corner of 139th St. and Lenox Ave.NY for money owed by his Brother.

Big L was inspired to start rapping after listening to groups like Run DMC and Big Daddy Kane and was in a group called "Three The Hard Way". He left the group and met up with Lord Finesse and started opening up for his shows and appeared on the remix of "Yes You may" from Finesse' "Return Of The Funky Man" and on "Represent" off of Show & AG's "Runaway Slave" album. Big L released his debut album in '95 titled "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous" he also released a few twelves and was a member of D.I.T.C. who released an album just after his death. He also released his second solo album "The Big Picture" that went gold in 2000.

Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous (1995)
D.I.T.C. - D.I.T.C. (2000)
Big L - The Big Picture (2000) (Released after his death)

Big L - Casualties Of A Dice Game

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Review: Dayton Family - Family Feud

Artist: Dayton Family
Album: Family Feud
Year: 2005
Label: Fast Life Music, Inc.

"Family Feud" is the 4th album to be released by Flint, Michigan hip hop group Dayton Family. All three of their releases prior to this album and all of Bootleg and Shoestings solo albums have been sick so when I heard this album was coming out I had high expectations. The album has 19 tracks and features just 4 guest appearances from other rappers (Capone of CNN, MC Breed, Kurupt and Cormega). This is definately a positive because it is not often TDF release albums so they need to use every second of mic time that they can.

The first track on the album is the title track and it is crazy, mad fast paced rhymes over a quality beat and the hook is sick as well. The track sets the standard for the rest of the album, it's hardcore gangsta music from start to finish. Tracks 2 and 4 are both specific tracks, the 2nd track "Bulldoggin" is all about pitbull fighting and the 4th track "Chevys" is all about their love of their Chevys. Both of these tracks are pretty much flawless in every way and have alot of replay value.

The track "Murder On My Block" is one of the most gangsta tracks on the album and the energy in the track is incredible. The rhymes are delievered at a furious pace and the sample that starts off the track is mad as well, then theres the sick beat and the hook which isn't bad either, definately one of the best tracks on the album.

"What Is Your Issue" is another track worthy of a special mention, in the track they mention a whole lot of legendary hip hop figures such as the Juice Crew, Run DMC, Whodini, NWA as well as classic tracks like "Planet Rock" and UGK's "Pocket Full Of Stones". The track is about how long TDF have been putting in work and making moves in the drug game and the rap game.

It is hard to find stand out tracks on an album this good however along with the tracks I've already mentioned some of my personal favourites are "I'm A Gangsta", "Calico" featuring Kurupt from the DPG, "Formula 51" and "Everything's Chicken But The Bone". There aren't many hilights to speak of as such, but thats just because the album is so sick as a whole that it's hard for tracks to stand out. There isn't one track on the album I want to skip when I play the album, however there are a couple of tracks that aren't as good as the others but they are tracks that would stand out on alot of other albums.

This is one of the best albums released in 2005 and I highly recommend people go out and buy this album!

Dayton Family - Family Feud

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

Friday, October 07, 2005

R.I.P. Mac Dre

Rest In Peace
Mac Dre

Real Name: Andre Hicks
Hailing From: Vallejo, California
Date Of Birth: July 5 1970
Date Of Death: November 1 2004
Cause Of Death: Shot while in a car in Kansas City,MO

Mac Dre came out of Vallejo CA in 91' on Khayree's "Strictly Business" label and became an instant star in his home town, shortly after "What's Really Goin' On?" was released Dre got locked up for a string of bank robberies after mentioning his affiliation to the Romper gang that were responsible for the robberies. Mac Dre released an album from inside prison and plenty more since his release, including a half a dozen and counting since his death. Dre started "Thizz Entertainment" and was one of the biggest names in the bay area.

The following list may not be 100% correct as albums were being released every other month.

California Livin
What's Really Going On?
Young Black Brotha
Best of Mac
DreBack 'N Da Hood
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 1
Don't Hate the Player Hate the Game
Stupid Doo Doo Dumb
Rapper Gone Bad
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 2
Heart of a Gangsta, Mind of a Hustla
It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It
Mac Dre's the NameTurf Buccaneers (w/ The Cutthroat Committee)
Remember Me
Mac Dammit Man & Friends: City Slickers
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 3
Thizzelle Washington
Al Boo Boo
Genie Of The Lamp
Best of Mac Dre II
Game Is Thick, Vol. 2
Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics
Da Us Open (w /Mac Mall)
15 Years Deep (w/ Da Unda Dogg)
Super Sig Tapes (vs/ Lil Bruce)
Mac Dre's the Name
Welcome To Thizz World
23109 Exhibition of Speed
Money Iz Motive (w/ Cutthoat Committee)

Mac Dre - Too Hard For The Fuckin' Radio
Mac Dre - California Livin'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Streets On Beats - Volume One

Here is a free 16 track downloadable hip hop compilation for the people checking out the blog (front and back covers have been included, just click them to enlarge the images).

All of the tracks have been selected from all different areas of America. There are some new tracks and some old tracks on the mix, and there are no more than 1 track by each of the artists. If any of the artists of the songs are not happy with being on a FREE non-profit downloadable only compilation then just let me know.

1. South Park Mexican Ft Low G - Streets On Beats or (*Remix Version*)
2. LOWC - Layin' In Tha Cut
3. DMG - Prelude To A Murdah
4. C.I.N. - The Book Of Sin
5. A.M.W. - Soldier Story
6. Q Strange - Buy My Friggin Album Bitch
7. T La Rock - Nitro
8. Kid Sensation Ft Ken Griffey Jr. - The Way I Swing
9. Insane Poetry - Footsteps Of Danger
10. OFTB - Slangin' Dope
11. Gregory D - Gangsta Life
12. O.C.U. - Proud To Be A Gangster
13. Iceberg Slim - How We Roll
14. Success N Effect - Fuck 1 Time
15. Donald D - Car Chase
16. Tha Hitmen - J.O.E.

The Young Lay Case

On the 17th of May 1996 Vallejo rapper Lathan Williams (B.K.A. Young Lay) who had recently recovered from a bullet to his head, had his life turned upside down, his girlfriend Daphne Boyden was found murdered in her grandma's house where she was living and also had the house burnt down with Young Lays new born son Le-Zhan De-Mariae Williams missing.

Young Lay appeared on the Maury Povich show and on Unsolved Mysteries trying to find some clues with no luck, Le-Zahan's grandmother Jessica Knox even made greeting cards with pictures and info on the back to raise awareness of the case. The only information the police had was that two young girls were seen leaving the house shortly before the fire started holding something in their arms that could have been a new born. Young Lay released his second album (his first since this incident) in 1998 called "Unsolved Mysteries" and had samples from his segment from Unsolved Mysteries in the intro and in the title track. The murder and kidnapping hurt Williams, said his uncle Eric "E.B." Bolen, whose 2nd Life Entertainment record company released Unsolved Mysteries. The album was not only a dedication to the rapper's dead girlfriend and missing child, but an effort to find out what happened. "We were trying to build up hype so the word could get out," E.B. said.

Since then Lay has been arrested, charged, locked up and released numerous times for things ranging from possesion of cocaine, possesion of a gun, parol violation and in June 1999 he was arrested and sentenced to 12 years prison in Susanville for armed robbery.

On the 7th of December 2002 (six years after the abduction), the Vallejo police department received an anonymous tip off which led to them checking medical records of a six year old boy suspected of being Le-Zhan and after finding out that the susposed mother Latasha Brown, 22 was not pregnant one month before he was born according to the fake birth certificate she had. Latasha Brown who was 16 years old at the time was arrested for the murder of Daphne Boyden. She was arrested in Suisun City as she was stepping off a Greyhound Bus returning from Sacramento , she was arrested for arson and the kidnapping of Le-Zhan De-Mariae Williams who she was bringing up only two miles away from where he was taken. Latasha Brown's mother Delores Ann Brown, 44 was also arrested for suspicion of child concealment. Ocianetta Banika Williams, 23, (no relation to Lathan Williams) was also arrested for her part of helping Latasha Brown. Both girls previously had relationships with Lay.

Vallejo Police Captain JoAnn West said "We're not prepared to definitely say what the motive was, but we know that (Latasha Brown and Lathan Williams) had some kind of relationship, that she was jealous of their (Boyden and Williams') relationship,"

The last I heard is that Lay is still locked up and Le-Zhan was in the custody of the Solano County Child Protective Services, hopefully by now he is back with members of his real family and touch wood Lay gets out soon and stays out of trouble and releases another album.

Young Lay - Intro
Young Lay - Unsolved Mysteries