Friday, October 07, 2005

R.I.P. Mac Dre

Rest In Peace
Mac Dre

Real Name: Andre Hicks
Hailing From: Vallejo, California
Date Of Birth: July 5 1970
Date Of Death: November 1 2004
Cause Of Death: Shot while in a car in Kansas City,MO

Mac Dre came out of Vallejo CA in 91' on Khayree's "Strictly Business" label and became an instant star in his home town, shortly after "What's Really Goin' On?" was released Dre got locked up for a string of bank robberies after mentioning his affiliation to the Romper gang that were responsible for the robberies. Mac Dre released an album from inside prison and plenty more since his release, including a half a dozen and counting since his death. Dre started "Thizz Entertainment" and was one of the biggest names in the bay area.

The following list may not be 100% correct as albums were being released every other month.

California Livin
What's Really Going On?
Young Black Brotha
Best of Mac
DreBack 'N Da Hood
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 1
Don't Hate the Player Hate the Game
Stupid Doo Doo Dumb
Rapper Gone Bad
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 2
Heart of a Gangsta, Mind of a Hustla
It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It
Mac Dre's the NameTurf Buccaneers (w/ The Cutthroat Committee)
Remember Me
Mac Dammit Man & Friends: City Slickers
Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 3
Thizzelle Washington
Al Boo Boo
Genie Of The Lamp
Best of Mac Dre II
Game Is Thick, Vol. 2
Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics
Da Us Open (w /Mac Mall)
15 Years Deep (w/ Da Unda Dogg)
Super Sig Tapes (vs/ Lil Bruce)
Mac Dre's the Name
Welcome To Thizz World
23109 Exhibition of Speed
Money Iz Motive (w/ Cutthoat Committee)

Mac Dre - Too Hard For The Fuckin' Radio
Mac Dre - California Livin'

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