Friday, June 30, 2006

DJ Sum1 - Clinic 116 Hip Hop Promo Mixtape

Battlehoggs Presents::..

...:::DJ Sum-1:::...
...:::Clinic 116 Promo Mixtape:::...

1. DJ Sum 1 - Intro (Live Battle Routine)
2. Pegz & Debaser - Both Sides Of The Map
3. Main Flow & Black Thought - U Got 2
4. J. Zone, J. Love, JJ Brown, Louis Logic & Celph Titled - Open Mic
5. Pohetikut - Exclusive Flow
6. Rick Piramid - Exclusive Flow
7. Lazy Grey - (Tiger Print Remix)
8. Lyrical Commission - Sink Quick
9. Big Foot & Tornts - Put It Down
10. Dj Kansel - Battlehogg Combat Training
11. Kolaps & Blockade - Exclusive Flow
12. Skinny Man - No Big Ting
13. C Rayz Walls - We Live
14. Prophetix - Gotcha
15. Odd Couple - Beat Your Ass
16. Reason, Pegz & Lazy Grey - Fatter Pt. 2
17. MR Trials - Bottle Shop (Battlehogg Exclusive)
18. Patti - Effusive Exclusive
19. Skinny Man & Mentat - When I Give My Heart To You
20. A Trak & Dipset - Don't Fool With The Dips
21. Part Time Martyers - Simplistic Visions
22. Soul Position - Printmatic
23. Esoteric, King Size & Vinnie Paz - Blitz Inc
24. Breeze Evaflowin, Akrobatik, Chan & Facts 1 - Grown Men
25. Conseps (Effusive Exclusive) - Brain Dump
26. Demigodz & Lord Digga - Way Of The Gun
27. Sage Francis, Brother Ali & Slug - Doomage
28. DJ Sum 1 - Skratch Undaneath Tha Surface


Rollin' With The Posse

Hip Hop has some pretty crazy posse tracks over the years from Marley Marls 'Symphony' tracks to Rhyme Syndicates, Rap-A-Lots, Night Breeds etc etc. Every now and then we'll post up three of our favourites over the years.

I can't do this without starting off with one of the sickest posse tracks of all time, it's the notorious 'Bring It On' off of the Geto Boys 'Till Death Do Us Part' album off Rap-A-Lot in '93 that had Big Mike who previously was in the Convicts with 3-2 and also released 'Somethin Serious' before joining the roster instead of Willie D. Other than the Geto Boys themselves this also features 2 Low, 3-2, Too Much Trouble, DMG, Ganksta NIP, The 5th Ward Boys, Odd Squad and the late Seagram and Big Mello. I'm sure most of you would already have heard this track a hundred times and will agree that they go hard as fuck from the start to finish. This is how a posse track should go.

Secondly, I've chosen 'The Last Song' off of Above The Law's 'Livin Like Hustlers' album that was released on Ruthless in '90. The name doesn't exactly grab you but i'm sure the beat a dope skills on the mic will. Not quite on the same standards of 'Grand Finale' off of the DOC's 'No One Can Do It Better' but is still def. It features Eazy E, MC Ren as well as Dr Dre and will make you remenisce over the old days of Ruthless.

Last of all, I have to end this with an old New York classic. Marley Marl's 'The Symphony'that features Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane from the oldschool classic 'Cold Chillin' label that pretty much ran the New York hip hop game back in the late '80's and is responsible for some crazy albums. No doubt this and also the 'Symphony Pt II' have inspired many posse tracks since.

Geto Boys ft. Rap-A-Lot Roster -Bring It On
Above The Law ft. N.W.A. - The Last Song
Marley Marl ft. Cold Chillin Roster - The Symphony

Sunday, June 25, 2006

South Park Mexican - When Devils Strike

Houston's South Park Mexican (Co-founder of Dope House Records) returns with his much anticipated new album 'When Devils Strike' . The album is set to drop on October the 3rd 2006 and will feature artists such as Juan Gotti, Twin Beredaz, Powda and more and will come with a free second screwed and chopped version of the album courtesy of Michael Watts of the Swisha House.

For more information on this release go to Dope House Records website and SPM's Myspace page that is being run by his brother Arthur. Here is the album sampler (in MP3 format) that goes for over 27 minutes that has Carlos introducing the snippets of the tracks and also features an interview with him.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Insane Poetry Vinyl Rips

After all this time thanks to Afects I can finally get all my favourite remixes, 'b' sides and unreleased cd tracks off of my vinyl ripped to mp3 format. Afects got himself the equptment to rip 'em so I lent him a stack of my wax and over the next couple of months I'll be chucking most of them on here.

I'm gonna start off with one of my favourite artists, Insane Poetry. Before Psycho's (Cyco) group was called 'Insane Poetry' they were known as Chicago outfit 'His Majesti' this was back when Shakespere The One Man Riot was a part of the group and released a 3 track E.P. vinyl titled 'The M.M.O.B. Is Loose' that featured 'Armed & Dangerous', 'M.M.O.B. Style Chronicles' and 'Slow & Ill' that have all been ripped as well as a track called 'Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla' which was released as the B side to Rodney O & Joe Cooley's 'Get Ready To Roll 12". After Rodney O & Joe Cooley released the 'Get Ready To Roll' album, General Jeff left them. After that they released a 12" that featured a 'Lets Do It Like This' remix and a 'You Dont Wanna Run Up' remix that has Psycho replacing General Jeff . This track is probably the best remix I've ever heard. I also put up '12 Strokes Till Midnight' which is an old Insane Poetry track I got a few years back.

I have another few Insane Poetry vinyl rips that I'll probably put up down the track. Hopefully you enjoy these ones.


His Majesti - Armed & Dangerous
His Majesti - M.M.O.B. Style Chronicles
His Majesti - Slow & Ill
Insane Poetry - 12 Strokes Till Midnight
Insane Poetry - Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla
Rodney O & Joe Cooley (ft Insane Poetry) - You Don't Wanna Run Up REMIX

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Review: South Central Cartel - 'N Gatz We Truss

Artist: South Central Cartel
'N Gatz We Truss
Year: 1994
Label: G.W.K. Records

Before I start reviewing this I have to be honest, this is going to have alot of favouritism because of memories listening to it when it came out. That mixed with the fact I just got dusted and enjoy my beats twice as much like this. Anyway, this is S.C.C.'s second album after previously releasing the incredible 'South Central Madness' in 1992. The cartel consisted of Havikk (The Rhime Son), Havoc (The Mouth Piece), Pro`deje , DJ Gripp, DJ Kaos #1 and harmonious LV who later got his fame featuring on Coolio's 'Gangstas Paradise' in '96.

The album starts off with a little Intro that continues into 'Bring It On' that has an addictive beat with what you expect from the SCC; impeccable smooth flows. The next track, 'Drive Bye Homicide' starts with Havoc The Mouthpiece on the phone organizing a hit before the rhymes immediately start. The break gas a nice flute style tune behind some cut up gangsta samples. 'Servin' Em Heat' starts off the same way as most SCC tracks, with instant rhymes from the get go, over the top of a dope beat. That is not the only that is the same, the subject matter doesn't change much either. Next up is 'Gang Stories' which is a slightly slower paced and more eerie styled track where the Cartel's members all go through short gangsta stories and like with the previous tracks the hooks are sampled.

An LV (who is responsible for several SCC hooks) introduction starts 'Seventeen Swtiches', a pretty deff track which has different styled flows than are heard on the album prior to this. LV kicks off 'U Couldn't Deal Wit Dis' briefly before Havikk takes control before busts back in with his singy hooks. Although he has got a great voice, hooks of this style aren't my thing. This track is all about women and honestly it has to be said that they don't really say anything on the topic that hasn't already been heard on on a couple of hundred other tracks, definately the worst track on the album up to this point. 'Do It S.C. Style' gets the album back where it was with dope rhymes and the NWA "Damn that shit was dope" sample being cut up in the background. Track 8 is just a skit called 'Dick Sucking Contest' which is a bit of a waiste.

'Had To Be Loc'd' is yet another mad S.C.C. gangsta track. Dope beat, dope rhymes, check the mp3. This is followed up by 'Little Nucklehead' and right on cue the raps start instantly. The track's pretty sick, but by this time in the album they have set some pretty high standards to live up to and this one isn't quite up on par with some of the previous tracks, and it doesn't go for too long either. Next is 'It's A S.C.C. Thang' is pretty good with a pretty def L.V. "Watch your back because we're moving in slow" hook. 'Stay Out Da Hood' is good but is out shined by 'Rollin Down Da Block' that's up next, because of the crazy flows.

'Get Em' comes on next and although the track is still sick, they swear way too much. They probably say "fuck" more in this track than in the entire 'Menace II Society' film. It's perfect ammination for all those "gangsta rap" haters that share the earth with us when they ramble on about the genre just being a bunch of swearing and murders, oh well, fuck 'em. The posse track 'Gangsta Team' that other than the S.C.C. boys, it also features 2 Pac, Ice T, MC Eiht and then finished off by East O's, Spice 1. This is followed by 'Shot Outz' whish is obviously just a shout out track and then two bonus tracks that dont feature on the vinyl version. The first being
'Marinate' and the other 'Hoo Riding In Da Central' which is def.

Overall, this album is crazy, although looking at from an outsiders point of view it's probablynot a complete album because from the start to the finish the whole album doesn't branch out from the shoot-em-up styled lyrics. Lucky for me I'm not too hard on rap albums and look at like, if you can do something that good then keep doing it. I love all the hard gangsta rhymes when they're rapped by real g's like these and not some emcee playing dress up. This is another hard album to choose the mp3's for.

South Central Cartel - Bring It On
South Central Cartel - Had To Be Loc'd
South Central Cartel - Rollin' Down Da Block

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

Sunday, June 18, 2006

R.I.P. Crazy Rak

Rest In Peace:
Crazy Rak

Real Name: Unknown
Hailing From: Born in New York, moved to San Francisco CA
Born: Unknown
Died: January 1998
Cause Of Death: Killed in a fire at a hotel

Rondo & Crazy Rak - The Abused (1994)
*Was Too Shorts DJ and producer back in the day

Rondo & Crazy Rak - Badge Wearing Bitch
Rondo & Crazy Rak -Bacon & Grits

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Radio, No Sellout

One of the old schoolest rappers out there today still on top of his game would have to be Ice T. He was there right at the beginning of west coast hip hop before "gangsta" rap even started. He appeared in the classic documentary 'Breakin' N' Enterin' in 1983 where he used to be in the Radio Crew and rap at the 'RadioTron' where he was performing old classics like 'Body Rock' and F.Y.I. he used to get down on the floor with some nice commando style break moves. Without going into all the bullshit of how he got his break that you can find printed in the paper work of 'The Classic Collection' he got his little part in the more known 'Breakin' and released some 12's like 'The Coldest Rap', 'Cold Wind Madness', 'Reckless' and 'Killers' on various labels like 'Techno Hop' and 'Saturn' in the very early 80's.

In about 85' or 86' Philadelphian, Schoolly D dropped 'P.S.K.', Ice heard it, loved it and recorded '6 In The Mornin' as his west coast version. Hip hop has never been the same since because these tracks made a young Eric Wright decide to use his crack cash to start 'Ruthless' and N.W.A. which is why gangsta rap is what it is today.With Ice dropping gold record after gold record with all his classic early releases with production by Islam, Ice has always stayed ahead of the game by becoming pretty much the first rap artist to become an actor, the first rapper to write a book,as far as I know the first rapper to start a metal group. When it comes down to soundtracks, he has the main theme song from movies like New Jack City, SuperFly, Colors, Ricochet, Dick Tracy, Tresspass and has featured on plenty of others.Up until now Ice T has released 8 solo albums, his Body Count albums and the group album with Smoothe Da Hustla and Trigga Da Gambla 'S.M.G.' and is soon to drop another solo when 'Gangsta Rap' comes out later in the year.

Ice T has also been responsible for countless other artists careers when he started the west coast version of the Zulu Nation with his 'Rhyme Syndicate' posse. People have dissed Ice T in recent years saying he's a sell out because of his acting career and especially for playing a cop in 'Law & Order S.V.U'. Up until recently I always argued the point that he was acting since '84, and the S.V.U. shit was just a role, which is what I still think, however this new 'Rap School' thing he's got going now is gonna be pretty hard for his biggest fan to stick up for. Having said that though I won't be dissing him any time soon because all his music he's dropped until now as well as the few tracks I've heard off his upcoming 'Gangsta Rap' album are underground dope gangsta rhymes. So, until his music changes, which I can't see happening, I'll be buying anything he drops.

Here are a few artists giving some respect to Ice in some homage tracks. The first is by Mitchy Slick from Strong Arm Steady from his 'Mitchy Duz It' dedication album, which features his '6 In The Morning' track, the next one is by Memphis Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia with their '3-6 In The Morning' and lastly a 'Colors' dedication by Lil' C Style, Legacy, Tray-D, RBX and Daz from the '19th St LBC Compilation'. I have also chucked on a couple of Ice T tracks, one from the oldschool days and a dope track from his 96' 'Return Of The Real' album. I'll always give respect to Ice because all his fans know what they're getting from an Ice T track and if you ever see him on a documentary talking, he's not rambling on about shit, just says it the way it is in his mind. This wasn't even close to a biography of Tracy 'Ice T' Marrow, if it was it would be about twenty times longer.

Ice T - Reckless
Lil' C Style, Legacy, Tray-D, RBX ft Daz - Bustaz
Three 6 Mafia - 3-6 In The Morning
Mitchy Slick - 6 In The Morning
Ice T - The Lane

HHC Feb '93

Friday, June 09, 2006

Review: B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'sta - Real Brothas

Artist: B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta
Album: Real Brothas
Year: 1995
Label: Out Burst Records/ Def Jam

If you're not familiar with B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'sta, you may have heard them on Eazy E's 'Real Muthaphukkin G's', 'Sippin On A 40' or maybe on MurderSquad's 'Knocc On Wood' remix.

Pretty much they're two brothers from Compton that are funky as fuck and hate fake gangstas like Snoop, Dre and the Dogg Pound. You may have even seen their clones in a Dogg Pound video where Daz and Kurrupt beat them down. After seeing the video B.G. and Dre'sta decided to go see if they wanted to try it on the real thing and went to some golf course while Nate Dogg was shooting a Death Row video and stepped to the fantasy Crip. It wasn't really much of a show because Nate swung his club that slightly brushed Dre'sta before Nate dropped his club and ran for his life. B.G. and Dre'sta gave chase but Nate ran between his two bodyguards and ordered them to aim their guns at them. I've heard people diss Knocc Out and Dre'sta saying that they came to the golf course and got clubbed, but the fact is that there's nothing hardcore about swingin', runnin and getting your body guards to fight your battle after B.G. and Dre'sta turned up unarmed to their video shoot to sort out their problem.

Anyway, after a little bit of exposure with Eazy (R.I.P.) and even performing on the Arsenio Hall show they got their deal with Out Burst and Def Jam and dropped this crazy album.The album starts off with 'Jealousy' which is pretty much about that and has a nice beat produced by Doctor Jam with smooth raps by the duo. This is followed by 'Who's The G' which has pretty much the same tempo as the previous track, and like the last track is funky and smooth. 'Everyday All Day' is third up (even though the cover lists it as the first track) from the second this track starts you know it moves up a level with a sick beat by Doctor Jam and faster paced lyrics and a catchy hook, they even find time to give Jayo Felony a shout out and Snoop a diss, unfortunately it only goes for 3:15.

Next is 'Comptin Swangin' with production by Charlie B and like the other tracks B.G. and Dre'sta's delivery is flawless with their voices sounding perfect together. One of my favourite things about this track is the line "MixMaster Spade used to rock my block, but now he's history, another mystery of a legend" because you never really hear anybody give a shout out to this Compton legend, sadly even after Spade passed away last year, he still didn't get his props.
'Lifes A Puzzle' is a pretty good track too and even the hook which is a bit singy which I usually hate, sort of sorts the style of the track.

'B.G. Knocc Out' slips into sixth spot and is a pretty decent track but far from the best on here. '
Compton Hoe' is next with production by Rhythm D who produced alot of Eazy E's 'Impact Of A Legend' album. This track is a highlight with a mad funky hook that is hard to get bored of, and as usual the lyrics sound dope. Doctor Jam comes back into running the production on 'Micc Checc' but isn't one of the more memorable beats on the album and even the lyrics arn't quite as sick as usual. 'Compton & Watts' puts it back on track with a def beat and production by Rhythm D. They add another little diss to Snoop with "Compton and Long Beach together?, nigga never, ever got along...." referring to Dre and Snoop, but you can't help to feel a diss track looming.

'50/50 Luv' is a flashback track with B.G. and Dre'sta thinking back to the way their hood was growing up to the way it is today, well at least in '95. Starting off with a dope beat you know Rhythm D is back for 'Real Brothas', this track is about what you expect, the two Compton brothers growing up in Compton. The main thing I love about this track is the way they cut in and out of each others lines. 'Do Or Die' is probably my least favourite on the album just because it's a slower slightly boring track. 'Take A Ride' is a def track with another crazy beat. As the album nears the end the eerie beat kicks in for 'Down Goes Another Nigga' the track is sick but it's the next track that finishes off the album with a bang, 'D.P.G./K' which stands for Dogg Pound Gangsta Killas, so you can tell what the track entails. Because i'm not a Dogg Pound fan and can't stand Snoop Dogg this track is up their with my favourite track on the album. I'm gonna put it up for download real soon with some more diss tracks.

Overall there isn't too many downfalls to this album all the production is dope, especially when Rhythm D is in charge, all the raps are smooth. Maybe some of the lyrics could have been better but what they did definately worked for them. This is also available on picture cover wax.

Unfortunately just after this came out B.G. Knocc Out who is a Nutty Blocc Crip was sentenced to 10 years in prison for an attempted drive by murder. From what I've read Knocc Out is meant to be released this August and is keen to drop a solo album.

B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Everyday All Day
B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Compton & Watts

Rating: 4 and a half Daytons out of 5

Funk From The Seatown

I got to start this by saying that I've only ever heard about ten artists out of Seattle, but I have to say that overall Seatown is definately a slept on city. Pretty much everything I've heard out of there is dope as fuck. Obviously the one that comes to everybodies mind would be Sir Mix-A-Lot, and for some fucked up reason alot of people diss him for whatever reason. Personally I rate him as one of the sickest rappers of all time simply on his unbeatable flow, hate if you must, bring up the typical 'Baby Got Back' if you want, but put on his albums and you will here dope flows over funky beats. His young prodeje Kid Sensation isn't quite up there but can still hold his own as can the rest of the crew and the E.C.P. and pretty much everone else that I've heard from Seatown.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Man U Luv Ta Hate
It was hard to choose just one track out of dozens of gems. This one comes from the '96 'Return Of The Bumpersauras' on 'American' and 'Rhyme Cartel'. Pretty much on this track he goes back to days of 'Posse On Broadway', with a simular verse as on the classic Broadway just changing it enough to let people know he's kept up with the times. Mix-A-Lot recently dropped 'Daddy's Home' which had tight lyrics and flows but way too many wack singy hooks that makes it hard to even think about putting in my stez.

Kid Sensation - Two Minutes
Another one of Nastymix Records dope releases was Kid Sensations 'Rollin With Number One' which is the album this track is from. It's crazy from the start with a couple of standouts, 'Two Minutes' being one of them, the idea to the track is pretty much a wack rapper calls up Nasty Nes' radio show and busts a toy verse, he's cut off and Kid Sensation is given two minutes to show his skills. It's pretty much an excuse to show he can rap fast if he needs to.

E-Dawg - Desperado
To be honest 'How Long?' (which is the album this is from) is a bit of a dissapointment to me, previous to Emvee getting this we had heard his verses on Funk Daddy's album, the crazy 'You Can't Slip' from the B' side of 'Baby Got Back' and a two track 12" ('Lil Loc'). I had also got the 'It's All Hip Hop' 12" off this album which is sick, so when I heard this album I was surprised on how medium paced E-Dawg's lyrics were, I was used to him coming hard on the mic. Anyway, the track I chucked up is 'Desperado' which is one of my favourites off here and is pretty dope, using the sample from the old show of the same name, it works well.

E.C.P. - Twistin' Corners
This is also a bit of a disapointing album. I was probably expecting a bit too much from this album as I was cranking a bit of Mix and Sen before I heard this one. It is a pretty good album though, the group is E.C.P. which stands for Emerald City Posse, the crew Kid Sensation is from and it came out in '95 on 'Wrap Records' and of course distributed by 'Ichiban'. 'Twistin' Corners' is a nice track that pretty much sums up the style of the album. The whole album is pretty much produced by Kid Sensation and even features him on the album.

Funk Daddy - Feel The Funk
This guy has got to be one of the most under rated producers in the industry, so good that even Mix-A-Lot gets him to produce some of his tracks. Not only can he produce some funky as fuck beats but he can also hold his own on the mic. The album this is from is 'Tha Source' which has a Forrest Gump style cover and as far as I know is his debut. He has some dope features on this album, infact probably the perfect amount of features. Alot of artists have so many features on their albums that by the time you finish listening to it you swear it was a compilation. Funk Daddy sticks to just using rappers in his circle like E-Dawg and Dee-Lyrious.

Sir Mix A Lot - Man U Luv Ta Hate
Kid Sensation - Two Minutes
E Dawg - Desperado
E.C.P. - Twistin' Corners
Funk Daddy - Feel The Funk

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sport Your Style

With the world cup just days away I thought I'd chuck up a post on various artists showing love to their favourite sport. Hip hop and sport have had a connection since the early days.The oldest hip hop track on sports is 'Basketball'' by Hurt 'Em Bad in 1982 followed by the classic 'Basketball' by Kurtis Blow back in 1984. Back when they released their tracks and even when the Ultra Magnetic MC's dropped 'NBA Allstars' it was all for the love of the music and giving respect to their favourite players.

Although now with hip hop being hijacked by the major corporations and all the big brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok bringing out high top basketball sneakers for alot of the major commercial rappers the love is gone and the dollar signs get the love. This is one of the main reasons why top 40 pop music that the majors try to disguise as 'hip hop' sucks dick and why real independent hip hop will live on way after 50 and Ja appear on Celebrity Squares.

Basketball would have to be the most mentioned sport in the hip hop industry. Ever since the Fu Shnickens released that track with Shaq in about '93 half of the NBA think they can rap. Founder of No Limit Records, Master P who has dabbled in acting also started 'No Limit Sports' which was a sports agency and had plenty of NBA players on their books. He has also tried out with the Charlotte Hornets but was cut, he then went to the Toronto Raptors but was cut before the season started, you have to admire his determination. Plenty of rappers have dedicated tracks to ballers or teams like the Sir Mix-A-Lot track he did for the Seattle Supersonics back in the Shawn Kemp days or the E-40 track dedicated to to Rasheed Wallace 'Record Haterz' (although the latter with a slightly different angle). Even the NBA All Star Weekend is more like a huge block party with rappers from all over the country invited every year.

V & Legacy's 'Baseball' and Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Batter Up' are two of only a few baseball tracks that come to mind along with the classic track by Seattle's Kid Sensation hooking up with legendary Baseball star, Ken Griffey Jr and releasing 'The Way I Swing' on Nastymix' 'The Power Of Rhyme' album that came out in '92. I also heard that Ken Griffey recorded a track with Oakland's MC Hammer, I've never heard the track personally but apparently it's out there somewhere.

NFL players have had a bit to do with the scene with plenty of players like Deion Sanders who released 'Prime Time' in '95 and Ricky Watters releasing records. A few years back an album even got released called 'NFL Jams' that was a compilation filled with player/rapper combo's. Atlanta's Andre Risen even let MC Breed shoot a video in his house with Risen featued in the video. Fellow Michigan MC, Esham's dedication to his Red Wings ice hockey team under his alter ego 'Hockey Daddy' was another mad sports track that comes to mind.

Other than a few cliche quotes of 'I kick it like Pele' that come around every now and then my favorite sport, Football (soccer) never has (as far as I can remember) had anything to do with hip hop other than Turkish player, Umit Davala releasing an album. That was until U.S.A. player Clint Dempsey hooked up H.A.W.K. who recently passed away and released the Nike pre-WC06 promotional track 'Don't Tread', first I was a bit wary of this thinking it was another marketing ploy of a couple of guys pimped out in the latest Nike attire but once I seen it I was impressed. H.A.W.K. proudly sporting his R.I.P. Fat Pat shirt and Dempsey displaying a mad flow showing that if his football career comes to a sudden holt, he has a rap career he can fall back on.

Clint Dempsey & H.A.W.K. - Don't Tread (VIDEO)

I remember a Wrestler that was in the WWE by the name of Konan that was going to be signed to Lil' J's Rap-A-Lot Records until WWE president Vince McMahon stopped the deal going ahead. Also,apparently there's a wrestler that comes down the isle to Q Strange's 'Strange Land'. While I'm mentioning wrestling I feel obliged to bring up Macho Man Randy Savage's comical hip hop album 'Be A Man'. I can remember hearing U.K. group Phi Life Cypher dedicating a track to Evander Holyfield and a celebrity boxing competition over a decade ago where the Terrorists Dope E was matched up against Tim Dog but for some reason Tim Dog didn't fight and Dope E went against Freddy Fox and Willie D knocked out Melle Mel which is the reason for the "ask melle Mel about my boxing game" line on 'Unbreakable'. Lil' J now has his own boxing management agency which is home to such talent as Roy Jones Jr., Floyd Mayweather and Ahmed Kaddour (who you may remember from 'The Contender').

Obviously this post could have gone on forever and I've missed out on countless tracks that could have fit this topic, but this is what I came up with.

Kurtis Blow - Basketball
Ultramagnetic MC's - NBA Allstars
Esham - Detroit Red Wings Tribute
Potluck ft Equipto - Sports Junkies
Kid Sensation ft Ken Griffey Jr. - The Way I Swing
V & Legacy - Baseball
High & Mighty - Friendly Game Of Football
Deuce ft Big H.A.W.K. - Don't Tread

Friday, June 02, 2006

Souls Of Mischief @ Rocket Bar

Oakland's, Souls Of Mischief were in Adelaide on Thursday night and put on a pretty good show although only went for an hour or so. I can't really talk too much on the show because I've never been a hardcore Souls fan or any of the Hieroglyphics crew for that matter (except for the Delinquents who have recently joined the line up). I got a couple of things signed earlier in the night at a instore signing at Big Star Records and they all seemed pretty friendly, anyway here's a flick from the instore and a couple of tracks to go with it.....

Souls Of Mischief - '93 Till Infinity
Souls Of Mischief - Limitations