Friday, June 30, 2006

Rollin' With The Posse

Hip Hop has some pretty crazy posse tracks over the years from Marley Marls 'Symphony' tracks to Rhyme Syndicates, Rap-A-Lots, Night Breeds etc etc. Every now and then we'll post up three of our favourites over the years.

I can't do this without starting off with one of the sickest posse tracks of all time, it's the notorious 'Bring It On' off of the Geto Boys 'Till Death Do Us Part' album off Rap-A-Lot in '93 that had Big Mike who previously was in the Convicts with 3-2 and also released 'Somethin Serious' before joining the roster instead of Willie D. Other than the Geto Boys themselves this also features 2 Low, 3-2, Too Much Trouble, DMG, Ganksta NIP, The 5th Ward Boys, Odd Squad and the late Seagram and Big Mello. I'm sure most of you would already have heard this track a hundred times and will agree that they go hard as fuck from the start to finish. This is how a posse track should go.

Secondly, I've chosen 'The Last Song' off of Above The Law's 'Livin Like Hustlers' album that was released on Ruthless in '90. The name doesn't exactly grab you but i'm sure the beat a dope skills on the mic will. Not quite on the same standards of 'Grand Finale' off of the DOC's 'No One Can Do It Better' but is still def. It features Eazy E, MC Ren as well as Dr Dre and will make you remenisce over the old days of Ruthless.

Last of all, I have to end this with an old New York classic. Marley Marl's 'The Symphony'that features Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane from the oldschool classic 'Cold Chillin' label that pretty much ran the New York hip hop game back in the late '80's and is responsible for some crazy albums. No doubt this and also the 'Symphony Pt II' have inspired many posse tracks since.

Geto Boys ft. Rap-A-Lot Roster -Bring It On
Above The Law ft. N.W.A. - The Last Song
Marley Marl ft. Cold Chillin Roster - The Symphony

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