Sunday, June 25, 2006

South Park Mexican - When Devils Strike

Houston's South Park Mexican (Co-founder of Dope House Records) returns with his much anticipated new album 'When Devils Strike' . The album is set to drop on October the 3rd 2006 and will feature artists such as Juan Gotti, Twin Beredaz, Powda and more and will come with a free second screwed and chopped version of the album courtesy of Michael Watts of the Swisha House.

For more information on this release go to Dope House Records website and SPM's Myspace page that is being run by his brother Arthur. Here is the album sampler (in MP3 format) that goes for over 27 minutes that has Carlos introducing the snippets of the tracks and also features an interview with him.



TexasHeater said...

Man this is eerie. Just knowing his whole story and seeing his creepy jail picture is weird. I used to love SPM's music. I used to and still do jam all of his old shit. He was one of my favorite rappers, but man this whole situation is fucked up and it's got people thinking did he or didn't he and that will always be in the back of peoples minds. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this and that is really sad because SPM was dope.

BULLANT said...

I know, although there are still alot of people, myself included that have 100% confidence that it was all a scam.

There is no doubt that his rep has been majorly tarnished. It's kind of fucked up that A man can get 45 with zero evidence.