Friday, June 23, 2006

Insane Poetry Vinyl Rips

After all this time thanks to Afects I can finally get all my favourite remixes, 'b' sides and unreleased cd tracks off of my vinyl ripped to mp3 format. Afects got himself the equptment to rip 'em so I lent him a stack of my wax and over the next couple of months I'll be chucking most of them on here.

I'm gonna start off with one of my favourite artists, Insane Poetry. Before Psycho's (Cyco) group was called 'Insane Poetry' they were known as Chicago outfit 'His Majesti' this was back when Shakespere The One Man Riot was a part of the group and released a 3 track E.P. vinyl titled 'The M.M.O.B. Is Loose' that featured 'Armed & Dangerous', 'M.M.O.B. Style Chronicles' and 'Slow & Ill' that have all been ripped as well as a track called 'Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla' which was released as the B side to Rodney O & Joe Cooley's 'Get Ready To Roll 12". After Rodney O & Joe Cooley released the 'Get Ready To Roll' album, General Jeff left them. After that they released a 12" that featured a 'Lets Do It Like This' remix and a 'You Dont Wanna Run Up' remix that has Psycho replacing General Jeff . This track is probably the best remix I've ever heard. I also put up '12 Strokes Till Midnight' which is an old Insane Poetry track I got a few years back.

I have another few Insane Poetry vinyl rips that I'll probably put up down the track. Hopefully you enjoy these ones.


His Majesti - Armed & Dangerous
His Majesti - M.M.O.B. Style Chronicles
His Majesti - Slow & Ill
Insane Poetry - 12 Strokes Till Midnight
Insane Poetry - Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla
Rodney O & Joe Cooley (ft Insane Poetry) - You Don't Wanna Run Up REMIX


travis said...

Word, thanks man. I would have never gotten into Insane Poetry if it wasn't for you guys.

BULLANT said...

That comment right there, is the reason why this shit is still going.

Peace and thanks for checking us out from the start Travis.... KEEP WAKING THOSE DAUGHTERS UP!!!

emdee said...

good job

Anonymous said...

Can you pleeeeaaaase add the rest of the Insane Poetry/His Majesti vinyl rips that you said you have? These are great, and I am looking forward to the rest. Thank you very much. I am especially looking for "Nine Millimeter w/a 13 clip"

BULLANT said...

There are no more His Majesti's, just Insane Poetry's, I won't keep you hanging too long but I don't like posting too much of an artist too close together. Unfortunately your not the only one after that track, we're looking for it too. Thanks for checking us out and I hope you enjoyed these IP's.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any info about it? Was it released on vinyl? Also what about the group Insane Poetry was down with KMC? Do you have anything rare? Like the song "Execute The Wittness"?

BULLANT said...

You obviously know your NightBreed stuff. The only place I heard of the "Nine Millimeter w/a 13 clip" is on the old IP site and i'm pretty sure it's not on wax as I hunt for their shit all the time and never have come across it.
As for KMC i'm after that "Psycho" track thats on the "Straight From The Hood" comp, I do have an early KMC track from MCM's "X Mas N The Hood" on the title track from 1991.
Whats the deal with that "Execute The Wittness" track? I've never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

Execute The Wittness is a song that they recorded for their second album which was never released. It is almost impossible to come by. I do have KMC Psycho, but it's the radio edit version. Can you upload that MCM's "X Mas N The Hood"??


BULLANT said...

That was some dope ish! was there ever a un-edited version released?

Thanks heaps for that, much appreciated. Emvee will upload that track for you tomorrow.

Thanks again. If you've got a myspace page, hit me up.

Anonymous said...

Yes there was. The unedited version is so much better.

Cyco - New Freestyle

BULLANT said...

Thanks again, that was dope. Where'd ya get that from?
I have heaps of other recent freestyles that he's done on the computer but never heard of that.

Hope the new album isn't too far away, but they're always worth the wait.

Do you know if D.A.L ever released anything or what happened to Shakespere and Evil 1?

EMVEE1 said...

Here's that track you were after.

MCM Ft KMC - X Maz N The Hood

LRD said...

make sure you grap the new INSANE POETRY album "Fallen From Grace"

Anonymous said...

can someone re-up this one, plz?
would be cool, if anyone could hook me up with the instr. for Armed And Dangerous.
my e-mail: