Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Review: South Central Cartel - 'N Gatz We Truss

Artist: South Central Cartel
'N Gatz We Truss
Year: 1994
Label: G.W.K. Records

Before I start reviewing this I have to be honest, this is going to have alot of favouritism because of memories listening to it when it came out. That mixed with the fact I just got dusted and enjoy my beats twice as much like this. Anyway, this is S.C.C.'s second album after previously releasing the incredible 'South Central Madness' in 1992. The cartel consisted of Havikk (The Rhime Son), Havoc (The Mouth Piece), Pro`deje , DJ Gripp, DJ Kaos #1 and harmonious LV who later got his fame featuring on Coolio's 'Gangstas Paradise' in '96.

The album starts off with a little Intro that continues into 'Bring It On' that has an addictive beat with what you expect from the SCC; impeccable smooth flows. The next track, 'Drive Bye Homicide' starts with Havoc The Mouthpiece on the phone organizing a hit before the rhymes immediately start. The break gas a nice flute style tune behind some cut up gangsta samples. 'Servin' Em Heat' starts off the same way as most SCC tracks, with instant rhymes from the get go, over the top of a dope beat. That is not the only that is the same, the subject matter doesn't change much either. Next up is 'Gang Stories' which is a slightly slower paced and more eerie styled track where the Cartel's members all go through short gangsta stories and like with the previous tracks the hooks are sampled.

An LV (who is responsible for several SCC hooks) introduction starts 'Seventeen Swtiches', a pretty deff track which has different styled flows than are heard on the album prior to this. LV kicks off 'U Couldn't Deal Wit Dis' briefly before Havikk takes control before busts back in with his singy hooks. Although he has got a great voice, hooks of this style aren't my thing. This track is all about women and honestly it has to be said that they don't really say anything on the topic that hasn't already been heard on on a couple of hundred other tracks, definately the worst track on the album up to this point. 'Do It S.C. Style' gets the album back where it was with dope rhymes and the NWA "Damn that shit was dope" sample being cut up in the background. Track 8 is just a skit called 'Dick Sucking Contest' which is a bit of a waiste.

'Had To Be Loc'd' is yet another mad S.C.C. gangsta track. Dope beat, dope rhymes, check the mp3. This is followed up by 'Little Nucklehead' and right on cue the raps start instantly. The track's pretty sick, but by this time in the album they have set some pretty high standards to live up to and this one isn't quite up on par with some of the previous tracks, and it doesn't go for too long either. Next is 'It's A S.C.C. Thang' is pretty good with a pretty def L.V. "Watch your back because we're moving in slow" hook. 'Stay Out Da Hood' is good but is out shined by 'Rollin Down Da Block' that's up next, because of the crazy flows.

'Get Em' comes on next and although the track is still sick, they swear way too much. They probably say "fuck" more in this track than in the entire 'Menace II Society' film. It's perfect ammination for all those "gangsta rap" haters that share the earth with us when they ramble on about the genre just being a bunch of swearing and murders, oh well, fuck 'em. The posse track 'Gangsta Team' that other than the S.C.C. boys, it also features 2 Pac, Ice T, MC Eiht and then finished off by East O's, Spice 1. This is followed by 'Shot Outz' whish is obviously just a shout out track and then two bonus tracks that dont feature on the vinyl version. The first being
'Marinate' and the other 'Hoo Riding In Da Central' which is def.

Overall, this album is crazy, although looking at from an outsiders point of view it's probablynot a complete album because from the start to the finish the whole album doesn't branch out from the shoot-em-up styled lyrics. Lucky for me I'm not too hard on rap albums and look at like, if you can do something that good then keep doing it. I love all the hard gangsta rhymes when they're rapped by real g's like these and not some emcee playing dress up. This is another hard album to choose the mp3's for.

South Central Cartel - Bring It On
South Central Cartel - Had To Be Loc'd
South Central Cartel - Rollin' Down Da Block

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

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