Friday, June 09, 2006

Review: B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'sta - Real Brothas

Artist: B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta
Album: Real Brothas
Year: 1995
Label: Out Burst Records/ Def Jam

If you're not familiar with B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'sta, you may have heard them on Eazy E's 'Real Muthaphukkin G's', 'Sippin On A 40' or maybe on MurderSquad's 'Knocc On Wood' remix.

Pretty much they're two brothers from Compton that are funky as fuck and hate fake gangstas like Snoop, Dre and the Dogg Pound. You may have even seen their clones in a Dogg Pound video where Daz and Kurrupt beat them down. After seeing the video B.G. and Dre'sta decided to go see if they wanted to try it on the real thing and went to some golf course while Nate Dogg was shooting a Death Row video and stepped to the fantasy Crip. It wasn't really much of a show because Nate swung his club that slightly brushed Dre'sta before Nate dropped his club and ran for his life. B.G. and Dre'sta gave chase but Nate ran between his two bodyguards and ordered them to aim their guns at them. I've heard people diss Knocc Out and Dre'sta saying that they came to the golf course and got clubbed, but the fact is that there's nothing hardcore about swingin', runnin and getting your body guards to fight your battle after B.G. and Dre'sta turned up unarmed to their video shoot to sort out their problem.

Anyway, after a little bit of exposure with Eazy (R.I.P.) and even performing on the Arsenio Hall show they got their deal with Out Burst and Def Jam and dropped this crazy album.The album starts off with 'Jealousy' which is pretty much about that and has a nice beat produced by Doctor Jam with smooth raps by the duo. This is followed by 'Who's The G' which has pretty much the same tempo as the previous track, and like the last track is funky and smooth. 'Everyday All Day' is third up (even though the cover lists it as the first track) from the second this track starts you know it moves up a level with a sick beat by Doctor Jam and faster paced lyrics and a catchy hook, they even find time to give Jayo Felony a shout out and Snoop a diss, unfortunately it only goes for 3:15.

Next is 'Comptin Swangin' with production by Charlie B and like the other tracks B.G. and Dre'sta's delivery is flawless with their voices sounding perfect together. One of my favourite things about this track is the line "MixMaster Spade used to rock my block, but now he's history, another mystery of a legend" because you never really hear anybody give a shout out to this Compton legend, sadly even after Spade passed away last year, he still didn't get his props.
'Lifes A Puzzle' is a pretty good track too and even the hook which is a bit singy which I usually hate, sort of sorts the style of the track.

'B.G. Knocc Out' slips into sixth spot and is a pretty decent track but far from the best on here. '
Compton Hoe' is next with production by Rhythm D who produced alot of Eazy E's 'Impact Of A Legend' album. This track is a highlight with a mad funky hook that is hard to get bored of, and as usual the lyrics sound dope. Doctor Jam comes back into running the production on 'Micc Checc' but isn't one of the more memorable beats on the album and even the lyrics arn't quite as sick as usual. 'Compton & Watts' puts it back on track with a def beat and production by Rhythm D. They add another little diss to Snoop with "Compton and Long Beach together?, nigga never, ever got along...." referring to Dre and Snoop, but you can't help to feel a diss track looming.

'50/50 Luv' is a flashback track with B.G. and Dre'sta thinking back to the way their hood was growing up to the way it is today, well at least in '95. Starting off with a dope beat you know Rhythm D is back for 'Real Brothas', this track is about what you expect, the two Compton brothers growing up in Compton. The main thing I love about this track is the way they cut in and out of each others lines. 'Do Or Die' is probably my least favourite on the album just because it's a slower slightly boring track. 'Take A Ride' is a def track with another crazy beat. As the album nears the end the eerie beat kicks in for 'Down Goes Another Nigga' the track is sick but it's the next track that finishes off the album with a bang, 'D.P.G./K' which stands for Dogg Pound Gangsta Killas, so you can tell what the track entails. Because i'm not a Dogg Pound fan and can't stand Snoop Dogg this track is up their with my favourite track on the album. I'm gonna put it up for download real soon with some more diss tracks.

Overall there isn't too many downfalls to this album all the production is dope, especially when Rhythm D is in charge, all the raps are smooth. Maybe some of the lyrics could have been better but what they did definately worked for them. This is also available on picture cover wax.

Unfortunately just after this came out B.G. Knocc Out who is a Nutty Blocc Crip was sentenced to 10 years in prison for an attempted drive by murder. From what I've read Knocc Out is meant to be released this August and is keen to drop a solo album.

B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Everyday All Day
B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Compton & Watts

Rating: 4 and a half Daytons out of 5


ben said...

these dudes are dope.
im spewn cos i saw this album on wax on ebay like 6 months ago and didnt pick it up!!!!!!!! doh.

BULLANT said...

You must be hatin' it, keep typeing it in and one day i'm sure you'll find it again. I was looking for the 'LOWC - Layin In Tha Cut' 3 track for years and just recently got a copy off ebay for $5, so it's worth checking.

Chris "Hendogg" Hennessy said...

Hey guys, BG Knocc Out has an incredible flow and it contrasts awesomely with Drestas rough voice. Ive had this album for about 6 years or so and it never disappoints. Fuck DPG and any nigga down with em. Nates a big poof and they should show the rest of the golf course vid. Long live true compton bangers!!!

P.S: excellent album review my friend, its good to see some people still appreciate real rap music.