Friday, June 09, 2006

Funk From The Seatown

I got to start this by saying that I've only ever heard about ten artists out of Seattle, but I have to say that overall Seatown is definately a slept on city. Pretty much everything I've heard out of there is dope as fuck. Obviously the one that comes to everybodies mind would be Sir Mix-A-Lot, and for some fucked up reason alot of people diss him for whatever reason. Personally I rate him as one of the sickest rappers of all time simply on his unbeatable flow, hate if you must, bring up the typical 'Baby Got Back' if you want, but put on his albums and you will here dope flows over funky beats. His young prodeje Kid Sensation isn't quite up there but can still hold his own as can the rest of the crew and the E.C.P. and pretty much everone else that I've heard from Seatown.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Man U Luv Ta Hate
It was hard to choose just one track out of dozens of gems. This one comes from the '96 'Return Of The Bumpersauras' on 'American' and 'Rhyme Cartel'. Pretty much on this track he goes back to days of 'Posse On Broadway', with a simular verse as on the classic Broadway just changing it enough to let people know he's kept up with the times. Mix-A-Lot recently dropped 'Daddy's Home' which had tight lyrics and flows but way too many wack singy hooks that makes it hard to even think about putting in my stez.

Kid Sensation - Two Minutes
Another one of Nastymix Records dope releases was Kid Sensations 'Rollin With Number One' which is the album this track is from. It's crazy from the start with a couple of standouts, 'Two Minutes' being one of them, the idea to the track is pretty much a wack rapper calls up Nasty Nes' radio show and busts a toy verse, he's cut off and Kid Sensation is given two minutes to show his skills. It's pretty much an excuse to show he can rap fast if he needs to.

E-Dawg - Desperado
To be honest 'How Long?' (which is the album this is from) is a bit of a dissapointment to me, previous to Emvee getting this we had heard his verses on Funk Daddy's album, the crazy 'You Can't Slip' from the B' side of 'Baby Got Back' and a two track 12" ('Lil Loc'). I had also got the 'It's All Hip Hop' 12" off this album which is sick, so when I heard this album I was surprised on how medium paced E-Dawg's lyrics were, I was used to him coming hard on the mic. Anyway, the track I chucked up is 'Desperado' which is one of my favourites off here and is pretty dope, using the sample from the old show of the same name, it works well.

E.C.P. - Twistin' Corners
This is also a bit of a disapointing album. I was probably expecting a bit too much from this album as I was cranking a bit of Mix and Sen before I heard this one. It is a pretty good album though, the group is E.C.P. which stands for Emerald City Posse, the crew Kid Sensation is from and it came out in '95 on 'Wrap Records' and of course distributed by 'Ichiban'. 'Twistin' Corners' is a nice track that pretty much sums up the style of the album. The whole album is pretty much produced by Kid Sensation and even features him on the album.

Funk Daddy - Feel The Funk
This guy has got to be one of the most under rated producers in the industry, so good that even Mix-A-Lot gets him to produce some of his tracks. Not only can he produce some funky as fuck beats but he can also hold his own on the mic. The album this is from is 'Tha Source' which has a Forrest Gump style cover and as far as I know is his debut. He has some dope features on this album, infact probably the perfect amount of features. Alot of artists have so many features on their albums that by the time you finish listening to it you swear it was a compilation. Funk Daddy sticks to just using rappers in his circle like E-Dawg and Dee-Lyrious.

Sir Mix A Lot - Man U Luv Ta Hate
Kid Sensation - Two Minutes
E Dawg - Desperado
E.C.P. - Twistin' Corners
Funk Daddy - Feel The Funk


travis said...

Ah man, I never knew E Dawg had an album out. I'm going to have to track that down. Sea-town has always been slept on for some reason. I grew up in the Northwest so I was pretty up on who was coming out, but no one else paid much attention to the region.

siskellives said...

thanks alot for this post man. Im from the 20sicness myself and hadnt heard most of this stuff. funk daddy is definelty underrated though, i think he produced a couple of songs on In a Major Way and has one other cd before tha source..his group crooked paths album is also worth checking out as well if you havent already.

BULLANT said...

I know about the Crooked Paths but still havn't tracked a copy down yet.

thanks for the info, and Travis, don't hunt for it too hard because it ain't up to the standards of that 'You Cant Slip' track.