Saturday, October 01, 2005

Streets On Beats - Volume One

Here is a free 16 track downloadable hip hop compilation for the people checking out the blog (front and back covers have been included, just click them to enlarge the images).

All of the tracks have been selected from all different areas of America. There are some new tracks and some old tracks on the mix, and there are no more than 1 track by each of the artists. If any of the artists of the songs are not happy with being on a FREE non-profit downloadable only compilation then just let me know.

1. South Park Mexican Ft Low G - Streets On Beats or (*Remix Version*)
2. LOWC - Layin' In Tha Cut
3. DMG - Prelude To A Murdah
4. C.I.N. - The Book Of Sin
5. A.M.W. - Soldier Story
6. Q Strange - Buy My Friggin Album Bitch
7. T La Rock - Nitro
8. Kid Sensation Ft Ken Griffey Jr. - The Way I Swing
9. Insane Poetry - Footsteps Of Danger
10. OFTB - Slangin' Dope
11. Gregory D - Gangsta Life
12. O.C.U. - Proud To Be A Gangster
13. Iceberg Slim - How We Roll
14. Success N Effect - Fuck 1 Time
15. Donald D - Car Chase
16. Tha Hitmen - J.O.E.

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Anonymous said...

I listen to rap but neva heard dem rappers! Jus neva ;-) PEACE & HOLLABACK