Monday, October 24, 2005

Review: Maddwest - Maddwest

Artist: Maddwest
Album: Maddwest
Year: 2002
Label: 2KSounds

I don't know much about Maddwest except that they hail from Indiana and the duo consists of rapper Sammy Brazil and AceHa on the beats. Along the line I found out that that they had some affiliation with Playboy, so I'm guessing that explains the front cover but I'd be confident in saying that the deceiving cover wouldn't of helped record sales.

The album has 14 tracks and although the longest track is only 4 minutes long the album is pretty sick, definitely a case of quality over quantity. The first track is just a short rhyme to get the listeners in the mood for the rest of the album, nothing amazing but not bad either. The second track is called "Gangsta Kind", it starts with some brass music followed by a girl singing the hook, Sammy Brazil's rhymes in this track are pretty sick, the track goes all over the place, just a whole bunch of rhymes about how much he loves weed. The following track "Run Fo Ya Life" is quality as well, some pleasant rhymes about murdering, nothing out of the ordinary...

The next track "PHD" is craaazy, lyrically Sammy Brazil is pretty much flawless, the hook could be better but I'll forgive that. The tracks about a bunch of things he doesn't like, some lyrical player hating, BuckNasty would be proud. There's alot of shit he doesn't like, things like Juvenile, Richard Gere movies, Kate Moss, people who don't respect Big L, divas, shady record companies and a lot more. For me, the best line in the track is "I hate all these rappers in movies that shouldn't be acting, except for Will Smith and that cat shouldn't be rapping,".

The rest of the album is madd as well, some of the other topics he raps about include ugly girls, cheating, stalking girls, milk and more- pretty diverse. Although I like all the tracks on the album, "PHD" is my favourite, along with a track about a high school shooting. The track is called "Johnny Rage" and it is rapped from the gunmans perspective, the track is executed to perfection.

Over all this album is alot better than the cover suggests, Sammy Brazil holds his own on the mic and AceHa comes through with some quality production. A couple of the hooks could of been improved and it would of been good if the tracks went for longer but thats all I can fault this album for. I don't know what they are up to these days but about six months back I downloaded a couple of new MaddWest tracks off of soundclick and they weren't bad. If you see this album and you are looking for an entertaining listen then I suggest you pick it up, it's actually easy to come by online and isn't too expensive either... "Maddwest - Double D Muthafucka!"

MaddWest - PHD
MaddWest - Johnny Rage

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Dayton's out of 5