Saturday, May 12, 2007

K-Rino In Adelaide

For those not familar with the founder of the legendary South Park Coalition, K-Rino, go to either the S.P.C. site or the man's myspace and find out about real Houston history that got left out of the 'Dirty States Of America' documentary. For those that do know him would know how incredible one of his shows would be, we were fiending for this for years and on Friday the 11th of May thanks to Nugsta of Resident Records, we finally saw the best show of our lives.

I'll let the pictures tell the story. Also here's some flicks from his guest programming spot on Premium Blend's radio show (Click here to go to the Premium Blend post to download their stream), the openers for Rino's show, Rino himself and also pics from both of the Resident Records BBQ's.

K-Rino and Brain Dead at Resident Records

K-Rino on Premium Blend's hip hop show hosted by Kirk1 and Headlock on Tuesday May 8th.

3 days later was the long awaited show filled with 5 hours of locals, interstaters and internationals.

Kolaps & Integer1 of After Hours (Certified Wise)




Prime & Answer
(Mad respect to Prime who's been bumping Rino for years and got to open for the wizard)

Conseps & Patti (Adroit Effusive)
Check out their mixtape on here.

Tornts of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)

Big Foot of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)

The one and only DJ Heata of Hired Goons (Melbourne, Vic)
(gotta love that GB shirt)

F.Stokes (Chicago Il.)

Monsta Ganjah of the Regime (Long Beach CA)

DJ Kansel of the Battle Hoggs

The legendary K-Rino of the South Park Coalition (Houston TX.)

This show was dedicated to Johnny Murdoch aka Krunks who passed away on Saturday the 5th of May. Johnny was a huge fan of K-Rino, the S.P.C. and hip hop in general and worked hard for this show to happen, it was good to see so much love for him at the show by Rino, Ganjah, the supports and the crowd.... Rest In Peace Krunks.

Johnny and K.B. Tha Kidnappa at Resident Records, August 2006.

Some flix taken @ the 2nd K Rino BBQ at Resident Records (Sunday May 13th 2007)

We're off to see the wizard in Sydney later in the week so no doubt we'll have more pics from that show etc so keep checkin the page.


Anonymous said...

very nice post,

k-rino show was madnesss!!

nice flicks.

BULLANT said...

Thanks Ben, spewin we didn't get a chance to meet up at this one, hopefully will soon.


SKITZO said...

looks like everyone came hard on this one...good K RINO got to see how the boys bring it down under...

got some deadly pics...

I'm still shitty I missed it

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