Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stalkin' With The Nitebreed

Anyone familiar with the Nitebreed would know that underground hip hop doesn't really get any better. The Nitebreed pretty much consisted of Psycho, Emdee (Mad Dog), Shakespere 'The One Man Riot' and DJ Streek 'The Crossfade Beast' of Insane Poetry, General Jeff, Rodney O, Joe Cooley, D.A.L. (Dangerous Ass Lunatic) Evil 1 and K.M.C. (Kaotic Minds Curruptin') that consists off DJ Poison Ivey, Tee Thee O.G. and Rocc The Jock.

The Nitebreed pretty much finished before it really started due to K.M.C. giving up rapping just after starting to record a second album, D.A.L. who is Psycho's brother never really being a proper rapper, General Jeff left Rodney O & Joe Cooley just after 'Get Ready To Roll' that made them pick up Pookie Duke and start 'Tha Hitmen'. Emdee who didnt really rap much anyway I think left to work on cars or something? I wouldn't have a clue abot Evil 1 (Death Blo) but Psycho and Rodney O & Joe Cooley had beef over shit that led to the demise of the Nitebreed, although Insane Poetry still repped it throughout their career.

Psycho hooked up with his friend , Pope to release the almost unheard of 'Blacc Plague' (complete with a Rodney O diss), Rodney O went on to do solo work. It's just in recent times that Psycho (who now spells it Cyco) has hooked back up with Rodney O & Joe Cooley and recently performed on stage with them. KMC have got back together and rocked a show with Insane Poetry (mow consists of Cyco, Streek and J.P.). Hopefully between all these guys they can get the Nitebreed back and start releasing 'Stalkin With The Nitebreed' type posse tracks again?

KMC with Cyco 2007 after a show together

The tracks I've put up for download are, KMC's almost impossible to find unedited version of 'Psycho' (one of the dopest tracks I've ever heard), Rodney O & Joe Cooley's 'Funk In Yo Face' that came out in 1995 as side A of A React records 12" (and cd single) I have also put up the B' side track which is Insane Poetry's original version of 'You Better Ask Somebody' (they re-recorded it as 'You Better Ask Somebody 96' for 'Blacc Plague' as a completely different track with Rodney O disses). This original track was meant to be on an album titled 'Aint Got No Brain Cells' that never got released. Last but not least I chucked up the posse track 'Stalkin With The Nitebreed' from 'Grim Reality'. I know I've put it up before but you can't do a 'Nitebreed' post a not put up either this or 'Roll Call' and I've put that one up before too.... so it's this one.

Be on the lookut for Insane Poetry's new album 'Fallen From Grace' that is completely finished and in the hands of Long Range Distribution as I write this awaiting release, probably early July. If you're into the old Insane Poetry 'Grim Reality' shit you'd definately love 'Fallen From Grace' as Cyco's still got that take no prisoners style but more perfected now, and J.P. has got skills on the mic too.

Here's a link to an old Insane Poetry Vinyl Rips post I did. The tracks are still up for download and I can't believe I still haven't posted part 2 to this. I may have to get that shit started real soon.

Nitebreed MP3's:
KMC - Psycho (Un-Cut Version)
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Funk In Yo Face
Insane Poetry - You Better Ask Somebody (Original '95 Version)
Insane Poetry ft. The Nitebreed - Stalking With The NiteBreed


SKITZO said...

It's good have a bit more info into what I've been listening to...
And 'Fallen From Grace' sounds like it's another killer album...I'll keep a keen eye out for the NiteBreed...hope this new ablum goes ahead...

Anonymous said...

Ive always wondered if pookie duke was physco - can anyone confirm this? going from this post I'd gather there two different mc's.

BULLANT said...

Two different emcee's without doubt. I have heard that before though. That Hitmen album is a classic for any Rodney O & Joe fans that may have had that one slip by.


INDO said...


impatiently waitin for Part 2

Anonymous said...

would love to hear anything else by his majesti!!! they are originally from around my way and i haven't been able to track down anything besides the 12".

BULLANT said...

That's all they released under that name. I think the next track that came out was "12 Strokes Till Midnight" under Insane Poetry.

Worlike said...

'Psycho'! nuff said.