Friday, June 01, 2007

O.G. Stripes

My ears seem to be very different from alot of hip hop fans out there, most people love their mid 90's East Coast hip hop with DJ Premiere production.... I'm not one of those people. When it comes to East Coast hip hop I want to hear Kool Moe Dee, Eric B & Rakim, Whodini, Tony D, Slick Rick, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Donald D, Fat Boys, Schoolly D, Tuff Crew, Two Kings In A Cypher, old BDP records, Cold Chillin'....... my interest in the East faded out in the 90's for some reason but in the last 5 or 6 years I've been getting back into the East with alot of new refreshing artists like Immortal Technique, High & Mighty and the Lo Life roster.

The Lo Life artists are headed by Thirstin Howl 3rd from Brownsville Brooklyn who is a Puerto Rican ex-con who is a dope battle rapper and a def emcee. Alot of his lyrics are about shoplifting and especially Ralph Lauren gear. Their is a documentary coming soon about the Lo Lifes and all the millions worth of clothes they ganked in the late 80's and 90's. I don't even want to get into it because the quantities and dedication have to be seen to be believed and any words I write would be a massive underexaggeration. There are a couple of Thirstin Howl 3rd documentaries out now that have previews of that Lauren one on it and shows drawers and waldrobes filled with products that will make your jaw drop.

The Source magazine helped Thirstin and his crew that consists of members like Rack Lo, Unique London, Master Fool and the Alaskan Fishermen etc by reporting the Ralph Lauren story in a couple of their issues. Anyway, the reason this post was put up is to put all 3 of his 'O.G. Stripes' tracks up for download. These tracks are dedication tracks to all old school artist from New York and the West Coast. If you're into those sort of tracks where rappers dedicate a track to artists they used to bump before making it themselves, then you'd love these 3 tracks.

This post will be followed soon by simular tracks by other artists, we got about a dozen others ready to chuck on.

Thirstin Howl III - O.G. Stripes chapter.1
Thirstin Howl III - O.G. Stripes chapter.2 ft Dana Dane
Thirstin Howl III - O.G. Stripes chapter.3


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SKITZO said...

All sicc tracks...but O.G stripes part 3 is the shit I'm feelin the most...the beat on that jam is deadly...I heard about this dude awhile back...but never had a listen to him till 2day...

cheers for the rip