Sunday, September 18, 2005

Review: Havoc + Prodeje - Kickin' Game

Artist : Havoc + Prodeje
Album : Kickin' Game
Year : 1994
Label : Pump, G.W.K., Warlock

This album is a hard one to review, depending on the mood I'm in my opinion changes. I am a huge South Central Cartel fan and their first two albums "South Central Madness" (1991) and "N Gatz We Truss" (1994) burn this, although if your in one of those lazy layed back sort of moods or your all stanked out and just want to hear some slow smoothe beats this album is perfect. S.C.C's L.V. who is more famous for hooking up with Coolio and releasing "Gangstas Paradise" does most of the sing songy hooks that he's known for, I personally would rather hear some gangsta samples being cut up and keep the slow shit for the dedication tracks.

Having said all of that, when I was listening to for this review I was enjoying it, the rapping is smooooth and the flows are tight. "Charge it 2 a bitch", "M-Squads Nation Wide" and " G'z Only" are my favourite tracks and are def but "That'z The Way It'z Goin' Down", "Endo Glide", "C U When U Get Out" and "Only Lonely Homie" are the slower tracks that are all good but nothing more.

I can't fault the album as they obviously wanted this to be a slower more personal project and is probably why they recorded it under the "Havoc + Prodeje" title because the "N Gatz We Truss" that was released earlier in the year and the "Murder Squad" album that was released in '95 are alot harder and faster paced. Any slow, Domino style of smooth raps over even smoother beats hip hop fan should grab this one.

Havoc + Prodeje - G'z Only

Rating: 2 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

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