Sunday, September 18, 2005

R.I.P. - DJ Screw

Rest In Peace
DJ Screw

Real Name
: Robert Earl Davies Jr.
Hailing From: Bastrop, Louisiana
Date Of Birth: June 27 1971
Date Of Death: November 16 2000 (Houston Texas)
Cause Of Death: Overdose - Combination Of "Syrup" The Prescription-Only, Codeine-Containing Cough Medicine Promethazine

DJ Screw is a legend in the underground scene down south, he literally changed hip hop in not only Texas, but the whole world. He started the screwed and chopped phenomenon that is now a multi million dollar business and is copied by a shit load of DJ's across the world. Almost every album that gets released these days down south also has a screwed version released. Rap A Lot records even brought out a heap of it's old catalogue screwed up, including the Scareface dvd.
I can't finish this without mentioning that DJ Screw started the crew the Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) that has some of the most successfull underground rappers in the U.S. such as H.A.W.K., Z-Ro, Big Pokey and the now mainstream Lil' Flip, All of which owe their success to the king of the south.
I can't list albums released by Screw as the list is never ending although he is mainly known for his Mixed Screw Tapes that made him famous, not only by screw fiends but by Texas police thinking he was slangin' dope and got a warrant to search his house after a line of customers would line up from his door to the street and down the road every week to grab the new tape.(Grab the DJ Screw dvd's to see some old footage of it)

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