Sunday, September 11, 2005

Review: Schoolly D - How A Black Man Feels

Artist: Schoolly D
Album: How A Black Man Feels
Year: 1991
Label: Capitol

If you've been sleeping for the last twenty years, you might not know that Schoolly hails from Philadelphia. He's made a heap of albums all sounding dark, strange and dope as fuck. This is my favourite along with the '87 classic "Saturday Night".
The first track on this album is "Run" and one of my best, it uses Run Dmc's sample for the hook and scratches it relentlessly through the track (A part of hip hop that is almost impossible to find these days) infact the whole album is pretty much just a heap of crazy beats, crazy rhymes with crazy samples and scratching. My least favorite track is "Original Gangsta" produced by Schoolly and KRS 1, The tracks alright but the hook gets a bit annoying. The track "King Of New York" with Larry Fishburne doing the hook himself (track dedicated to the Abel Ferrara classic film "King Of New York" that contains two Schoolly tracks) is alright but the tracks I'm usually playing other than "Run" are "Your Worst Nightmare", "Die Nigger Die" and "Just Another Killer" that has over a minute of scratching to end the track.

All in all this album has only ten tracks and is pretty much what you expect from a Schoolly D album. All the 4 wheels are covered in gold 100 spoke Dayton's for the original gangsta with a half a spare packed in the trunk.

Schoolly D - Run
Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

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