Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Review: Rhyme Syndicate - Comin' Through

: Rhyme Syndicate (Various Artists)
Album: Comin' Through
Year: 1988
Label: Warner

This is a compilation of one of hip hop's best ever crews "The Rhyme Syndicate". The first track is the title track by Ice T, he's done better but it's still pretty crazy. Next up is (W.C. and DJ Aladin) "Low Profile" the track being "Think You Can Hang?" and "Spin Masters - Bustin Loose" both these tracks are mad and even the next track by "Everlast", who I'm not a fan of any of his post Syndicate shit like "House Of Pain" and all that solo shit (except maybe "Whitey's Revenge") is good although probably the worst on the compilation.
The following tracks are "Domination - You Haven't Heard Nothing" , "T.D.F. - T.D.F. Connection" , "Bango/Mix Master Quick - Ghettoish" and my personal favourite track "Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex" this track is fuckin' dope!

It ends with two more sick tracks "Nat The Cat - While You've Been Waiting" and "Donald Dee Ft. Bronx Style Bob - Name Of The Game". Over all there is no wack tracks and is a must have for any Syndicate fan who wants to here more of these artists than just 16 bars here and there on a "Ice T" posse track. I've heard a couple of "Toddy Tee's" albums and although there alright "I Need A Rolex" burns every track on 'em. The Donald Dee and Bronx Style Bob track is sick, as are both of Donald D's solo albums, although ......... If you ever lay eyes on Bronx Style Bobs solo album, leave it in the shop, it's the biggest let down you will ever hear and will regret spending a cent on it, my mate "Bad News" was hating it when he picked it up in a pawn shop and he ganked it.

The cheap and nice production of "Comin' Through" is mainly by Ice T and Afrika Islam you can grab it on ebay pretty cheap and it is a must have.

Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex
Donald Dee Ft Bronx Style Bob - Name Of The Game

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

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