Friday, September 30, 2005

Review: Lil' Raskull - Certified Southern Hits

Lil' Raskull
Album: Certified Southern Hits
Year: 1998
Label: Grape Tree Records

Delbert Harris, better known as Lil' Raskull, is a Christian rapper hailing from the famous Trinity Garden district of Houston , Texas (it's fame was elevated by Rap-A-Lot records group Trinity Garden Cartel). Lil' Raskull started rapping in 1993, when he decided to start rapping about Christianity he signed to the self proclaimed "#1 Christian rap label" in the world, Grape Tree Records. This album, "Certified Southern Hits" was released in 1998 and he majority of the production on the album was handled by Blaq Gold. There are 12 tracks on the album and features are at a minimal, although fellow Christian rapper Nuwine makes an appearance on the album.

Unlike alot of other religious rap I've heard, the rappers on Grape Tree Records seem to deal with religious topics without seeming like Bible bashers, all of the Grape Tree artists I've heard rap about a range of topics, not just God. Lil' Raskull is the best Grape Tree rapper I have heard so far, his voice is pretty sick (strangely enough he reminds me of Menacide) , his rhymes have good flow and his lyrical content is pretty good as well. Lil' Raskull raps on a variety of topics on this album, he always refers back to people and stories from the Bible in his rhymes. He uses messages from the Bible and adapts them to make them relevant to modern day problems in the hood such as drug dealing and murder.

Overall I think the album is pretty good, as a rapper I rate Lil' Raskull failrly highly and I respect the positive messages he delivers through his rhymes. I think what really lets the album down are the shit choruses. There are far too many tracks where someone is singing an RnB hook, most of them go for ages as well. A few of the tracks have good choruses with scratching but unfortunately these tracks are few and far between. There are no shit tracks on the album, just a bunch of tracks with shit choruses that take a dayton away from the overall rating. There are a couple of tracks I thought stood out near the start of the album, I reckon track #2 "Lost Souls" is one of the best tracks on the album, others included by "One Fo Tha Sick" and the slower paced tracks "Necessary Murder" and "There's a Guide". If you don't like hearing about religion then stay away from this album (or any albums on Grape Tree Records) but if you are open minded the albums worth checking out if you come accross it for the right price.

Lil' Raskull - Lost Souls

Rating: 2 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5

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