Friday, July 27, 2007

Kamanchi Sly (Vinyl Rips)

U.K.s Hijack is one of the hardest hip hop crews to ever brace the hip hop scene, not because the lyrics were neccessarily the hardest going around but just because of the 100 bpm type beats, the two dope DJ's (DJ Under Cover & DJ Supreme) with ahead of their time scratching and the crazy vocals being spat by the emcee, Kamanchi Sly. Those factors saw Hijack burn the U.K. hip Hop scene and to this day is still looked back at as being the best by alot of heads, myself included.

After the Rhyme Syndicate deal fell apart, so did Hijack. The two DJ's went their own ways and I'm pretty confident that Kanchi Sly started putting out some wack techno, trance, D&B or someshit like that. After years in the wilderness, Kamanchi returned to the Hip Hop scene with two mini E.P.'s that are back to his old Hijack style, infact if anything he's more B Boy orientated than he was before.

I froze in shock a couple of years ago when I laid eye's on these records on the shelf, all these tracks are dope as fuck and I hope some old Hijack fan that slept on these releases stumbles across our blog and gets what I got out of these gems.PEACE.

Kamanchi Sly MP3's:
Games Bitches Play
Letcha Self Go!
Let's Stay Together
The Catalyst
Crushing Toys
Hung Drawn And Quartered


Anonymous said...

Dope post!Hung Drawn And Quartered sound likes the good old days!

Anonymous said...

havent listened to it yet, but i know every Hijack song by heart. You made my day, Thanx a lot


SKITZO said...

At first glance...i thought that lamb was attached to his shoe...and i was thinkin, they're some gay fukken slippers....but then I clicked and saw he was squashin the lil cunt with his sneakers...

luvin these tracks man...true old school vibe...had em cranked up the other day...Sly brings knowledge without preaching too much positivity...that pommy tone brings a real original voice..spittin it mad skillz..that "Stay Together" track is on point

thanks for the rip Bullant
keep em comin

Anonymous said...

Man, i was so hyped up when i saw this...but unfortunately

this shit sucks!

scratchin KRS over chipmunkshit with claps?

all hail hip hop lyrics with the depth one could expect of a ten year old

the flow wack as fuck

and kamanchi used to be the best in europe, both shymestyle and lyrics...i am so disappointed

but thanks for sharing anyways


pimp said...

Good tracks. Much thanks for ripping these. I agree Skitzo " Let's Stay Together" is nice!

BULLANT said...

Jasper, I guess it's down to opinions and taste. I love the delivery of lyrics by Kamanchi and have thrashed the fuck out of these tracks for the past year or two. Different emcees bring different shit to the table and Kamanchi brings that urgent fast past flow.

At least you've heard these tracks now and know not to buy them if you see 'em.

Appreciate all the feedback guys.


DROK said...

imma give this a spin, TIA

Mark 563 said...

"I'm pretty confident that Kanchi Sly started putting out some wack techno, trance, D&B or someshit like that."

Actually, K Sly got involved in the UK Garage scene, and scored a big chart crossover as a part of The Masters Of Ceremonies with "Do You Really Like It?" by DJ Pied Piper...

The tune was terrible, but was a huge hit (it even got used in some DFO furniture store advert on UK TV), and no doubt netted Kamanchi a hefty wedge (if not from royalties alone)...

He used to pass through Mr Bongo Record store (where I used to work) in Soho on Saturdays leading up to the release of those 2 12"s ("Prodigal Son" / "Lambs To The Slaughter") and was / is one of the nicest dudes on the scene... Always had mad amounts of time for him, plus Hijack were one of the UK's greatest...

Nice post, yo...

Mark 563...
( )

BULLANT said...

Mad, cheers for that info, I knew he got into some non-hip-hop music after that Jerricho album but didn't know exactly what.

I can only imagine a new Hijack reunion album taking over the UK scene like they did back then.... dreams aye.


Anonymous said...

this is wicked, didn't know he done these. didn't he put out something as mr pink and mr blonde with another fella from hijack?

HEADNOD said...

like that? check

Anonymous said...