Friday, August 10, 2007

You Are Now About To Witness The Death Of Street Knowledge

In the last couple of weeks I've been listening to my old Ice Cube records a fair bit, I rarely put any Cube on these days. However, Ice Cube, WC and DJ Crazy Toons are heading to Melbourne next month and as a huge WC fan we got tickets and airfare to checkout the show, should be interesting for me seems the last (and only) time I saw Cube was in 94 which in my opinion was when his music stopped being enjoyable (even that 'Lethal Injection' was average except 'Ghetto Bird'). Anyway, like I said I've been listening to his old shit again and it just reminds me on how much better early 90's west coast hip hop was then than it is today.

Looking back at that early 90's west coast feel, I remember the Nitebreed ontop of their game, Ice T was running shit, South Central Cartel were fresh out, Quik and Eiht were battleing it out on wax, the king of Gangsta Rap still had breath in his lungs and Ice Cube and his crew were dropping quality albums. Ive titled this post under the banner of 'Street Knowledge' however infact their were fuck all albums that actually got the Street Knowledge label on the back, so this post is actually Street Knowledge/Lench Mob Records etc. Although their really wasn't that many artists and releases for that brief moment in time the 'Street Knowlege' posse were dope.

Kam who dropped 'Neva Again' in '93 ended up beefing with Cube and dissing him for various reasons such as accusing Cube of stealing his 'W' sign that stood for 'Watts' before Cube modelled it for his 'West Side Connection'. He dropped the track 'Whoop, Whoop' on DJ Pooh's 'Bad News Travels Fast' album. Not sure what happened with Yo-Yo, but when was the last time you heard her name mentioned? Kausion who released 'South Central Los Skanless' ended up beefing with Cube for some reason too and had Gonzo put out the track 'Fairy Tale Gangsta' which is the continuation to Cubes 'Gangsta Fairy Tale' tracks (with a difference). Lastly was Da Lench Mob, Take a guess how that ended.... I've put up 5 tracks from the golden era of Street Knowledge, They only had three or four of years but some real good quality music was released in that time.

Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation
Kam ft Ice Cube - Watts Riot
Yo-Yo ft Ice Cube - What Can I Do?
Da Lench Mob - Who Ya Gonna Shoot Wit That
Kausion - What You Wanna Do?


SKITZO said...

It was the sound of the late 80's / early 90's westcoast shit that got me started on rap...breaking the lock off my big bro's door and sneaking into his room and stealing his 'Straight Outta Compton' c.d...yeah I copp'd a belting from him...but it was worth it...I knew the lyrics to FUCK THA POLICE before I even learned most shit at school...and even though I haven't listened to that album in years...I still know every word from most of the songs off the c.d...

Even though Cube's gone down a path I never thought I'd see in my life time...going from dope movies like 'Trespass' to kiddy shit like 'Are We There Yet?''d still be worth seeing his mates rock the jam live...

be sicc to catch up with you n the boys before or after the gig man

another killer post from the old school vets of hiphop

pimp said...

Dope post! Have fun at the show.

Travis said...

They could have been a powerhouse if only Cube treated them right. Anyone that has done business with him has ended up beefing him more or less.

That said, I love that 1st Lench Mob album.

BULLANT said...

It's ridiculous how many of his former 'friends' ended up beefing with him, the only one that trips me out is WC.... All these years and they're still touring together?

That's some miraculous shit. said...