Sunday, August 06, 2006

Remix Vinyl Rips

With all thats been going on in the last couple of weeks with Yuk, Boo-Yaa and KB all in town as well as some other shit , the blogs been lacking lately. So I've grabbed 3 random tracks of dope remixes from my wax for you guys to chew on.

The first is by the legendary Run DMC, with a remix of the track 'Back From Hell', unlike the original version that appears on the album with the same name this one features Public Enemy's Chuck D and Ice Cube (from back when he was sick). It's one of the hardest if not the hardest Run DMC tracks they made, even the now 'Reverand' Run dropped a naughty word., seriously though the track is def and has some nice cutting from Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.).

Next is from a vinyl that took me a few years of dedicated hunting for, Nashville's almost unheard of, LOWC with 'Layin In Tha Cut Remix'. The 12" includes 3 diffent tracks and remixes of 2 different tracks including this one. The album they released in '95 still remains about the best album I've ever heard. The 'Layin In Tha Cut' remix is almost completely different to the album version with some guy rapping a verse that is uncredited on the sticker and doesn't have any appearences on the album.

Lastly, the notorious Kelly Park Compton Crip of the Under World Connection, Tweedy Bird Loc brought out his debut in 1992 called '187 Ride By' that has probably been over mentioned on this blog over the past year, but fuck it, you can hear about the man who was once on the wrong side of a spray of bullets while writing rhymes for his album in Kelly Park, although he wasn't hit im sure it gave him some nice amminition for some tracks. Probably the dopest track from his album was 'Comin Out The Cage'. The track was also released as a Remix 12" which is what has been chucked up for you. For those who aren't familiar with the album version it's a gangsta posse track, for those who know it, Enjoy.

Run DMC ft Chuck D & Ice Cube - Back From Hell REMIX
LOWC - Layin In Tha Cut REMIX
Tweedy Bird Loc ft U.W.C. - Coming Out The Cage REMIX


travis said...

I'd been wanting a digital copy of that "Back From Hell" remix for ever, got it finally a week before this, but I guess great minds think alike.

BULLANT said...

Yes they do.

Anonymous said...

Yo, that Run-DMC remix is dope as fuck!!! Best Remix I have ever hard, no joke.

The LOWC Track Was dope too!

That beat for the Tweedy Bird Loc track is dope. But I sad to hear that Tweedy never came on the track. I have no idea why he and The U.W.C. called it Comin Out The Cage Rimix, this was a hole new song.

This is one of you best post ever!

BULLANT said...

It was also our biggest fuck up ever!!

After I read your comment you got me wondering what you meant with that Tweedy track, after listening to it I realized I ripped White Knight's Life Of A Gangbanger instead of it and fucked up the track names on the others.

Thanks heaps, I'm actually surpized nobody has thrown a diss my way.


Anonymous said...

Now that more like it. That's the Tweedy Bird Loc I know and that funky beat we all know and love.

I had a feel that it was wrong, but then I doughted myself. I thought that those guys were some of Tweedy's Bangin On Wax Rappers.

Thanks for fixing it.