Saturday, August 05, 2006

KB Da Kidnappa @ Earth

Last night I witnessed one of the dopest shows I've ever witnessed, The show started of with local dj, DJ Juice of the Battlehoggs. Definately not the usual track I hear when I go to shows, playing gems by artists like Rodney O & Joe Cooley and KMC. Next up was local group Southern Skeptiks who only did a hanfull of tracks but ended with the crazy 'ADL' (a dedication track to Adelaide), getting the crowd reved up for more. DJ Dyems of Terra Firma kept the crowd going with tracks until his crew (Terra Firma) hit the stage for some tracks..... dope as always. After a short taste of some New Zealand hip hop by Mr Sicc, Gangsta Ridd of the legendary Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.with Monsta Ganja of the Regime came on to kick some gangsta hip hop that every body in the club was fiending for.

Australian Scribble Jam champion, DJ Kansel (Battlehoggs) hit the stage followed soon by Batel (Tha Swine Reducer) to kick a weed slangin', train stomping, hard hitting verse followed by a 'Street Military' chant. DJ Kansel showed the crowd exactly why he's on his way to the U.S. next week to rep Aus with a dope set. Next up was Blueberry Killa backing onto the stage packing his handycam followed by KB Da Kidnappa of the Street Military. Crowd went nuts and with good reason, KB amped up the crowd instantly and the intensity didn't stop any time soon. Anyway here are a few of our flicks from the show, more of our flicks can be found on the South Park Coalition site. Thanks to Nugsta of Resident Records / Oz-Tex-Connect for bringing KB out here.

^ Southern Skeptiks ^

^ Terra Firma ^

^ Gangsta Ridd (Boo-Yaa) ^
^ Monsta Ganja (Regime) ^

^ Batel Tha Swine Reducer ^

^ DJ Kansel (Battlehoggs) ^

KB Da Kidnappa (Street Military)


ben said...

hey emvee, mate can u remember wat the last track that KB played was called?
all iknow is that it was fukn dope and i need hear dat shit again.

EMVEE1 said...

I can't remember off the top of my head, but i'll watch the vid during the week and get back to you. Have you got myspace??

What did you think of the show anyway??

Hit me up on myspace or a U2U on ozhiphop if you use it.

afects said...

The last track he done was "It's all over". Its the last track on the K.B. & lil'flea album.
Fuckin dope show aye!!!

BULLANT said...

"DOPE" is an understatement.

TexasHeater said...


batel tha swine reducer said...

mad show mayne.
Need more shows like that one.
bring that gangsta shit on.