Sunday, January 28, 2007

Remix Vinyl Rips Pt 3

I was up half of Friday night ripping tracks from my wax to Mp3 and still have a fair way to go, but for now I have over 30 rare B' side tracks/remix tracks and a few other rarities. To start off the third vinyl rips post, I've put up 3 more remixes. The first is a "G-Mixx" of Above The Laws 'Livin Like A Hustler' off of their Ruthless Records 'Vocally Pimpin' E.P.

Secondly is from San Jose's, M.C. Twist. The track is a remix to 'Step Off' from the B' side to 'Smoking C.O.K.E. This track is nowhere near the dopest track from M.C. Twists 'Bad Influence' album that came out on Lethal Beat Records in 1990. M.C. Twist started out on Luke Records with his debut album with The Def Squad and I think recorded another album a few years ago.

The last remix is by Rhyme Syndicate's, Toddy Tee. The track is 'I Need A Rolex' and it's original version is on the Rhyme Syndicate 'Comin Through' compilation from '88. Sire Warner released a double sided 12" from it that featured Domination on one side and Toddy Tee on the other which features the Rolex remix that is very different from the original and two other tracks that don't feature on the compilation including 'Hip Hop Gangster' that will be making it's way on a post somtime. Hope you enjoy these.


Above The Law - Livin Like A Hustler (REMIX)
MC Twist - Step Off (REMIX)
Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex (REMIX)


afects said...

nice work

Bubonic B. said...

These are great. Thanks.

pimp said...

You guys have done it yet again. Good work!


Got some deadly rare ones here... good shit

spin out to see Toddy Tee up there..
I still got Rhyme Syndicates 'COMIN THROUGH' on an old chewed up tape with ERIC B and RAKIM on the other side...

BULLANT said...

I had the 'Comin Through' on OG tape back in about 91-92 and swapped it for some fucked up reason. I got a German promo pressing on wax, took it to Melbourne to get signed by Islam and T, but fucking Islam signed it as both of them. Everytime I see Ice T's bodgy forged signiture I cringe.

Kirk1 said...

Nice selections! Always reppin the best of the left coast.