Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remix Vinyl Rips Pt. 4

I'm not too sure if people are loving all the vinyl rip posts or hating them? So i'll just keep going with them for the time being. Anyway, if you want other remixed vinyl rips you can still download part 1, part 2 and part 3. All these ones this time are east coast tracks, first up is the 'Next Plateau' classic, MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D's 'Knock'em Out Sugar Ray. This is the 45 King remix off the twelve.

As with thousands of other people across the world I got into hip hop through Public Enemy's 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'. I got it for my tenth birthday on cassette tape in 1990 from Mr Music, mainly through older brother influence but that just started off a crazy ride thats lasted almost 17 years and counting. As much as I love P.E. for some strange reason I don't think I've put any of their tracks up before, probably because everyones already got their albums. Anyway, I finally got round to ripping a couple of their remix tracks the other week when Afects The Wax Ripper came around all lappied up. Got the 'Brothas Gonna Work It Out' remix done and the 'Cant Truss It'. Both are straight quality especially the 'Brothas Gonna.....' one.

Next up is the Philly king Schoolly D, responsible for countless classics like 'Saturday Night', 'Parkside 5-2', 'Run', Just Another Killer' and this one, 'Where'd You Get That Funk From'. I picked this up for fuck all recently and it has about 4 different remixes of the same track on it. I only ripped one at the moment but hope to get around to getting the others ripped soonish.

While I'm on the Philly tip, I've also put up 'Do The Digs Dug' by The Goats, a very under rated crew that dropped 'Tricks Of The Trade' back in '92 which is the album that the original version of this track is from. They then released 'No Goats, No Glory' in 94 which some people diss but has still got some dope tracks on it. Since these two early 90's albums they changed their name to 'Incognegro' and released 'Keeping It Lovely' in 2001. The 12 this is from has a few different versions of 'Do The Digs Dug' like a Bob Muslims remix and the Todd Terry Remix (The one that's up). Plenty more vinyl rips to come, so if you're hating 'em.... you're gonna be hatin' it.


MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D - Knock'em Out Sugar Ray (45 King REMIX)
Public Enemy - Brothas Gonna Work It Out (REMIX)
Public Enemy - Can't Truss It (REMIX)
Schoolly D - Where'd You Get That Funk From (REMIX)
The Goats - Do The Digs Dug (Todd Terry REMIX)


Anonymous said...
Link exchange?

BULLANT said...

Yeah, too easy man, already done.

Thanks mane.

greg davis said...

hey man,
lovin the vinyl remix posts. keep em comin. cant wait to listen to the toddy tee remix!

pimp said...

You guy already know that I love the vinyl rips. The "Brothas Gonna Work It Out" is dope!

Anonymous said...

always love to hear shit ripped from vinyl... especially crates that are as deep and as dope as yours...

BULLANT said...

Hey Ben, Whats been going on?

Getting ready for the K-Rino show??

Gonna be fuckin' incred.

Jaz said...

Really appreciate these remixes man,( I sold a lot of my vinyl years ago to get out of some serious debt)

I hate to be a complainer, but there is a jump on the Sugar Ray, aside from that it was ill to hear these again.

Myah Yogar said...

I'm team DJ quik all damn day! I love that nigga with a passion. Mc eight is weak sauce compared to quik.