Friday, July 07, 2006

Sir Mix-A-Lot B Side Vinyl Rips

A nice old trick alot of record labels do is release an album on wax with a track or two missing that are on the cd version and then chuck them on the B side of the single they're trying to push to make vinyl fiends buy the 12 for those dope tracks. Seattle's Nastymix Records use to do it a little different and release a 12 with unreleased tracks on the B side. They did it with Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Criminal Nation and of course, Sir Mix-A-Lot. Here are a few tracks we ripped off of some B Sides that don't appear on any Mix-A-Lot albums and also a couple of tracks off of the 'Baby Got Back' cd single.

These aren't second rate tracks not good enough to make the album, but dope cuts easily worthy of making any of his albums. Down the track we will be adding a few more oldschool early day Mix A Lot tracks including the "I'm A Trip" EP. But for now...Enjoy.

Sir Mix A Lot MP3's:
Players (B side to 'Beepers')
Society's Creation (B side to 'My Hooptie')
Flow Show (B side to 'I Got Game')
I Come Buffalo (B side to 'Sleepin Wit My Fonk')
Cake Boy (B side to 'Baby Got Back')
You Cant Slip (Ft. E-Dawg) (B side to 'Baby Got Back')


travis said...

Nice! I remember buying the maxi singles just for those unreleased songs. I have a friend that is converting some of my old tapes. I gave him my "Iron Man" maxi-single with all the remixes of the song I'll have to throw you guy's way when it's finished

Sly Hoax said...

Nice post !

I think Mix a Lot doesn't get the credit he deserves . . .he produces most of his own music , and unfortunately many people think that he was just a flash in the pan because of "baby got back" . I remember him back when Swass first came out - local stations were playing "squaredance rap" . . But what really caught my attention was when the local broadcasters started playing "posse on broadway" and "rippin" . I can still remember my mom telling me to turn it down because I was playing "posse on broadway" to loudly . I think it was the first time I really enjoyed a good bass drum !

BULLANT said...

Without a doubt, how many emcees can flow like Mix?... not too many at all.
I also love it how he sticks with all his boys like Kid Sensation etc instead of jumping to the mainstream when "Baby Got Back" dropped. People need to learn the difference between a track that blew up on the top 40 charts and a top 40 rapper.

Anonymous said...

whhoooo! this is the shit right here.

Anonymous said...

I really want these old Mix-A-Lot songs. But it is deleted. Could you repost?

cwbowron said...

I'd really like to get these vinyl rips. If you are feeling generous please email me @ chris AT I'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I would really love these vinyl rips as well. I really like your site. If you could send me these, I would really appreciate it.

Gustav North said...

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