Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hijack Vinyl Rips

Hijack, The old Rhyme $yndicate crew from Brixton consisting of Kamanchi Sly who was the rapper, DJ Undercover and DJ Supreme who killed the turntables on each and every track. They were without a doubt one of the hardest sounding groups I have ever heard and legends of the U.K. hip hop scene. Ice T signed them to Rhyme $yndicate in around '90 or early '91 after hearing a track of theirs while on tour in England. They released the classic 'Horns Of Jericho' in '91 but didn't get distribution in the U.S. due to being caught up in Ice T's 'Cop Killer' shit. It's a shame because these guys had alot to offer the U.S. with their take no prisoners approach to all their tracks. Kamanchi Sly has returned in recent years dropping a couple of solo 3 track vinyls, and although they sound sick they are definately missing the 1200 kings throughout the tracks.

For those of you that do have 'Horns Of Jericho', these four tracks that I've chucked up here are not on the album, 'Doomsday Of Rap' and 'Hold No Hostage' are from the B' side to their 'Bad Man Is Robbin' 12" and "Kamanchi Sly = MC2' and 'Murder In The 1st Degree' are from 'The Original Horns Of Jericho' album that came out in the late 90's on 'Reservoir Records' with a slightly different track listing to the $yndicate version and has an extra instrumentals vinyl.

If you've never heard any Hijack I suggest you cop these to experience the Hijack sound and if you're familiar with them I suggest you cop these because they're dope tracks.

Hijack MP3's:
Doomsday Of Rap
Hold No Hostage
Kamanchi Sly = MC2
Murder In The 1st Degree


Anonymous said...

I can't belive no has left a comment on this yet. Hijack is hardcore as fuck! And only Ice-T could find a group this good.

predatah said...

diggin it, that oll skool UK , can you find some of Demon Boyz, I still cant find any of em.

Thanks for the rip.