Friday, August 18, 2006

Battle On Wax: Random Disses 4

Lil' Troy - Ms Scarface (Scarface diss)
For those who have heard the Geto Boys last album, 'The Foundation' and more to the point Scarface's 'G Code' track from it would definately know about the beef between Scarface and his ex-homie the legendary Lil' Troy. Pretty much on 'G Code' Scarface disses Troy for being a snitch, and apparently snitching on his friend to the cops for selling coke. Lil' Troy has since come out with a dvd and cd called 'Paper Work' that not only denies what Face is saying but shows paper work showing that Brad 'Scarface' Jordan was the real snitch and pretty much humilliates the fuck out of Face with the stories of how Face came up. Keep in mind that this dvd is from the point of view of Lil' Troy, alot of people have taken sides to decide who they believe and who they think is the real snitch. Maybe Face did snitch, he has definately come out with a fair few tracks recently dissing snitches, maybe he's got a complex? Maybe Lil' Troy is the snitch and has made the 'paperwork' on photo shop? Or maybe the two ex-homies are both using the oldest trick in the hip hop publicity book and are dissing each other to make more dollars? Personally I'm leaning towards Lil' Troys side of the story. Anyway, here's a track from Lil' Troy's 'Paper Work' CD called 'Ms Scarface', keep in mind this track is very short for some unknown reason.

Ice Cube - No Vaseline (NWA diss)
This next track is one of the most popular diss tracks ever and as much as I'd hate to admit it, Cube burned the fuck out of his former crew in 'No Vaseline' from the 'Death Certificate' album. I don't need to go into any details for this track because everybody's heard it and knows what it's about. Cube has since had a heap of diss tracks directed to him from artists like Cypress Hill, Kam, Gonzoe, Shorty, Common and King Sun. With the exception of Common all those artists were former friends of O'Shea who were mad that he jacked them for money, hooks or other inhouse dramas. Cube came back at a few of these disses with average comebacks but he did serve Common pretty hard on 'West Side Slaughterhouse' which was a come back to 'H.E.R.' but Common came back just as hard with 'Bitch In Yoo'. Anyway, at the end of the day this 'No Vaseline' is up there with the best diss tracks I've ever heard.

Bang Em Smurf ft Domination - Whats Beef (50 Cent diss)
When it comes to making money out of dissing someone, few get more mentions than 50 Cent, is it because the guy is a fucking toy that acts hard because he got shot up outside granny's house and people can't stand this Top 40 pop star? Or is it because he's a rich, famous pop star that people are trying to get some attention out of? It's probably both, That's why 'DJ Black' brought out a compilation diss 50 cd called 'Fuck 50' that features artists like Scareface, Fat Joe, Yukmouth, C-Bo, Messy Marv, Guce, Jadakiss, J Hood, Nas and a guy named Bang 'Em Smurf. I have only known Smurf from the 'Beef III' documentary that pretty much gives the story that after 50 got shot up his homies went after the shooter. After 50 made it big time this guy got locked up over some shit and they asked 50 for a little bit of money to bail him out, 50 refused and didn't wanna talk to his old friends from his neighbourhood who had his back. I've only seen the dvd once and a wile ago so thats about all I remember about it, but Emvee recently bought this 'Fuck 50' cd with a track called 'Whats Beef' by Domination and Bang 'Em Smurf, the tracks pretty dope so I had to chuck it up here.

PKO - San Antonio Aint Shit Like Compton (DJ Quik diss)
I completly forgot about this next diss track until a guy on the screw shop forum mentioned it recently, PKO dissing Comptons DJ Quik. It's the last track on P.K.O.'s 1994 'Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia' album, and I always knew it was a Quik to Quik about some shit that happened at a show in San Antonio but until I read the thread in the forum I didn't know all the details.
Quote by mrterible (San Antonio) off of the Screw Shop Forum
"It started when dj quik came down to San Antone for a concert at the main event in san antone in the early or mid 90's.... to make a long story short some shit popped off and there was a shooting in the parking lot and somebody got shot in the face and killed... on dj quiks song "jus like compton" he made refrence to that incident but lied by saying "we was tearin them down and spairing the rest I even had to wear abullet proof vest" basically dj quik and his crew ran out of the club wit security and wasnt tearin down shit so pko took eception to them dudes sayin they was in S.A bein gansta cause they wasnt."

Lexx Luger - Knock Ya Grill Sideways (Paul Wall Diss)
This last track is from C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys) member Lexx Luger (other members being Dutch The Great & Haystak) as a diss to Paul Wall on Wall's own beat. The track's called 'Knock Ya Grill Sideways' and was released on the 'Hustle & Flow Mixtape'. Lexx disses Wall calling him a marketing gimmick amongst other things. I personally don't mind Paul Wall's music but I'm always down to hear a good old fashioned diss track, although this track could have definately been better and more targeted directly at Paul Wall himself rather than lines that could fit the profile of almost any white rapper out there.

Lil' Troy - Ms Scarface
Ice Cube - No Vaseline
Bang 'Em Smurf & Domination - Whats Beef
P.K.O. - San Antonio Aint Shit Like Compton
Lexx Luger - Knock Ya Grill Sideways

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