Friday, August 11, 2006

Cage & Mr Lif @ The Producers Bar

Cage & Mr Lif
The Def Jux Tour
Ft Yak Ballz + DJ Crazy Glue
August 9th @ The Producers Bar

^Cage possessed^

Cage Kennylz and Mr Lif were in Adelaide this week and done a show at the Producers Bar accompanied by DJ Crazy Glue and Yak Ballz. The show started with Yak of The Weathermen doing a few tracks before the emo looking Cage hit the stage and did a lively set. Being a huge fan of Cage's older stuff ('Night Hawks', 'Smut Peddlers' and 'Movies For The Blind') I was fairly disappointed with his sad, depressing show. Everything was negative from the start to the finish; fuck the people at the back, fuck you if it's your birthday, fuck the USA, fuck George Bush, fuck my ex girlfriend and fuck life etc. The show was still worth going to, and he did a few tracks off his older shit but not with the same old style. After going to the show, I'm not completely convinced that Cage isn't the devil, most of my pics of him turned out real fucking weird, I've put a couple of them up.

As for Mr Lif, I'm not going lie, I've never really sat down and listened to his music but his live show looked pretty decent. With each track linking to the next with a dramatic stage play I'm sure that if I had heard some of his music I probably would of enjoyed his show alot more. Not only was I real tired, the venue was shit and the show wasn't quite what I was hoping but on top of all that the ink from my enterance stamp fucked up my Rap A Lot shirt. Check the mp3's for a couple of older Cage tracks.

^Yak Ballz^

^Yak, Cage, Crazy Glue^


^Mr Lif^

Night Hawks - Night Hawks
Cage - Ballad Of The Worms

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travis said...

I'm not even sure I could handle that show. I liked Cage's "Hells Winter", but I'm not sure I'd want to see a live show of his. Lif seems alright from what I've heard of him.