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Review: New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Streets Got Me Gone

New Breed Of Hu$tlas
Album: Streets Got Me Gone
Year: 1994
Label: Mobstyle Records

I found this little gem in a secondhand record store about six years ago after some sucker took it in for for a couple of dollars, when I found it I never heard of their name before and knew nothing about them. Six years later I still haven't heard anyone mention their name and still know nothing about them other than they had an album called "Ratha B-A Hustla" that came out a year earlier in '93. What I do know however is that this is a pretty dope album and that me never hearing anything about them means nothing because some of the best albums I have ever heard are those nasty 2 cent on amazon, no name label, basic equiptment produced straight up gangsta as fuck albums that alot of so called "hip hop experts" would snub their noses at. That being said, this album doesn't quite live up to albums like LOWC's "Big Ballin" but it is still a gem.

The group consists of G-Bubs, Baby Fresh, Silk and Cas-Loc and are from Riverside, California. It is produced by Big Ro, Goldfingers, Les Howard and Skin Head, I've never heard of any of them. The album starts off with "Mobstyle" which is really the intro and is a laid back smooth beat with helium sounding lyrics to it that reminds me of a screwed up version of Mix-A-Lot's "Butter Milk" track, it's a skipper but like I said it's the intro so you can't get too fussy. It's obviously named after their little independent label and if your wondering has got nothing to do with the Alpo, Azie, Rich of Mob$tyle. Next up is "City Of Thugstas" that has them showcasing their slick rhyme style while letting everyone about life on the streets and with lines like "but i'm a real motherfucker from the P.J.'s, so where you talking shit is where you lay, when I spray, can't slip and let you slide, one chance is all you get, you fuck it up then you gotta die" you might think that these guys are gangstas trying to rap with the gat, you couldn't be more wrong..... these boys got mad flow.

"No Luv" isn't as good as the previous track but is still pretty dope and the message is clear, if you aint down with 'em you get no love. "Whoo Ryde?" and "G A Day" are next, the latter is probably the better of the two. It starts off with the first verse dedicated to the police and the rest pretty much on gangsta related topics. "800 vs Ides" has a nice beat, pretty def raps but has a slightly anoying hook, the track being about going to the store to buy a drank.... pretty original shit.

As "G G Thang" starts, my hopes aren't too high with one of those singy hooks starting off the track, but as it goes on it turns out to be alright. That is until that fuckin' shit hook comes on again and the bitch singing must have known she was pissing me off coz I swear it was the longest hook I've ever fuckin' heard. Title track's next, "Streets Got Me Gone" which is a quality track from start to finish. "Suspect Unidentified" starts off where the last track left off, unfortunately that counts for the lyrics too, as the album goes on you realze that their content doesn't change from one track to the next.

"All Da Bitches" is about what you expect which is followed by "Locs Die 2" and for the first time in the album they pick it up a pace with faster aggressive rapping, which is somthing I would have liked to hear a little more through it. "Boone Docks" kicks off with a mad beat and some more fast raps and definately my favourite track on the album. "Long Live The Hustlers" is back to their more laid back style but is still a good track. The album ends with the obvious "Outro" which is pretty much them talking a bit of shit before a surpising verse busts in half way through it and ends with a bit more talking.

Overall, this album is pretty deff if your into some smoother type gangsta rap like Havoc & Prodeje. The album would have been better if they had some more topics to rap about and stuck in another fast paced track near the beginning somewhere, still though it's pretty sick.

New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Locs Dye 2
New Breed Of Hu$tlas - Boone Docks

Rating: 3 Daytons out of 5

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